Juicing Detox – The Profound Health Benefits Revealed

A juice detox is a special diet plan that cleanses and restores the body by using fresh juices to power up the body's natural curative properties. Fresh juices are the best foods to have while following any diet plan that restores the body's vitality. A special detox plan based only on fruit juices lays emphasis on having fresh, raw and unprocessed juices every day. Fresh juices are easier to digest than the whole fruit and are excellent for maintaining health regimes.

An ideal juice detox plan involves abstaining from products such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, animal protein, dairy and nicotine. This should start one week prior to starting the detox plan. While following the detox rule, it is recommended to have 32 to 64 ounces of fresh juice daily. The juice should not be consumed all at once. Instead, it is to be sipped in small amounts through the day to prevent fatigue and hunger.

While making the juices, it is necessary to ensure that each glass of juice contains all the essential nutrients that are required by the body. The juices should be a mix of fruit and vegetable juices to ensure complete nutrition. Common vegetables used for juicing are celery, kale, cabbage, beet, spinach and cucumber. It is best to avoid citrus fruits while following a juice-only meal plan since citrus fruits cause acidity when taken on an empty stomach.

Going on a juice detox regime also helps in losing weight. Most diets fail to work since they promote the notion of fad dieting, which denies the body its quota of essential nutrients. If the body is denied nutrients for a long time, the biochemical imbalances within the body trigger cravings, which lead to binge eating. Following a juice detox diet plan ensures that the body gets all the essential nutrients through juices and also gets rid of toxins within the cells.

Juicing also enables you to consume a large amount of nutrition at once. For a normal person, it is not possible to consume an entire bag of apples or a bunch of carrots within a day. However, juicing produces a few glasses of drinks that can be consumed in a single day, so providing more nutrition to the body. Moreover, juicing lets users enjoy all the minerals and enzymes present in the food and even allow them to consume fibers by juicing the pulp. Therefore, a juice detox diet is more beneficial to the body.

The process of juicing breaks down the components of vegetables and fruits in an easily digestible form. This process enables your body to absorb nutrients faster than you could if you were to consume solid food. The enzymes, which are freed during juicing, provide energy to the body cells and increase your metabolic rate.

Raw plants contain a lot of phytochemicals, which have disease prevention properties. They boost immunity and protect the body against serious illnesses such as asthma, arthritis, cancer and heart disease. Also, the antioxidants present in the juice of raw vegetables and fruits improve skin tone, prevent aging, and protect you against sun damage.

The juice detox diet is a better and more effective way of improving health than relying on synthetic supplements.

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How To Beat Sugar Cravings Once And For All

Anyone who has ever died and dropped out all the processed sugar will tell you about the mood changes, irritability, headaches, and other side effects. The fact is when you subject your body to sugar over long periods of time it's going to uncomfortable when you remove it. Not only are you dealing with drug like withdrawal systems due to sugar affecting the opioid receptors in the brain, but you're also dealing with the side effects of detoxification. In short, there are a host of physiological changes going on through your body when you start removing this very addictive substance.

While there's no way to avoid the initial discomfort I can however provide you with some tips to shorten the process and improve your chances of sticking with it. The biggest mistake I see people making when trying to beat a sugar addiction is not removing all sugars and providing enough live foods to speed up the detoxification and cellular rejuvenation.

You can not simply give up the cake, candy, sodas, and other junk foods and replace them with other so called “healthy carbohydrates.” Switching from white bread to low-calorie wraps and fast food burgers to Lean Cuisine is only going to prolong the suffering. With the exception of plant sugars from vegetables (glucose) and fruit sugar (fructose), your best strategy is to remove all starches, grains, legumes, and dairy during the detoxification process.

Follow a Primal Blueprint type diet with lots of fruits and vegetables along with the other foods consisting of lean proteins, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. This will help lower blood sugar levels, heal tissue at the hormonal glands, improve gastrointestinal function, and lower insulin levels. Removing all processed and refined foods along with potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, cereal, and other starch sugars is imperative. If you do not pull out the starches you'll probably only find yourself struggling with vicious sugar cravings.

When you experience the strong sugar cravings with dieting your body is trying to tell you something. These strong signals are caused by what's called “toxic hunger.” This is a response to your body removing metabolic waste and toxins. What your body is unfortunately crying out for is micronutrients from live foods. You'll actually starving yourself at the cellular level even though you may be eating plenty of calories from processed and refined foods.

Most people cave in and find momentary relief by eating some sugar but it's only a quick fix. This is no different than finding momentary relief from a drug withdrawal by putting the drug back in your system. The root problem is still there and left unresolved. Let me be perfectly clear, there are not short-cuts or alternatives to breaking a sugar addiction other than healing your body with live foods.

You need to heal from the inside out with fruits and vegetables and drastically change the way you eat if you want to beat a sugar addiction.

