The chemtrails problem has been brought up more than usual over the last few years. The San Diego Chemtrails problem will be more attentive than usual, especially due to the suspicious large number of airplanes leaving noticeable passages over the sky line of California.

There are not that many people who have heard about the Chemtrails, also known as Chemical trails, even though they might have felt bad or had problems with their health and did not know the reason why. The chemtrails are in fact streaks of nocive chemicals left behind in the sky by the aircraft or airplanes' spray systems. Also, the pest and insect control uses spray systems that release toxins and nocive substances in the atmosphere. However, do not confuse these with the streaks you see in the sky looking like clouds and which come from jet planes, because these are something entirely different.

Reports showed that the Chemtrails started to be sprayed first in the year 1997, when they were called condensation trails or contrails, left behind in the atmosphere by the airplanes and jets. However, these are not the same as the chemtrails, the difference between them being that the chemtrails are extremely nocive and even fatal for human beasts, animals and even plants.

In the recent past years, even a conspiracy about the chemtrails was released, this being called the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory made popular all over the US. The idea behind this theory is that such chemtrails are left liberately by the government in the atmosphere, in order to manage population control and other biological purposes. All these chemical agents are extremely nocive to our health because they get mixed with the air we breathe, the water we drink and even the foods we eat every day. Through these paths, they get inside our bodies and start to do more damage than any other threats. The worst theory regarding this conspiracy is that the chemtrails are left to do harm by the government, in order to manage the biological warfare.

Examples of such chemtrails are many: aluminum salts, thorium, barium, silicon carbide and others – all being extremely dangerous for the human beings. From some reports made on the chemtrails issue, it looks that the largest quantities of chemtrails have been released only in some parts of the world such as North America, Western Europe and contries in Asia – Korea and Japan but not China. It looks like people staying in the previous mentioned areas are the most affected of these chemtrails and their effects.

It does not really matter how much of these reports is absolutely true, all that matters is that our lives and health are at higher risk than ever before. If only half of these repots is accurate, than the danger we might be in can not be avoided and our lives are doomed. While the government and the authorities continue to deny the existence of such problems, our duty is to do whatever it takes to protect ourselves and take care of our own health.