If lost in the forest, they say to do three things …

1 – find a resource for water.

2 – find a way to provide shelter.

3 – find food.

The first sustaining factor of life is water. First priority – FIND WATER.

If water is so important in the forest, when you're lost, why would not it be important – THAT IMPORTANT – every single day of your life?

When you wake up in the morning and your mouth feels like you ate a cotton ball, you might need more water.

If your skin looks like alligator skin, flakes off on your clothes and turns white at the slightest scrape, you might need more water.

If you're like 93% of the population of the planet, you most likely need more water in your daily routine.

Drink water.

It is not difficult, hard to do, or even unpleasant. A glass of water tastes refreshing after exercising, while sitting at your desk or even on a long walk. You'll find that if you drink more water, you'll want to drink even more … And the more you drink and want to drink it, the better you'll feel. Your body will respond well to the replenishing of moisture and you'll find your joints hurt less, your muscles are leaner, more oxygenated and more ready to work out. And you'll find that after you get ENOUGH moisture, those little annoyances such as feeling bloated, having swollen feet, and feeling achy all day – or even tired – go away.

In fact, if you're getting enough rest and drinking enough water, you'll lose weight naturally to your required weight.

So what makes getting enough water difficult?

We eat the wrong foods. I'm not going to tell you what to eat, you already know that. The closer you eat to the way you were intended to eat, the more your body will desire water as a replenisher, and you'll drink more.

We do not get enough sleep. Do you know a single person who is not sleep deprived? Nuff said.

We drink the wrong stuff. Coffee, alcohol, pop all dehydrate the body and make difficult the natural impulses of the body to rehydrate with water, because they emulate water without adding the natural hydration.

We do not exercise enough. We need more exercise to help our bodies recognize the need to replenish vital liquids. Water is a necessity.

Have you had a drink today?