The topic of 'colon cleansing' is often avoided by doctors in their discussions because it is rather considered a bit embarrassing. But colon cleansing operations with an important issue, rendering its importance to keep the human body healthy, as well as free from other critical problems and ailments. It is quite important to remove the fecal matters from the intestine that may have accumulated for quite a long span of time and have been causing problems like irritable bowel syndrome, pain in stomach, growth of bacteria and also parasites in the intestinal part, thereby giving the chance to the occurrence of ulcers in those body parts, etc.

Doctors Believe the Body Can Naturally Detox Itself

However, even though patients undergoing tests, like colonoscopy, are suggested for colon cleansing in the preceding step, but many doctors do not follow this idea. They ignore colon cleaning methods. Basically, the first very common reason which the doctors have while ignoring cleaning methods is that the human body is equipped with the digestive system and the excretory system which perform the process of removal of waste matters from the body in the most natural way. Even before undergoing colonoscopy, patients can clear their bowel. Why go for the artificial methods of detox?

Doctors Ignore Colon Cleansing because it Can Increase Risk of Infections

Some facts about detox and cleansing which doctors become concerned about are: the patient can be infected with an increased risk of his body getting dehydrated by the colon cleaning procedures, some infections can even occur, it can lead to the problem of bowel perforations. Also, in case if the patient is having some heart disorder or kidney problems, then colon cleansing methods can be harmful because it can lead to a rise in the level of electrolyte matters in the patient's body. Many things also have to be taken care of like no equipment should be reused for any patient undergoing colon cleansing as this is highly infectious.

Why You Should Colon Cleanse Anyway

You should always take precaution when caring about your health. While doctors may be able to help you with preventive and on-going care, there are some things you can do naturally to ensure your body is getting the proper treatment it needs. Hippocrates always said “Let Food be Thy Medicine”. And there are many natural colon supplements on the market today that have natural ingredients that are not harmful to your health. Also, fruits and vegetables, like Apples and Kale can help you detox naturally without causing any damage. If you have other health issues it will be wise to consult with your doctor to make sure a cleansse will not affect your health. Otherwise, if you are in good health there's no reason why you should not cleanse, after all it's natural and safe!