The longer you've been on sugar and processed foods the more time it will take to detoxify and rejuvenate the cells. Be patient with yourself but just know the body has an amazing ability to heal itself very quickly when you put in the right foods. It just has to be an “all out” approach to eating live foods and not just a half-hearted approach with removing the processed sugar and junk foods. Within 30 days you can dramatically change your energy, health, and reduce your waistline if you just stick with live foods.

The withdrawal symptoms will be the strongest during the first 10-14 days. This is where you have to resist the temptation to cave in and go back to old ways of eating. Just make sure you're eating enough or it will be extremely difficult resistant the true hunger signals calling for energy and nutrients.

This is where a lot of people mess up. They think they have to eat less, hence dieting, when in reality they need to eat more! It just needs to be from the right foods that will provide sufficient fuel to keep metabolism up and nutrients to feed the cells.

Another quick tip is to consider the benefits of drinking straight black coffee. Moderation is essential as you do not want to consume more than 2-3 cups a day. However, there is new research that shows the natural caffeine in black coffee can fill the opioid receptors in the brain that sugar once occupied. This is why coffee is so helpful with any addiction.

By following a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, performing regular exercise, getting adequate sleep and removing all processed and refined foods, you can break a sugar addiction in as little as 30 days. What you're actually doing is just getting the body back in balance and providing the necessary nutrients for optimal health and function.

All other so called weight loss solutions from pills, medicines, hormone injections, surgeries, fad diets, etc, fail to address the root of the problem. They may help you temporarily lose some weight but you'll be right back where you started without you finally address the problem at the cellular level.

Live foods hold the answer to breaking a sugar addiction but you've just got to give them enough time to heal your body. The strategies I'm giving you are not quick fixes that avoid the root of the problem. They will take some time but your success is guaranteed if you stick with it and simply commit to eating the foods that heal.

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Your First Step to Winning the War On Toxins and Body Fat

“I'm addicted to you, do not you know that you're toxic?” Aside from me has accusedly quoting a Britney Spears lyric, today's article is going to revolve around one of the reasons that Americans are getting fatter and having greater trouble losing weight: toxic parabens.

Body fat accumulation can be attributed to 3 main causes. In no particular order, they are:

  1. Malnutrition
  2. Stress
  3. Toxins

We all know that pounding a box of twinkies every night before bed will probably lead to quite the spare tire around one's midsection, and it's becoming more well known that a lack of sleep, poor eating patterns, and anxiety is not great for trimming up your waistline, but how many people know what a paraben is or how it affects your body's ability to metabolize fat?

Paraben is the collective name for a group of chemicals all-too-commonly used in many cosmetics and beauty products. They're basically dirt-cheap preservatives that allow companies to keep their products on the shelves for longer periods of time without the risk of bacteria ruining the product. While it sounds great in theory (especially to those who have a strong aversion to germs), parabens are actually doing more harm than good. When a toxin enters your body, it is stored in your fat cells. The more toxins that enter your body, the more fat cells are made and the larger they become in order to effectively store the increased toxic load. That is an oversimplification of the process, but I will not get into the scientific jargon that will leave you with a glazed over, drooling stare at the computer screen. These parabens, once inside your body, can mimic estrogen and bind to estrogen receptor sites, leaving your own estrogen metabolism useless and instantly putting you at greater risk for cancer. Parabens have been found in many tumors and are being pointed at as one of the causes for breast cancer and the earlier and earlier onset of puberty in females.

So what products contain parabens? Unfortunately, all cosmetics have parabens in them including lip glosses, lotions, shampoos, facial scrubs, sunscreens, foundations, eye liners, you name it. Men, you're not off the hook either, because parabens can be found in shaving cream, aftershave, lotion, and cologne as well. So what's the solution? Are you expected to wake up every morning and go to work looking like a caveman or cavewoman? The answer is NO. All it requires is a little bit of extra effort on your part to purchase your cosmetics. Many natural companies are coming out with great cosmetics that are paraben free (usually found in what I call the “granola-head” section of the grocery store). Also, not all cosmetics have them to begin with, so often just a simple glance over the ingredient list before you make a purchase will help you avoid these harmful chemicals. When looking at ingredients, simply avoid anything that has the word paraben in it. Now, it may be a compound, such as methlyparaben or propylparaben, but a careful glance at the ingredient list should do the trick.

I hope this simple tipave you some good information to help you in your fat burning efforts. Many times this can help quite a bit if you feel like you're doing everything else right but seemed to have hit a fat loss plateau

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Colon Cleansing and Its Importance

Colon cleansing is a great way to lose weight, including the main purpose of keeping the digestive system healthy. The colon, or large intestine, is the tube-like final part of the digestive system. Food travels along the body through the digestive system starting within the wind pipe, then continuing within the stomach, small intestine, and into the colon. Finally, it exits through the rectum as a stool. Immediately after meals are separated and after the nutrition and water are absorbed into the body, the colon produces stool and pushes it out of the body.

