Studies have indicated that during difficult financial times people tend to take care of themselves more. However, the gym is not the only way to shed pounds and become healthier. The benefits of colon hydrotherapy can lead to weight loss, increased energy, less gastro-intestinal problems

Colon hydrotherapy was entirely common in ancient Greek and Egyptian societies, and became a hit in the United States in the early part of the twenty century as European style health spas began to spawn in the northeast and then across the nation.

After general physicians began to see dramatically fewer gastrointestinal patients, a hostile medical community eventually led an effort to discard the centuries-old practice. Regardless of the obvious benefits of colon hydrotherapy, doctors persisted in calling any positive evidence anecdotal or denied that the colonic itself was the cause of any relief.

Today, more broad-minded researchers have found that colon cleansing does indeed have substantial benefits – especially when combined with certain specific herbs, enzymes, or probiotics. They have found that colon hydrotherapy is not all about stripping undigested, rotting food or petrified feces from the walls of the colon. Persistent constipation has been shown to cause a multitude of issues including unusual fatigue, weight gain, irritability, recurring headaches and more. Many people do not respond to fiber therapies or enemas and can benefit from colon irrigation. The procedure affects not only the colon but also the nervous system as a whole. Proponents say it can improve attitude and mood, make you less intolerable to illness, and reduce your chances for colon cancer.

Colon cleansing is quite often done in conjunction with other overall holistic therapies. Researchers understand that colon hydrotherapy aids and assists the body's natural cleansing processes. Diseases like diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome respond to an array of therapies and colonics can often play a role. It is believed that colon irrigation helps the liver process toxins and when used in conjunction with certain ingredients can help balance and maintain the colon's naturally occurring beneficial bacterial.

Therapists are getting busier and busier as the benefits of colon hydrotherapy are being more broadly accepted. Most Americans do not get nearly enough fiber in their diets and these leads to slowly digested foods and constipation. Again, in rough economic times people feel they need to look their best and be at their healthiest and most mentally sharp. More and more people are scheduling colon cleanses to further strengthen their health and vitality.