Get Paid to Lose Weight Seriously!

Have you noticed your clothes are feeling a little snug or those jeans need that extra tug to get the zipper up? If you're like many individuals, you have put on a few pounds. Maybe you were hibernating over the winter months, you do not get enough exercise, or perhaps you've earned weight over the years, but you just have not been motivated to shed the extra pounds. Well, what if you could get paid to lose weight, seriously!

I know there are too many to count diets, pills, potions, and gadgets that claim to help you lose weight. Compacting your midriff into a latex zip up garment until you can barely breath, or how about the hot dog and brown rice diet with a few bananas; sounds yummy – NOT!

Everyone knows to be successful at weight loss you have to not only change your eating habits, but also your lifestyle. I do not mean you have to buy a new car or a new house; not that kind of lifestyle. You just have to adjust what you put in your body and be happy with it. Replace a piece of cake with a bow or fruit, or skip that extra piece of Italian bread with your dinner and be happy with the one. If you are not willing to at least try, you can move on to something else now because you're not serious.

Did you know that detoxing can also help you lose weight? No, I'm not talking about checking into a rehab center, although that would be nice to walk in overweight and walk out 30 pounds thinner. If it was that easy, there would be a waiting list. What I'm referring to is riding your body from toxins and parasites that not only build up in your body, make you sluggish, but also weigh you down.

I'm sure you've seen the TV shows that show all the disgusting stuff that lives inside of us, and yes, it is weighing you down. So what if you could get rid of this icky stuff and lose weight at the same time. Better yet, what if you could get rid of this icky stuff, lose weight, and get paid.

Think about your daily food intake for a day. Does it start with DD coffee and a muffin or a donut, then ordering out for lunch, and maybe a quick run through the drive- thru on the way home for what some call “dinner.” Do not say you have not been there, as you're ordering thinking to yourself how much you really need to buckle down and get a grip on your weight. You know what I'm talking about.

Hitting the next size up in the store and thinking, “I've really got to do something about this. I'm not going to the next size, I'm not going to the next size,” only to do what – move on down the rack to the next size and saying the same thing over and over again until you now have to skip on over to the plus size racks. Then you're your personal rant changes to, “Well, as long as I stick to this section here and not go up, that's okay,” and the cycle continues.

Maybe you've been there or maybe not. Maybe you only have a few pounds to lose or maybe you could stand to drop a whole person, but you just are not motivated to get make that move. Not everyone is motivated to hit the gym in the morning and prepare their lunch the night before so they can eat something healthy during the day, or skip that muffin and just get coffee, or drive by the drive- thru completely. It's hard and sometimes a little incentive, a promising light at the end of the tunnel might be just what is needed, right.

So how about getting paid to lose weight – how's that for incentive. If someone said, “I'll pay you $ 10 for every pound you lose,” if you can stick it out for three months, could you do it? Would you try?

Now I know you're wondering, “Okay, what do I have to do, walk on hot coals or eat dirt for three months? Do I get cash or some silly store credit or coupon worth” x “nonsense?” No, I'm talking real money …

I do not know about you, but that's a heck of a way to get me back on track, or at least give it a chance. What do you think? Would you take the chance on committing to a 90-day challenge and earn up to $ 500? It sounds like a plan to me, what about you?

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Considering a Better and Healthier Diet Menu

Whether you are trying to lose weight, cleanse your system or just lead a healthy lifestyle, choosing the right healthy diet menu is essential for all these things. Considering natural foods, organic foods, and consuming more fruits and vegetables each day are some of the things that you have to consider when trying to eat healthy. Many diets recommend eating multiple portions of fruit and vegetables every day to get your antioxidants. Although, most people have little knowledge of what antioxidants are or why they are important. Vitamin C and E are two examples of antioxidants we must have in our diet daily. These vitamins scavenge nasty free radicals that can cause cell damage and lead to diseases and illness. Free radicals often used by the immune system to kill viruses and bacteria, which can wreak havoc in the human body.

Antioxidants can bind up free radicals very quickly, if available, before a chain reaction of free radicals cause damage. But if antioxidants are not available, any damage done can not be easily undone. With antioxidants, regardless of your situation, they are the most important part in your diet menu. This will not only make you feel healthier, have more energy throughout the day, and make you feel more positive about yourself.

Cleansing the System!

In order to cleanse the system, a detox diet plan is a great way to start the healthier eating lifestyle. You can use an all liquid diet, where you blend fruits and vegetables, in helping with the detox, and help to get rid of the toxins in your body. Since you are consuming so few calories each day, you do have to limit this phase of the diet to one to two weeks at most. But during that period you will get rid of all impurities in the body, making it easier to ever keeping a healthy weight, and the ideal body image. To minimize some of the bulk needed daily in fruits and vegetables you can choose a supplement (in a liquid form only) high in antioxidants to alleviate that burden of bulk. After a liquid detox, you can start using foods again in your diet menu and eating plan.