The colon tube is shaped to protect against digestive wastes. There are lots of colon cleansing items that are offered today. Lymph glands and bloodstream ships connect to the colon and supply it with oxygen rich red-colored bloodstream cells. A healthy colon has a smooth, protective wall and functions just like a pipeline, moving digestive wastes throughout its length, ready to be eliminated. The tissue within the colon is subject to changes when there's a larger than normal quantity of body fat, when a low fiber diet regimen is kept or when it comes in contact with cancer inducing substance. These changes to the tissue manifest themselves as abnormal growths of polyps, or even cancer, which usually form across the colon lining.

Colon cleansing is generally a procedure of cleansing your body by getting rid of harmful toxins, undesirable bacteria and deposits of fecal matter. The amount of toxins accumulated in your body is directly connected with gaining or losing weight, the larger the number of toxins the more weight you're going to add. Your body is exposed daily to dangerous harmful toxins, mostly from the fat foods we're consuming, which typically contain high amounts of chemical preservatives. The dangerous harmful toxins and additional body fat piled within the colon can trigger signs like the lack of vitality, fatigue or slowness, head aches, flu like symptoms, abdominal or rectal discomfort, rectal bleeding, blotting, skin rash, and insomnia.

Colon cleansing – detox is a particular key to a healthy loss of fat. Regular herbal colon cleansing helps improve the defense mechanisms and digestive system, makes your skin much more radiant and glowing and provides a much more energetic feeling. Fat loss is generally a result of diet colon cleansing. Weight is usually gained when your body manufactures body fat and retains the synthetic waste. Colon cleansing removes these harmful toxins and also the connected fats, resulting in effective weight burning. An excellent colon cleansing may take days, depending on the level of toxicity and the size of the patient.

Colon or bowel issues occasion, whenever the organ is not able to cleanse itself effectively. By cleansing the colon frequently, you will absolutely and guaranteed feel healthier. Substantial fiber and a diet regimen that reduces body fat can also keep your colon cleansing naturally. Including in your diet program grains, vegetables and fruits is extremely suggested. Consuming no less than 2 liters of water every single day is generally a must, and a lower intake of fatty meals is also needed. After this balanced diet plan, the colon condition is definitely going to improve in the long run.

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Colon Cleansing As a Way to Eliminate Toxins

It's common knowledge that lots of dangerous pesticide and herbicides, as well as various fumes capable of affecting our defense mechanisms and destroying our wellbeing are mixed together within the earth's atmosphere. Unhealthy diets nowdays can create harmful feces which may damage your intestine and colon. Poisonous waste material are a danger to the health of tissue and cells of your digestive system. Your body needs to be flushed from all of this undesirable waste. The best way to do that precise thing is through detoxing.

Even though the kidney and liver are amazing organs treated as pure detoxifiers, these days their activity is not enough. You need to consider different ways to cleanse a person's body from harmful toxins. There are lots of ways and techniques to do it, some more or less drastic, like keeping a strict juice drinks diet.

Take serious notice, your only defense mechanism against these toxins is the immunity system of your body. Because of this, prior to toxin removal procedures, preventive actions against contracting diseases as well as microbial infection must be taken. Whenever detoxing is done, the condition rate of the patient would rely on the immune system's strength which is comprised of intracrete systems of nodes in addition to lymph programs.

A way to help the detox procedure is the use of herbal remedies which are quite helpful in boosting your immune system. These types of natural herbal treatments are the most useful and organic ways of eliminating poisons and improving defense mechanisms by reducing the chance of illness and growing your present physical fitness.

Various herbal treatments for cleansing tend to be efficient in improving defense mechanisms when in combination to others. Nonetheless, you will find specified factors for the cleaning system of your choice. The following cleansing herbal treatments may be employed based on ones criteria.

– Psyllium seed products support healthy bowel movement. It can be applied in assisting bowel connected complications as diarrhea. This plant is excellent since it has an absorption property much like a sponge or cloth where it helps in getting rid of the harmful toxins inside colon.

– Cascara Sagrada is generally an amazing natural laxative. In addition, it helps improving the state of your digestive tract and various related muscles. This unique plant can be used in a perfect combination together with psyllium seed products.

– Milk thistle is an important compound employed typically to emulate your proteins functionality inside the liver. It may be utilized effectively in soaking different types of dangerous harmful toxins which can be found in drugs in or alcohols.

– Nettles are often employed like a pot used in cleaning and detoxifying the urinary system.

– Burdock roots are often good for more powerful cleansing desires. It's useful in lowering the harmful bacteria build-up within the digestive tract that induce defense mechanisms complications.

– Dandelion roots are detox herbal treatments with a highly potent cleansing capacity, best used in detoxifying the liver. It's good for getting rid of the gallbladder feces as well as getting improved functionality for the renal system.

The use of herbal remedies is not new in detoxing programs, this practice has actually been around for many decades. Improvement over the years and the improvement of the professionals in the cleansing area has made herbal remedies a favorite detox procedure around the world.

These type of natural herbal treatments can effectively eliminate undesirable harmful toxins enabling you to definitely feel and look amazing. It might help you avoid acquiring serious ailments. Superb cleansing herbal items can basically do amazing things for anyone.

