We live in a society where we are exposed to many toxins, pollutants and free radicals that affect the way our bodies function effectively. Foods we eat and the environment we live in play a huge role in the buildup of toxins in our bodies. This is where the importance of detoxification comes in. It is meant to give your body, organs, glands and nervous system a break from constantly digesting and worrying about food. It is meant to purify the body and mind for physical and emotional garbage to move out. Finally, it is meant for the rejuvenation you feel after one.

Now I know most people think that they can eat whatever they want and then “detox, cleanse, or take a laxative” and that will fix everything. This is actually the worst approach because it just stresses the body more and does the reverse of detoxing the body.

There needs to be a structural approach to slowly and effectively “recharge or restart” your metabolism, and cleaning the insides of your body in a healthy way. Seeing an expert regarding this is ideal before taking on such a harsh change, but once you have felt the revamp you will never be the same and will have surprised why you never learned of this sooner.

As a nutritionist, it is important to monitor that people do not overdo the entire “cleanse” mentality but add it to their fall and spring cleaning. Sometimes my clients may do a detox or gentle cleanse with each change in season, but ideally two or three are good a year.

My personal advice would be to do two really good detoxes a year and then do mini clean up sessions through the year. Always check with a specialist when starting any cleanse because there may be some symptoms you may feel while you're removing all the gunk that has been built up for who knows how long. Some people may feel really low in energy or not well at all while detoxing, and others may be reawakened with energy right away. It may be easier to follow a detox program and maintenance program afterwards because they “recharged” quicker than others. Every client may have very different experiences doing a detox but the end result is still the same; a cleaner and healthier YOU.

My last tip to detoxing is that you should book off the week for yourself or if you can not then extra blocks of time for “pampering” yourself during this time. You want to surround yourself with a great support team to go through it with you so that you can get all the help and guidance you need. From my past experience, I have always gotten a few friends to do one with me so we can encourage or complain about the week of cleaning. Every experience may be different from the next and you need to take this as a personal assessment to check your progress for the rest of the year and see what need to be “tuned up”.

Good Luck.