Whole and High Protein Foods

Starting to include whole protein foods, and healthier meal options, there are some things to consider. During the incorporation phase of the healthy diet menu you should still keep out foods that are high in toxins such as processed foods, pre-packaged foods, alcohol, candies, sodas and soft drinks etc. In doing so, you are going to accumulate a healthier eating style. It is important to learn which foods you can eat, and what you should avoid. Choosing the right food you are still going to flush away the impurities from the diet you were on previously. When introducing foods back to your daily routine you have to do so slowly. Therefore, when getting in to a healthy diet menu and eating plan you should use meal replacements, and protein shakes. These foods are high in protein, and are going to help keep you full, while keeping the calorie intake down to a minimum. This allows your body to process foods naturally, and you're going to find it easier to learn the proper eating style and habits when you are making fewer meals on your own each day.

Stick with it to reach your goal!

No matter what your goals are, being persistent, staying on a sensible natural diet will help to reach your goal. A healthy diet menu will include various food groups once you have re-introduced all foods in to the diet. It is best to consider high protein, lower carbs, and low-fat diets. Just to make this point about fat: Rather being concerned about the amount of fat in your diet, you have to choose which type of fat. Saturated fat is not the enemy that everyone thinks it is. Saturated fats found mostly in butter, organic dairy, meats, nuts and oils, (olive and coconut oil). Opposed to trans-fatty acids found in highly processed foods, these are the man-made fats that do the damage, and must be avoided at all cost. This is going to make the ideal blend of foods needed in the system. It will help you to burn fat, and build muscle. In turn, you body will love you for it, will slim down, and you are going to feel better, healthier and have a more positive outlook of life.

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The Best Diet Option and Detoxification

It's been estimated that more than 60 percent of adults and one in four children in most western countries are overweight or obese. Only diet is the preventable cause of death and disease. In today's fast and furious times, one is too bothered about work and other pressures. Thus, people are increasingly depending on fast food which can satiate their hunger only for a short time. However, from time to time, one needs to get their bodies cleaned and rinsed from germs and toxins. Therefore, people end up opting for detoxification. The whole process of body detoxification is one that includes removal of body wastes, cleansing the body from germs and insuring that most of the health problems are overcome. Body detoxification requires some changes which most of it relates to the right diet, although many people think this involves going without food and just living on juices and water for days or weeks. So, let's have a look at a detox diet to get some ideas and basics without starvation.

It's all about the Benefits

Every detox diet requires ingredients that are important and therefore included for their benefits. The components are necessary in helping to cleanse and detox the body thoroughly from all aspects. Typically, a detox diet is one that also helps in achieving goals like weight loss or even helping your ruined digestion to recover naturally. Thus, you need to consider what ingredients are most suitable in a good diet for detoxification. Let's have a look at some of the best medicinal and natural substances that make a good detox diet. Some of the substances included in this type of regimen are substances that are naturally found in nature. For instance, the lemon detox diet plan includes things like lemonade, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and other such tasty things. These ingredients are substances used in cleansing and detoxifying the body. Another detox plan includes things like beverages, vegetables and at the same time avoiding most processed foods. When using any juices, these are better made from fresh fruits and vegetables avoiding any sugars and preservatives. The fresh fruits would help in cleansing the body from germs and other toxins. Some natural liquid supplements that include different fruits will also be of benefit for this detox.

Raw food diet plan

This is yet another plan about consuming raw foods like raw meat and fish. Raw meat is something that has all the essential vitamins and nutrients in good doses. The meat is best being cooked at a temperature of 118 degrees Celsius. The meat, if cooked raw, will be better than processing it chemically. Also, vegetables in this type of diet plan can as well be taken raw and fresh. The vegetables and fruits, if raw, will contain a lot of nutritional and health value. Thus, this will be handy for detoxifying and cleansing the body. It is most essential to include vegetables in a detox diet because of the rich properties such as sulforaphane, vitamin E and C which has been known for its antioxidant properties. Another reason to include lots of vegetables is to combat free radicals. This will help the body in getting rid of free radicals especially those produced in excess and in the long run the body is able to combat against them and illness.

How can you follow a diet plan?

The part about cutting out things such as processed foods, sodas or any type of soft drinks, sport drinks or even health drinks, as well fruit juices unless they are natural and contain no sugars or preservatives. Most people are not aware that the many artificial sweeteners trick your body into gaining weight and store fats. It is best to try to avoid them as much as possible and use instead the sugar alcohol or Stevia, which is a natural herbal extract and tastes just like natural sugar. By avoiding these types of foods you will avoid lots of sugar intake, which is a very important part in any diet plan. The choice of a detox diet will depend on the type of problem you want to solve. You also can make your diet that will help your digestive health, immunity, stamina, strength, skin health etc. Your whole body will benefit when you add nutrient-rich food to your diet. At that moment you start replacing some of the wrong foods with good ones is the first step of systematically detoxifying your body. When the first signs of changes in your body become noticeable than you know you are on the way to better health.