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Colon Cleansing and Detoxification

Colon cleansing is the procedure of inserting gentle jets of water in the colon with the purpose of washing away waste material and harmful toxins. Is colon cleansing safe and what does it involve? Protecting colon health is imperative, as this particular organ has the role of evicting organic waste from the body. Roughly the form of a big letter “M”, the colon ranges in length from between 4.5 to 5.5 ft and it's about 2.5 inches wide.

The colon is the part of the digestive system accountable for temporarily holding waste before it exits your body. Low quality colon health can slow down your body's ability to correctly get rid of waste. Actually, a contaminated colon could possibly result in health conditions including:

* Digestive Disorder

* Constipation

* Diarrhea

* Bad Skin Complexion (acne)

* Fatigue

When correctly done, colon cleansing is pretty much perfectly safe, particularly thanks to recent updates in equipment and technique. Enemas were the old-fashioned answer to the colon cleaning dilemma. Regrettably, enemas were also the reason for many concerns over colon cleaning safety. Enemas are a variable form of bowel irrigation which typically cleansse just the lower 20% part of the colon. With roughly 80 percent of the colon left, the process does not supply the same effect as modern colon cleaning. A few of the health advantages associated with colonic irrigation:

* Elimination of Trapped Feces

* Expulsion of dangerous bacteria

* Increased development of advantageous intestinal flora

* Enhanced colorectal muscular activity

* Expulsion of dangerous microorganisms

Apart from water irrigation, many versions of digestive health remedies have emerged with colon cleansing being the main goal. Actually, now you can obtain colon cleansing supplements featuring organic compounds to assist the colon cleansing and heal itself. For instance, Oxy-Powder functions by initiating oxygen inside the digestive tract and is a superb option for improving the efficiency of your colon natural cleaning periods. Despite the fact that colon cleaning has been around for a long time, the question still remains – is colon cleaning safe?

Frequent Colon Cleansing Safety Concerns

There are numerous concerns regarding colon cleaning, most of them being without base.

* Discomfort: Some people relate their choices on the simple idea – will it hurt? Colon cleaning is routinely referred to as “reinvigorating” or “refreshing.”

* Transmission of Remedies: Precisely how deeply the colon cleaning apparatus makes its way into your body is yet another top safety concern. Enemas affect just the first eight to 12 inches from the colon. Colon cleaning remedies penetrate deeper providing a comprehensive cleansing for the whole universe colon, but they are reliably safe if given by a hydrotherapy specialist.

* Chance of Infection: The greatest concern regarding colon cleansing is the possibility of contracting dangerous bacterial and infections. Modern advances in colon cleaning equipment, like using disposable pre-sanitized hoses and tips, help ensure a germ-free colon cleaning experience.

But Is Colon Cleaning Safe?

Colon irrigations encourages no direct unwanted effects. Neverheless, the entire process of getting rid of harmful toxins may cause some minor intestinal problems. When the mucous buildup starts to depart your body, minute amounts may be reabsorbed on the way. The contaminant absorption can lead to cold or flue like signs and symptoms (which may include nausea, head aches, and lightheadedness) but may itself reverse itself when the output reduces. Actually, eliminating all the toxic debris results in elevated energy, mental clarity, and overall feelings of wellness.

Proper Colon Cleansing

Variations in bowel irrigation techniques promote high safety. For instance, modern hydrotherapy systems, like colon cleansing board kits, utilize temperature-controlled water for cleaning the colon. Recent developments incorporated a specifically designed speculum which assisted the delivery of water into the colon, excluding the chance of injury. Furthermore, colon cleansing equipment also keeps water pressure and temperature therefore the skin cleansing is transported out in a uniform rate. Therefore, by combining the developments in technology and the cleansing skills of a professional, you can rest assured colon cleansing is a very safe procedure indeed!

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Liver Detoxifier Products And Healthier Lifestyles

Today, there is a tremendous amount of emphasis on keeping a healthy lifestyle, and keeping things balanced. But more than ever, the pressures and realities of work and living in cities is such that, there just is not all that much opportunity for balance. It's as if the more we emphasize this importance of balance and keeping a stable and consistent lifestyle going, the more we realize that we're unbalanced in many ways, and that we're actually not ready to make any of these commitments to keeping things on an even keel. But there are things out there that have worked in our favor. Products such as a liver detoxifier are definitely things that we can use to help calibrate ourselves.

It starts out a big gimmicky. You find hope in this quick fix, and before long, you're a “believer.” But what's really going on there, sometimes at some latent level, is that you're reminding yourself to keep things in check; to eat your greens, to drink a lot of water, etc. And so, you're seeing people pick up these liver detoxifier products at the grocery stores and drug stores, and it's really a kind of “gateway” to healthier living. Now, what's being suggested here is not that these products lead to greener lives, with the user ever moving out into the rain forests. That's not what's being suggested at all. There is the notice that some of these products out on the market work, some of them work better than others, but quite simply, they're just pieces of a bigger picture. Before long, the consumer's buying multi vitamins again, and the consumer is also looking at whole grains again, in his or her cereals and exports. And that's how true and fundamental lifestyle changes come about: they come about gradually, and they start with single purchases like those.

