A real detox.

What is Detox? Google has the answer for that but I would suggest ignoring 50% of the results. The real question is what are you aiming to achieve through detoxing. Are you trying to lose weight, or maybe aiming to have a healthier diet. You could be trying to reduce your cholesterol or even aiming to gain weight.
Simply typing in detox to Google will not be helpful. You need to sit down and really think about what you're wanting to gain from a detox process.

You have to think about what you are willing to cut out from your life to achieve these goals. That is the reason you are searching for detox. You want to cut something out of your life / change something, to achieve a goal to benefit your health.

That's a nice general answer for you with no real importance. Quick solutions are not the answer and although diet pills may seem like a cheap and realistic solution, at best they would be short term.

I'm sure you would be aware that many many new resolutions are based on being healthy, and a lot of these fail by February. This is because they idea is not thought through or taken seriously, but believed to be a quick fix.

To detox you have to break habit, which is your ultimate enemy. If you are trying to lose weight, hunger will be a small challenge in comparison. For example, if you are eating 3 very large meals a day every day, and have been doing so for some time, your body will be expecting and make you think it's relaxing on those 3 big meals the next day.

Habit is what you're fighting, so bear that in mind when you look at your search results and consider what looks to be a quick option. Just question yourself, how will that break my habit? For a smoker nicotine can be replaced with patches, but you are still not rid of the habit of needing nicotine.

That brings me to the other idea on detox, removing toxins from our body. That may sound very appealing and I would agree with you there, but you have to question what toxins are you removing? Alcohol? Food?

Your bodies vital organs are there for that exact reason. To remove what is not wanted by the body, these are the areas you need to care for. I am not ruling out some detox methods, I am simply suggesting the word detox is not being used correctly and is being abused by cheap products.

Relaxation tapes help people to sleep, therefore resting the body and its organs. This is a great example of what detox should be.

Weight gain is also a serious issue for people who suffer from anorexia, and it can be extremely difficult for them to consume more than usual. Protein shakes can even be useful for this and although may not be a long term solution, it helps to break the habit of under-eating and prepare the body that more is required.

Proper exercise is a must and even yoga type workouts are considered part of a healthy detox.