There are many reasons why we need to detoxify our body, especially as we grow older and certain health issues seem to appear. A detoxification diet is the perfect way to really cleanse your body of various toxins and waste products that tend to build up through a variety of reasons. One of them is the food we eat and the diet we are on, some are due to chemicals found in our environment and over prescribed medication which is often the case. The body is not always able to discharge the leftovers under its own steam and this can lead to all kinds of health issues. This is not to say that everyone needs to detoxify, for instance, anyone who is under weight, or for a woman being pregnant, or in case if taking certain medication.

What is actually involved to detoxify?

Basically it means some changes are needed from things you did in the past. In your diet, eating things that are as close to the raw natural state as possible but at the same time avoiding foods such as processed foods, alcohol and even caffeine. These are the major three known things in the industry as stressors and they seem to influence the body in a way that must be avoided during the diet. In detoxifying we are helping to give our liver some rest and are helping to rid itself of some of the toxins. Exposure to many toxins is part of today's lifestyle and avoiding them is almost impossible. The liver is the workhorse of our body and at the same time it functions like a landfill or rubbish pit where all the toxins finish up. The liver is an important organ of our body; it is the filtering system of our body and we can not survive without it. This is why deaths caused from liver failure have increased over the last decade and are still rising.

Are all detoxification programs safe?

No, they are not all safe unless done the proper way, where in most cases only common sense applications. By starving yourself, being on juices, fruits and water for weeks to lose those extra kilos is not going to improve your health or cleans the body the proper way. There have been various wrong ways people have done a detox but it is worth saying that it is absolutely safe when it's done in a controlled way. As mentioned before people under weight, or being pregnant, breastfeeding and being on certain medication, should seek more advice before starting such a program. Being on the right diet there are a number of things you can eat and drink over that time you are on detoxification.

Following a sensible detox diet plan!

Cutting out processed food is your number one priority; replace it by eating more vegetables and fruit. On top of that you should take attention to the amount of sugar and salt you consume in a day. Dump the table salt altar and replace it with natural salt such as sea-salt, Himalayan or rock salt. If possible try to stick to the idea of ​​five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, along with wholemeal grains, lean meat, low-fat dairy products, and fish. Drink plenty of water in between meals as well homemade juices, because remember there is hardly such juice on the market that does not contain sugar and preservatives. By having a balanced diet along those lines you will reach your goal and your liver will love you for it.

How long does a detox diet take?

No one's body is the same or react's the same, so it does depend on the individual person. The important thing is not to look at this detox diet just as being a quick way to lose weight, even though it will happen, but instead look at the long-term benefit. Yes, you will be drinking lots of fluids and eating less for some days to really get a good start, but look at switching to eating things that were previously talked about, so your body is not starving it itself. If you decided on a program of three or seven days this means to cleanse your body from the toxins but at the same time not to let your body starve. Your body needs nutritional food, all the minerals and vitamins even being on a detox diet but in a controlled manner. The good thing however, is that once it's done you will have more energy, feel completely rejuvenated and are healthy. But do not go back to your old tricks!