You can not expect a silver bullet out there, but instead, you have to realize that a liver detoxifier product here and another sort of product along those lines there, and before you know it: you've cut your carbohydrates intake by 40 percent, and you're running 30 miles a week. People out there can say what they want about these liver detoxifier products, but at the end of the day, if a population's seeing decrees in cancer cases, and decreases in all sorts of cardiovascular risk factors, then how can any of that be bad? There's a lot to take in out there, on the internet, though; there's a lot to consider; there's a lot of content, in terms of healthcare and medicine; there's much to “digest” (you could say), when it comes to reading about these topics on the internet.

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How to Detox Your Body Using Fresh Fruit Juices

Health experts have suggested many ways to detoxify our body; one great way to do so is through fruit juices. All types of juices are composed of different vitamins and minerals and other valuable health elements, many of them are great anti-oxidants. For detoxification, we only consume raw fruits and cut down on regular food intake.

Many people know that detoxifying the body with fruit beverage is quite easy and helpful to maintain good health. It is also very helpful for people who are extremely overweight and want to detoxify their system. You do not at all need to purchase expensive juices from the supermarkets; instead you can easily squeeze fresh juices at home in a power juicing machine which are much healthier and not at all expensive. All you will need is different fruits or the ones that you would like to have and just blend them in a power juicing machine.

Many people go for a juice detoxifying diet just for a few days to clean the digestive tract and colon completely. In order to expedite the detoxifying process, you can have up to two glasses of prune juice every day. During the rest of your day, you can replace all the regular meals with water and fruit juices.

You may also wish to have juices that contain celery in them. Celery helps to eliminate carbon dioxide in our body up to a great extent. People who live in polluted areas have increased chances of accumulating carbon dioxide inside their bodies.

Fruits juices are a very effective way to remove all the toxins from the body. Once you detoxify your body with fruit juices it starts functioning accurately and in a much better way. Fruit juices are also a source of strength and energy. You can choose to survive on fruit juices only for up to 10 days and that too if you are unhealthy or extremely overweight.

Below are some tips that you can follow to detoxify your body.

– Get an excellent quality power juicing machine to make fresh fruit juice at your home without incurring much charge for packaged juices.

– Eat as many fresh and ripe fruits as you can. Try to have at least one or two grapefruits, three lemons and six oranges per day. Other than these fruits, eat as many other fruits as you can. This will not only help to detoxify your body, but also fill your daily needs of calories up to a greater extent. Remember, juicing provides more nutrients.

– Do not forget to drink at least eight to ten glasses of distilled or spring water. Also drink water in between eating fruits but not while eating fruits.

– Drink fruit juices of all kinds according to your needs. The most beneficial fruit juices are sourced from apples, organic grapes and oranges. These juices are very useful to detoxify the body. However, you must ensure that you do not take juices from juice cocktails or concentrates. If you find it difficult to get organic and pure fruit juice, you can replace it with water.

– Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes every day in open air. Walking is also a great form of exercise, whereas you can also go running or jogging if you are physically fit for it.

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How to Live a Toxic-Free, Healthier Life

If you suffer from a serious health problem with no known cause, perhaps you have not looked at the chemicals used in your environment. With little regulation of the ingredients used in products for personal care and house cleaning, in building materials, and in home and lawn pesticides, you have to be vigilant about what you buy and know how to detoxify the chemicals stored in your body.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a known hormone disruptor that is contained both in the plastic bottles you may carry with you every day, and also in the plastic lining of your favorite canned food. Rather than purchase bottled water, buy a reusable glass or stainless steel bottle to fill with filtered tap water from home. When purchasing canned food, look for the BPA-free icon. Brands like Vital Choice Tuna and all Eden canned foods are BPA-free.

Genetically-modified high fructose corn syrup is in question by medical experts as to its long-term effects on your health and your weight. Unfortunately, it's found in most packaged foods and bottled sodas. Your diet will be most healthy if you prepare your meals from fresh, organic produce and whole grains. Try making old-fashioned lemonade or iced tea instead of drinking chemical-laden sodas.

If you spray your home for ants or your lawn for weeds, you may be adding to the chance that your child will develop ADD or that you or someone you love may come down with cancer. Many independent lab finds have linked pesticides, even the most common weed killing chemicals, with these health problems.

If you want to benefit from eating fish rather than red meat, you need to learn which types have less mercury in them – especially if you are pregnant. Choose small fish (rather than large ahi tuna and swordfish) that typically have less mercury buildup.

If you plan to remodel your home, choose hardwood or tile over new carpets that may contain toxic glue and choose one of the new zero-VOC paints that do not emit formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds.

