I am becoming increasingly aware of health problems affecting people locally and worldwide, I am trying to do my bit to help and teach people how to maintain a healthy life. The amount of toxins which are contained in the products on the market and in the very air we breathe take it temporarily out of our hands, so I'm trying to teach you how to regain control of your health.

Toxins come from the shops and supermarkets, almost every product we buy can contain potentially harmful toxins which have a negative effect on your body. They are all around you (in your food, water, air) and inside you (as waste products of metabolism). Your body eliminates most toxins but the rest are stored within body fat.

How a quick fix can lead to long term problems?

We've all been in a rush before work and just want to chuck something quick in the microwave to save us time and energy. The 'best' thing about these ready meals is they are so cheap! I must warn you the long term cost may be a lot more expensive!

Lots of these toxins entered the supermarket as “helpful” time saving, longering pending or improved cleaning, smelling wonder products which we as a society welcomed with open arms because we are so busy, I would recommend taking an extra ten minutes each day on making a proper meal which can help to ensure long term health.

It must be noted that toxins are not particularly harmful as a one off but when we are in contact with them day in day out that is when we have ourselves a problem.

These stored toxins combined with stress can affect your health in very unpleasant ways:

– weight gain
– headaches
– feelings of fatigue and weakness
– heartburn
– sore muscles and skin
– joint pains

A detox will help you to eliminate these symptoms, you may experience headaches or sore muscles, but that is because the toxins are released faster than your body can eliminate them. These symptoms will not occur again if you detox regularly.

I'll finish my post by giving you a quick heads up about things known as Petrochemicals. Hand Lotion, cream, the name gives this one away a bit petroleum jelly (Vaseline), shampoo, underwear – especially stockings, bras and knickers, pens and toothbrushes – to name but a few all contain petrochemicals along with most food products!

These petrochemicals CAN and ARE absorbed through the skin and scalp, and into the human organs and tissues – and over time these toxic chemicals can lead to health problems – nerve, liver and brain damage, birth defects, acute asthma, and cancer.

From the many thousands of possible sources of toxins that affect us there are THREE main sources of toxicity that effect us every single day:

1. Food & Drinks that we consume
2. Air & Water
3. Personal Products we put on our bodies

So hopefully that has made you even more aware of the toxins that are in today's world, maybe a detox sounds like an even better idea now?

My advice on toxins is to cut them out of our lives bit by bit, let's cut them out and get our health and energy back on track. I am trying to give you as much useful and valuable information as possible so please use it and share it with your families.

Good Luck.