We are well into spring now, and we all know the “spring cleaning” cliche that we hear around this time. While cleaning our homes are great, it's even better to asses where we are in our health and make some changes as needed. Read this checklist and decide what “spring cleaning” you are in the market for at this time!

Cleanse / Detox- Allowed your body a chance to regenerate, and providing optimal nutrition for a set period of time is always excellent for your health. The start of each season is the best time to set for a cleanse / detox. Do not let these terms scare you, there are several options for a cleanse / detox that may fit your needs. No meat, a liquid cleanse, cleanses with meat, or an all juice or water cleanse. Decide what works best and is most realistic for you. Remember the point is not to lose weight (though this may happen during this period of time), the objective is to reset your body and mind on the right track and then set goals to grow from there.

Evaluate your health goals- Really think about where you are in your health and wellness. Not just how you look but also how you feel. What short term and long term adjustments need to happen? Think realistically about some goals that you are ready implement now and also make a long term list that you can gradually work on throughout the year. The key here is to be realistic. It's great to set goals but it's even better to set goals that you will keep and work towards. If you know eating a salad every meal, or juicing daily is not realistic for you- do not set that goal.

Decide what has / has not worked- Sometimes things work for some people and for others they do not. For example, I am not a fan of High Intensity Cardiovascular, I would rather walk, do Pilates, or swim as those work better for me. I know the major benefits of high intensity cardiovascular but for me it does not work so I have stopped trying to make myself do it and switched to what I like. It's so rewarding! So if you see that whole grains or beans do not work for you- no matter the health benefits it's probably best that you stay away from them. And then of course if something does work for you figure out how you will keep the momentum to continue.

Implement new changes- Think about some new changes or things you would like to try. Trial and error can be very fun as long as you do not allow yourself to become discouraged about something not working the way you thought it would. This lifestyle has ups and downs, starts and stops, keep goings, and give it ups. IT'S OKAY! Just continue on this wonderful journey!