Over the past decade, there has been a lot of hype over cleansing or detoxification “detox” diets – from the water-only cleansse to the lemonade cleanse and even the juicing diet, many different approaches are being used to supposedly 'cleanse' the body .

However, not all of these diets are incredibly effective at actually cleansing your diet – sure, the results have been phenomenal with the lemonade diet (the “Master Cleanse” diet), but not every detox diet is the same.

What is more important than following a specific diet plan or fad cleansing program is to make sure that you are making the appropriate approach towards detoxification in general. This brings down to understanding the fundamentals of a cleansing diet.

How Does One Cleanse Through Their Diet?

In order to cleanse through your diet, you must only consume food and drinks that are going to assist with detoxifying your body – nothing else. This means that you will be taking in very little calories, nutrients, vitamins and minerals – of course, you could take a multivitamin while on a detox diet to eliminate that part, but you do realize the general lack of healthiness of the cleansing approach, right?

By going on a working cleanser, the individual will flush out unwanted toxins from the body, toxins which may otherwise accumulate and influence the development of various diseases. At the same time, the colon will be cleaned out and this will contribute towards a higher absorption rate for nutrients in the future. This is a major benefit of cleansing, which may justify the few days of unhealthy dieting.

A Healthy Cleansing Diet

Not every cleansing diet is that bad. There is one in particular that sticks out as being a very healthy approach towards detoxification. This is the detox diet which consists of fruits, vegetables, and fibrous grains. The fiber part plays an important role as it improves the frequency of bowel movements and this helps to flush out the colon.

At the same time, a heightened water consumption is very helpful when cleaning – try to aim for around 10 plus glasses of water each day while cleansing.

Ultimately, the cleansing diet can have a lot of health benefits if done right. Make sure that the foods and drinks you consume are cleanse friendly. Limit your exercise during this time and do not keep cleansing for too long, as intensively starving your body could end up doing more harm than good.