Some readers have just been tricked into thinking this post was about something other than turning fruits and vegetables into juice. Well, I'm here to tell you it's all about healthy lifestyles here, and I want to share with people what types of fruits and vegetables I prefer in my juice diet.

First, I would like to share little bit of background on how I got into juicing and why. I mention how I got into it because it is not a cheap dieting habit, but it might save you more in healthcare costs over your lifetime! I watched a documentary called “Fat, Sick and Near Dead,” which got me thinking about what I actually needed to survive and feel good. I started cutting back on unhealthy food and eating only what I needed for “fuel.” We all forget why our bodies store fat, and just to remind some of you, it is to produce energy when we do not have the nutrition and carbohydrates needed from food to do so.

“Wait, so if I have fat on my body, I should stop eating until it's gone?” Come on, meet me in the middle here because we all know we need food and water to survive. However, it is common to believe we need more of it than we think we do. If you are overweight – and you do not want to be – you can do something about it. I encourage a juice diet, after consulting a physician of course.

I did a juice only diet for 6 weeks! OK, I'm bragging a little, but I had no choice. My jaw was wired completely shut after a fracture last June. I mean, I could not even have a strawberry smoothie because the seeds from the strawberries would get stuck between the tiny gap I had to take food (juice). I had already signed up for a half-marathon in July and was encouraged to skip out on it, but I wanted to run it! I did not just want to finish either, I had goals to finish in a certain amount of time. Although my energy was low, I fought through it and kept running. My training of course went down quite a bit, but I was still going for it. I ended up losing over 15 pounds in those 6 weeks, even though I would not have considered myself someone who needed to lose weight prior to this.

When it was all said and done, I felt like I had more energy and was in a healthier condition than before I broke my jaw. Because every nutrient appeared to matter, I stopped drinking alcohol and cut back on stimulants that would decrease hunger. I mean I was hungry, but it did not want to trick myself into skipping a nutrient filled juice meal. You know those expensive blenders that turn food into liquid? Hmm … should I Google it? Oh well, the point is that I even tried blending spaghetti with tomato sauce! It sounds pretty gross, but my mouth was watering at the thought of something other than squeezed cucumbers and apples. Unfortunately, I did not get any of it past my teeth.

As crazy as it sounds to feel like I had more energy after not eating anything for 6 weeks, it's true. I remember feeling like it was wrestling season again, only this time I did not hear criticism for extreme dieting. Extreme sounds pretty extreme, but let's face it – it was. My point is that I had more energy and faces surfacing on my legs, stomach, back, and chest – I was pretty ripped (even though I was under a buck fifty – 150 lbs).

Before you make a decision whether or not juicing is a good idea for you, I recommend watching the documentary I mentioned before – “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” It is on Netflix, so if you have it; watch it!

One of my favorite combinations of fruits and vegetables, which includes a pitcher of brownish juice created from the following: 3 cucumbers, 6 to 8 carrots, and 4 apples. I do this one a lot because I want to get some veggies, but like it tangier from the apples.