Instead of the noxious fumes emitted from oven and bathroom cleaners, simply use baking soda to deodorize and scrub. There are also many new environmentally-friendly cleaners on the market that use natural ingredients like vinegar and citrus to cut through grease and grime.

The current Toxic Substances Control Act does not give the EPA the tools to monitor products for dangerous chemicals. Watchdog consumer groups have taken up the flag and can offer guides to those products, such as sunscreens, that are safest to use (see http://www.EWG.org ).

Ask your medical practitioner for advice on detoxification aids. A hair analysis can show if your body is polluted with chemicals such as mercury or arsenic. And there are many detoxification regimens available ranging from IV chelation of heavy metals, to herbal pills containing chlorella and cilantro, to drops of liquid zeolite.

Most importantly, color your world “green,” not only to save the planet, but to safeguard your health.

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Body Detoxing With Ease

Are you ready to cleanse your body with a detox? If this is your first time doing so, you may be wondering what you need to do prepare. Continue reading on to find out.

Research your detox diet options. Yes, you may have already done this, but do it again. To have a successful detoxification, you need to choose the right method. For example, water fasting works for some, but you may find it too difficult to go a week without solid foods. Do not try a popular detox that you know you can not stick to. Instead, find the plan that works best for you.

Speak to your doctor. Although many Americans start a body detox at home without first consulting with their doctor, you are advised to do so. This is particularly true if you suffer from medical conditions, such as thyroid problems, obesity, or diabetes. In many cases, your doctor will develop plan for you to safely detox, but it may not involve the plan you had selected. You may not even need to schedule an appointment, as your doctor may be able to provide you with a quick, over-the-phone consultation.

Start weaning yourself off of your “must haves.” Do you need to have a glass of soda everyday, a couple of cigarettes throughout the day, or two cups of coffee in the morning? These items will be eliminated from your diet while on a detox. Unfortunately, many Americans have become dependent on caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes. If you are one of those individuals, you may suffer from withdrawal. To less the impact, start weaning yourself from these items. For example, do you drink three cups of coffee a day? If so, start with 2 c cups and slowly work your way down. Start this process at least a week before you intend to detox.

Begin to buy supplies. Regardless of how you intend to detoxify your body, you will need to buy supplies. The only exception is water fasting and if you intend to use tap water. If you opt for the Master Cleanse, your shopping list will include fresh lemons or limes, cayenne pepper, grade b maple syrup, natural salt, and senna tea. If you opt for a juice fast, your list may include all natural juices or a juicer and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Great a goal plan. You may already have a main goal in mind, such as removing stored toxins and waste from your body or losing weight, but create more detailed goals. For example, are you on the Master Cleanse? How long do you intend to detox? Although 10 days is recommended, some aim for more or less. Determine exactly how long you want to detox.

Create a list of distractions. Similar to creating a goal plan, you need to develop a plan to increase the urge to quit. If you are on the Master Cleanse, water fasting, or juice fasting, you will likely experience severe to moderate hunger pains. After all, who would not after a week of no food? Many are able to overcome the side effects of a strenuous detox, but you may need some help. Create a plan ahead of time, such as having your favorite movies on hand, extra spending money for a shopping trip, and so forth.

Finally, make sure you have support. A body detox with the use of fasting can be difficult on your physical body, as well as your emotions. If you do not have a strong support system at home, turn to the internet. Suggestions, support, and advice from others can go a long way.

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Why Do Doctors Ignore Cleansing?

The topic of 'colon cleansing' is often avoided by doctors in their discussions because it is rather considered a bit embarrassing. But colon cleansing operations with an important issue, rendering its importance to keep the human body healthy, as well as free from other critical problems and ailments. It is quite important to remove the fecal matters from the intestine that may have accumulated for quite a long span of time and have been causing problems like irritable bowel syndrome, pain in stomach, growth of bacteria and also parasites in the intestinal part, thereby giving the chance to the occurrence of ulcers in those body parts, etc.

Doctors Believe the Body Can Naturally Detox Itself

However, even though patients undergoing tests, like colonoscopy, are suggested for colon cleansing in the preceding step, but many doctors do not follow this idea. They ignore colon cleaning methods. Basically, the first very common reason which the doctors have while ignoring cleaning methods is that the human body is equipped with the digestive system and the excretory system which perform the process of removal of waste matters from the body in the most natural way. Even before undergoing colonoscopy, patients can clear their bowel. Why go for the artificial methods of detox?

Doctors Ignore Colon Cleansing because it Can Increase Risk of Infections

Some facts about detox and cleansing which doctors become concerned about are: the patient can be infected with an increased risk of his body getting dehydrated by the colon cleaning procedures, some infections can even occur, it can lead to the problem of bowel perforations. Also, in case if the patient is having some heart disorder or kidney problems, then colon cleansing methods can be harmful because it can lead to a rise in the level of electrolyte matters in the patient's body. Many things also have to be taken care of like no equipment should be reused for any patient undergoing colon cleansing as this is highly infectious.

