Enema treatment is preferred by most people to cure and treat constipation and other bowel or colon-related problems. This procedure has been proven to naturally and safely cleanse the colon. It can also be used to as a remedy for other sickness and promote the overall health and wellness.

The enema uses liquids for the treatment. The liquid is brought into the body specifically into the colon area through the anus. The enema effect can take place faster than laxatives because the enema does not have to go through the whole process of digestion before it could take effect. It is directly administrated into the colon and the patient can expect the wastes to come out of his body after a few minutes.

This treatment only requires simple preparations. The patient will be put on a light diet the day before the treatment. It would be better if the patient she could move some wastes out of his body except if the case is severe constipation. The patient should also drink plenty of water or liquid prior to the treatment. It is highly advisable that the patient stops smoking if they plan to undergo an enema treatment.

The enema treatment can also be done in the comfort of ones own home. There are enema kits available in the market today. It is recommended that you take enema in the morning. This must be done before you take your breakfast. Some people prefer to take it in the evening before they have their dinner.

Consult your doctor to determine which type of enema is right for your condition. Enemas come in different types and temperatures. There are cold, warm, hot, and graduated enemas. The cold enema is recommended for fever reduction and to treat diarrhea and hemorrhoids. Warm enema is used on a weekly basis. It is the most recommended type for colon cleansing. It can normalize the function and movement of your bowel. Hot enema can give you relief from pain caused by hemorrhoids and constipation. Some enemas targets the function of intestines. You can also add some herb extracts that will help treat some infections caused by bacteria, amoeba, and other microorganisms.

The enema should be hung about 1 meter in height. Select a catheter size that will be comfortable for you. Lubricate the catheter by using oil or petroleum jelly. The enema kit comes with a posture guide that you can use to choose the right position for you. Gently insert the enem nozzle into the rectum. It is recommended that you insert about 75% of the catheter's length. You can now turn on the enema nozzle to let the water into the rectum. The water should be enough to reach and cleanse the intestines. The process should only take 5-15 minutes or until you feel the need, desire, or urge to expel whichever comes first. You can now turn the enem nozzle off and gently pull the catheter out.

Although enema treatment can promote health and wellness, it is not recommended to be used by pregnant women and other people with sensitive medical conditions. The best way to be sure is to consult your doctor first before you take this treatment.