Recently both natural skincare products and supplements have been hitting the heads around the globe, and with very good reason too. Huge pharmaceutical companies along with the mainstream beauty industry and the media refrain from informing Joe Public that the majority of the products they are buying are chemically laced. As Joe public became more and more aware of the harm that chemicals cause to their bodies well known household brands have begun to advertise their products as natural. In some cases this is true however, in many cases as little as 5% or as much as 10% of the product itself is natural. That means that 90% to 95% of the product is still chemical in nature. Shocking news for those of us that thought we were buying natural because it said so on the label.

It is true that in the western world we suffer from many illnesses that other parts of the world do not suffer from. Some say its due to genetics, others proclaim that it is due to diet, exercise and even frame of mind and outlook on life in general. Whilst I'm not a doctor or specialist I do know that our illnesses probably stem from a combination of all of the above mixed with the daily applications of chemical based products.

It is also true that chemical products are causing havoc with our bodies and lives. The average high street skincare product can contain up to fifteen chemicals by itself, this is not great news for our bodies as 60% of what goes on the skin goes in to the skin. If we do the maths, the average person uses around fifteen products on their skin daily, times that by fifteen and that's a whole lot of chemicals going into our bodies. Then there are the chemicals which are present in our food products. Newsflash, we Joe Public are toxic. These chemicals affect every part of our daily lives, from health and happiness to physical and mental stresses. We live in a world where everything we use and most things that we eat have some form of chemical in them. This is how the big companies make their money.

It does not stop there either. In every home there will be some kind of cleaning product, most of them are nothing more than industrial strength chemicals and we use them daily without giving them any care or consideration. Most of the chemicals we use, wear and eat have an accumulative effect on the body. Good for the drugs companies bad for us. Most of our homes are toxic powerhouses that are fueled by media hype and TV adverts claiming that a particular product is the best way to … or is the only way to achieve …

Have you ever heard of a Buddhist monk getting cancer and dying? No, neither have I! Whilst for most of us it is not possible to live like a monk it is possible to be aware of what we are thinking, doing, using, putting into our bodies and on to our bodies. If you had a choice to help prevent illness or slow down the aging process would you? Of course you would.

The issue lies with the lack of information available to us. In many cases and especially with the advent of Google the information is there however, appears to be a bit mad or off the planet, and that's if you can find it in the first place. Many people when under covering facts fix them together as a jigsaw puzzle and come up with the answer that big brother is indeed watching us, influencing us and controlling us. Whilst this seems mad it's not far from being the truth. A truth that people should at least be aware of.

There is no doubt in my mind at all that we live in a chemical age and our love for all things chemical will eventually be our downfall. Not only for our physical and mental downfall but also for the downfall of our planet. It is with this thought that I urge you to consider first, what you eat, drink and use and to be better informed about the ingredients in the products that you are buying so that you may have a healthier, happier life.

Here's to good living!