Why You Should Colon Cleanse Anyway

You should always take precaution when caring about your health. While doctors may be able to help you with preventive and on-going care, there are some things you can do naturally to ensure your body is getting the proper treatment it needs. Hippocrates always said “Let Food be Thy Medicine”. And there are many natural colon supplements on the market today that have natural ingredients that are not harmful to your health. Also, fruits and vegetables, like Apples and Kale can help you detox naturally without causing any damage. If you have other health issues it will be wise to consult with your doctor to make sure a cleansse will not affect your health. Otherwise, if you are in good health there's no reason why you should not cleanse, after all it's natural and safe!

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3 Remedy Ideas to Maintaining Proper Colon Health Naturally

Mc Donald's. KFC. Burger King. America is definitely home to the world's largest fast food corporations. The good old American burger, fries, and fried chicken have infiltrated all parts of the world. But America is still the king of food. It is estimated that 64.8% of the world's fast food sales come from the US-that's an annual profit of $ 148.6 billion.

There's no arguing about it, we Americans are definitely passionate about food. But this passion comes with a price. The US is one of the countries with the highest numbers of citizens afflicted with colon cancer. It is estimated that about 142,672 Americans are diagnosed every year with colon cancer. And each year, colon cancer claims more than 53,000 lives across the country.

If there's one big factor that can account for the high incidence of colon cancer in the US, then that will be our instinctive love for food. Sometimes, though, many of us become too much in love with food that we tend to forget about our colon health.

Should people ban those high-fat, high-calorie, and tasty American foods from their diet so that they can have zero risk of getting colon cancer? Well, not necessarily. You need not deprive yourself of the good stuff of life. The secret is keeping everything in balance.

1) Probiotics
Probiotics are among those products that can help people maintain a balanced colon health. These products basically contain good bacteria, such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus, that help promote good digestion by inducing the stomach to produce digestive enzymes. The beneficial bacteria in probiotics also produce lactic acid, which is essential in slowing the growth of harmful bacteria, yeast, and other intestinal parasites.

2) Herbal Cleansers
Herbal colon cleansing products can also help people achie a healthy colon. By promoting regular bowel movement, herbal cleansers help prevent toxins from building up in the intestinal tract. The good thing with natural and herbal products is that they do not come with unwanted side effects, providing a more healthy and beneficial colon detox. These side effects are what normally turn people off to many colon health remedies.

3) Homeopathic Hemorrhoid Relief
Part of good colon health is the ability to answer the call of nature without any discomfort. For many hemorrhoid patients, though, the call of nature is a grave discomfort. There are laxatives that help ease the pain of hemorrhoids, but most of them have undesirable after effects.

Homeopathic hemorrhoid relief, on the other hand, contains traditional all-natural formulas and do not pose any treat to a person's health. Furthermore, it helps get rid of hemorrhoids fairly quickly, which is what sufferers need right then.

Health is something that people are unable to buy outright. Keep your colon healthy without depriving yourself of the pleasures of American cuisine by regularly using natural products that will keep your colon healthy and in good shape.

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Rats Do This One Simple Thing to Have Healthier Lives, And You Should Too!

Even Rats Do It – You Mean Detox?

Human beings take in a variety of food substances every day in different meals throughout the day. In this intake of varied amount and types of foods, there is the presence of good amount of toxic substances. These substitutes high in toxicity bind with the bile and thus, are removed from the body by means of bowels. However, if the intake amount of food, rich in toxicity, occurs then the capacity of the liver and also the gallbladder in coping with so much toxicity decrees and this paves the way for birth of diseases like liver fibrosis, etc.

A Japanese Study Confirms How Rats Detox Naturally
Detoxification of liver is related to colon cleansing and removal of accumulated fecal matters in the intestine. This liver – detox process is also common among animals like rats, mice, etc. Japanese researchers conducted a study on this and found out and published in a reputed journal named “Carcinogenesis” in the month of February in 2004, that the damage to the livers of some rats caused by the harmful effects of aflatoxins was reduced to almost 65 percent by providing those animals with the juice of grape fruits. These aflatoxins are borne by fungi which are microscopic and appear due to consumption of toxic foods in the intestine, liver, etc. and they do a lot of harm to body. The rats shown signs of inhibiting the aflatoxins on being served with the said juices. A similar remedial effect is likely to be observed in human body also. To urge the process of liver detoxification, fruits which are citrus, rich in Vitamin C content, etc. must be consumed. These juices help a lot in detoxification process. Obviously, these fruits should be fresh, organic and not pasteurized. Also, some herbs are useful, mainly those which have a content of ginger, jujube, bupleurum, etc. and such are found in Japan and also in China like the Sho-saiko-To.

It's Okay to Detox
Our bodies come in contact with toxins that enter into our bloodstream on a daily basis. That's why it may be difficult to detox on a daily basis. However, if you adopt some “advice” from the rats, you can see when you detox with organic fruits it will help eliminate toxins from your liver and your body. However, there's much more to detox than fruits. You can detox by investing in natural detox cleansers on the market, or start a healthy juicing diet. No matter which way you choose, you will be doing something good for your body and you will feel lighter, sexier and happier!

