It is well understood the necessity of keeping a liver that is functioning as close to 100% as possible. The liver is like an intricate system of narrow streets through a busy city, and by keeping those pathways unblocked the liver will perform much more efficiently. We also know that certain foods such as milk thistle and turmeric do a wonderful job for the liver. But is it possible to actually exercise and massage this important organ from the exterior to help it do its job? There is quite a lot of evidence to support this.

We all understand that massage therapy is great for the muscles because it stimulates blood flow, and there are four exercises that could be a help for giving the liver a sort of massage therapy. There also may be a better time of the day to do them. Since a large amount of the toxins are filtrated out of the liver between one and three in the morning, it stands to reason that shortly after we wake up is a time to give our liver an exercise boosts.

First of all we must be well aware of exactly where the liver is to perform these exercises. It is not easy organ to reach since it is mostly protected under our rib cage. Most of the liver is on the right side of our upper abdominal area mostly located under the hills. The following are four simple exercises that anyone can do:

1. Trunk twisting. With your legs crossed in the sitting position and your hands interlocked on your stomach, forcefully twist all the way to the left, then all the way back to the right. Do these 15 times and then eight or ten times push up with your hands into the area where the liver is located.

2. Press the liver area. Lie on your back and press under the rib cage on the right side with the fingers of both hands. Due to the relaxed state of the abdominal muscles when you're in this position it should not be hard to press on the liver. Continue this pressing and relaxing movement for 50 to 100 times.

3. Press and rub the liver. Lying on your right side with the knees slowly Bent, take the fingers of the right hand and push into the liver area. Massage the liver by pressing with the thumb knuckle and continue to gently rub the liver.

4. Strike the liver with your right fist. Lying on your left side and relax as much as possible. With your right fist softly strike the liver area, working up to 20 or more beats.

All of these are designed to provide a little impetus for the liver to stay activated. Deep breathing along with stretching are also great for the liver, as those who have been introduced to yoga will know that is one area that is worked consistently in the yoga poses. Anyone, especially those in their senior years would do well to make yoga a part of their lives.