Summer provided us with bounty of vegetables and fruits. Now, with New Year's on us, it's a time for people to try detoxing. While this is a health practice, you should never attempt a detox by yourself or with a 'coach,' only with a nutritionist or doctor. Both nutritionists and doctors have the knowledge and education to know how a person will react and helps avoid detox poisoning, which can be fatal.

But you actually do not need a detox diet or any crazy fad to help you get healthier. Fruits and vegetables are the basis of all healthy diets. The simple act of eating fruits and veggies stimulates our bodies to eliminate toxins and build healthy tissues.

The fruits and veggies also provide tons of nutrients. These nutrient do everything from give us more energy, to prevent cancer, to reverse diseases. But do not think they are miracles.

Our bodies are vastly complex and we need about 10,000 nutrients daily. When we eat fruits and veggies as the main portion of our diet, we get about 40,000. That's why people who switch from processed foods to fruits and veggies get healthier and feel better.

But in the winter, it can be a little harder. I choose local foods because I know where they are. Seek out your local farmer and see if they store some of their summer crop for winter use. I like the cabbages all winter because they pack a nutritional punch and taste great!

Just choose your source of veggies and fruits carefully. There are 3 places we can get them:

  • The Store
  • The Farmer's Market
  • The Garden

Of course, the garden where we do not spray any toxic chemicals is optimal. It's the freshest and healthiest. But many people, myself included, do not have the room or time to grow everything. In winter, it just does not produce in the north.

I rarely use the store, myself. That's because I'm turned off by foods that are old and I do not know where they are from. It is impossible for the grocery store to provide really fresh produce. The food needs to be picked, shipped in, processed at a warehouse, shipped to the stores, put out, and then wait for you. That can be days, or weeks coming from who-knows-where being sprayed with chemicals. And if the stuff is coming from outside the country, who knows what they did to it!

I choose the farmer's market for most of my foods. I choose the farmers that are local and that provide variety. I ask them what chemicals they use, when they picked the foods, and how they treat people. I choose nice people who pick the foods fresh and do not use chemicals.

It's my body. If I do not put the bad stuff in, I do not have to detox!

Here's a fun recipe:

Add to your blender:

1 Apple

1 leaf of Kale

Handful of rich berries – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries

C cooked sweet potato

Blend well until a smooth mix

You can add yogurt for a great dose of probiotics, apple cider vinegar for a digestive health boot.