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Top 5 Juice Detox Recipes to Boost Your Energy

These 5 juice detox recipes will help to boost your energy next time you detox. Detoxing can be tough, but it's worth making it through it. The benefit to your immune system, body and mind and sense of well-being is incredible.

If you're using fresh juice during your detox, be sure to try these great juice detox recipes.

1. The Orangutan

  • 5 oranges

Grab the oranges and peel all of them first. Cut them into pieces that will fit into your juicer. Or, better yet, use a citrus juicer. Juice it all together, pour into a glass and enjoy!

2. The Smashing Beet

  • 1 beetroot
  • 3 stalks of spinach
  • 3 stalks of celery
  • 1 broccoli stalk
  • 1 apple (to taste)

Beetroot and spinach are packed with a healthy amount of iron, and the vitamin C in the broccoli helps your body to absorb and use the iron. Wash and peel what you need to first, then chop into pieces for your juicer. Hit the switch and juice away. Stir it thoroughly and drink immediately for the best effect. This is a very popular juice detox recipe.

3. Crying Citrus

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 grapefruit
  • 1 kiwi fruit
  • 1 orange
  • 2 cm of ginger
  • hand of parsley

Citrus fruit is known by many. It's great and has a lot of benefits. Here's one you probably did not know about – citrus is a mood enhancer. Yep, that's right, citrus fruit cheers you up . If you're feeling down, this juice detox recipe is perfect for you. Peel the lemon, orange and grapefruit and wash the rest. Juice the parsley first (especially if you're using a centrifugal juicer!), And then follow with the other ingredients. Pour into your favorite glass and smile while you drink (the citrus will force you!).

4. The Slow Tomato

  • 1 logo
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 apples

Huh – tomatoes are not slow? No, but they go great in fresh juice. This one is a rocker, and will make you feel awesome. Juice everything like you normally juice everything and drink while watching a beautiful sunset. Or just drink when you get the chance. Pass this one onto your friends, as most people love this the most of these juice detox recipes.

5. Summer Splice

  • half a small pineapple
  • 1 grateful of mint
  • 1 hand of ice

In summer, there's nothing like an ice cold beverage on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This juice detox recipe is perfect for those afternoon. Juice the mint and after peeling the pineapple, juice it too. Lastly, put the juice into a blender with some ice and blend it together. You'll end up with one of the most popular juicing recipes I've ever come across.

If you use these juice detox recipes regularly, you'll be flying high. Keep motivated during you detox and remind yourself of the wonderful benefits.

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How to Do the Hulda Clark Liver Cleansing Method

One of the most popular methods of liver cleansing being followed and is easily found on the internet is one developed by Hulda Clark, an advocate of alternative medicine.

This method has become a very popular way to achieve liver health because those who have followed it say that it is easier to take (meaning, tastier) than other solutions being prescribed in other methods. The method has more rules, but then since it contains less consumption of oil, people who want a cleaner and functioning liver usually swear by it.

The ingredients for the solution that one must take in the Hulda Clark method of liver cleansing are:

• 4 tbsp of Epsom salts
•–cup olive oil
• c cup of fresh pink grapefruit juice
• Plastic straws (for drinking)

This liver cleansing method is recommended to be done on a rest day so that the entire process of cleansing can take full effect. During the day this method will be done, all supplements and medicine should not be taken, and only food that can be digested easily like fruits, cereals and honey may be ateen before 2 PM, which is the time that the method is done. This is done to relax the organs involved in the digestive system.

At 2 PM, the Epsom salts solution is done by mixing 4 tbsp. Epsom salts with three cups of water. The first cup of this solution must be taken at 6 PM, and the second serving at exactly 8 PM.

At fifteen minutes before 10 PM, a grapefruit and oil cocktail must be prepared. The 1/2 cup oil and fresh grapefruit juice (about 3/4 cups) are combined in a re-sealable glass jar. At 10 PM, the patient should drink the combination of oil and grapefruit juice.

Mix or shake the combination thoroughly to make an emulsion. Drink the emulsion with a straw to make it easier, and drink it while standing up. By doing this, the emulsion will go straight down to your stomach. A gulp of pure lemonade can be consumed after as a chaser to the oil-juice cocktail.

The next day, the second dose of the Epsom salts solution must be taken not earlier than 6 AM. The last serving of Epsom salt must be taken two hours later, and after two more hours, light food may be taken, and regular food can be consumed much later in the day.

Epsom salts promote effects that are significant to liver health as magnesium and sulfur which are the ingredients of Epsom salts provoke the dosage of the bile ducts and the various vessels and the excretory system to be emptied.

This means that there will be a freer flow of fluids through the body, which in turn 'forces' toxins in the liver and gall bladder to be flushed out. Doing this in a regular manner results in a liver that functions more healthily. A healthy liver produces cleaner and a sufficient volume of blood, which extremely benefits the entire body as a whole.

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