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The Diet Cleanse

Weight is a progressive disorder.

By that I mean, if you are overweight and you're not doing something to lose weight, you're going to gain it; there's no middle ground. People who battle obesity consistently fool themselves into thinking they can “take a break” and “maintain for awhile.” They can not. After all, if they could, why would they not have “maintained” ten or twenty pounds lower? That's not meant to be snarky; it's just truth.

Sometimes the reality, “I've let it get out of control” sets in, nearly tailed by panic. When that occurs, logic beats a hasty exit and all sorts of strange get-thin-quick behaviors show up on the front porch.

One of which is “The Cleanse.”

To lay all my cards on the table, I'm not a fan. One reason is that so many “cleanses” are bizarre at best, even downright unhealthy – not to mention unsustainable.

To that point, I relay a recent conversation with a friend. “I'm on day four of a seven-day cleanse,” he said. I need starvation.

Curious, I asked, “Why are you doing this? Why not a more balanced approach like cutting back a little here and there and adding in some exercise? That would work much better – without the side effects.”

“My girlfriend and I wanted to kick start the weight loss. We found this on line.”

“And nothing says 'safe, reliable, weight loss' like something on the internet, right?”

“Do not worry. We checked it out.

“I'm not.”

“You know what I mean. We figured we'd knock off several pounds this week and then start eating sensibly. But, it's driving me crazy.”

Realizing his mind was locked; I bought additional info. “How does it work?”

“For six days, we eat fruit for breakfast and nuts for lunch. At dinner, it's boiled chicken and a cup of rice.

“A guy your size needs about 2000 calories a day to sustain himself. You're getting maybe half of that.

“Yeah, as much water as we want.”

“Oh, my heart be still,” I quipped sarcastically. “What happens on day seven?”

“We have the same breakfast and lunch and then at 9:45 at night, we mix one cup of olive oil with cranberry and grape juice and chug it. , on our backs for a half hour and then go sleep. In the morning, we are cleaned. ”

“Yick. I hope you have more than one bathroom in your house.”

“Yeah, we're a little nervous about that too. Any advice?”

“Short of what I already told you, I think your only option is to tough it out.

Curious about the results of their seven-day endurance, on day eight I rang him up. “So, how'd everything turn out this morning?”

“Great! We're done. We feel fantastic!”

“I bet. Just thinking about drinking a cup of olive oil is enough to make me sick.

“We went out for breakfast and lunch. Tonight, we're celebrating our success at our favorite restaurant.”

“Uh, what about the diet?”

“Oh yeah, we're going to keep for awhile. We'll start next month.”

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Detoxification And Eating Healthy Are The Benefits Of A Healthier Life

Detoxification is the process of neutralizing, transforming and eliminating the toxins from the organism. The toxins may have any substance that has a negative effect on the organism. Many of those toxins come from the foods we eat, from being on medication or medicines for a long time, as well from the atmosphere and the air we breath. The effect of food on health is known by many. Most people are familiar with diet changes, helping to lose weight, control diabetes, prevent heart disease and many more. Food is our basic building block for health. There are different ways and ideas about what to include in eating healthy, or even a healing diet. Just simple changes to a diet can have a positive difference, adding more natural foods to your diet such as vegetables, fruits and leafy greens. It is important that your diet is nutrient rich. As you are probably not willing to move to the mountains, and you can not renounce your medical treatments, at least you could do something about your diet. This is only one of the benefits of eating healthy.

Detoxification, what does it do, what are the benefits or the symptoms for needing one?

Even the body and the bacteria from the intestines produce toxins. In the interior of the organism, the fat, especially the oxide ones and cholesterol, as well as free radicals and other molecules act like toxins. A bad digestion and dysfunction of the colon, as well overloading the liver, this could lead to increased toxicity in the organism. One of the best methods to fight those problems is to change your alimentation. The process is detoxification, and this is possible in different ways. Be aware that detoxification cures are different from the weight loss cures. Of course a detox can have beneficial results on your weight mainly because of changes to your diet but this is not the main purpose of this cure. If you suffer from any such symptoms, you may need to follow a detoxification cure: Unjustified tiredness, low in energy, sleepiness, difficulties to wake up in the morning, depressive stages, anxiety, nervousness, lack of concentration, the urge to eat sweets , fast foods, frequent indigestion, nausea, irritable colon and surplus of weight. If some of those symptoms persist do not hesitate and talk to a health care practitioner who can help and guide you about the type of detoxification is best suited for you.

The Changes a Diet Will Make

The changes to a diet will grow the amount of fibers that you consume because fibers stimulate the intestinal transit, insuring a physiologic detoxification of the organism. Those fibers would absorb toxins and being eliminated later. Fibers also offer an increased sensation of satiety, you will not feel the need to eat between meals, therefore have a lower intake of calories. It will help to include foods such as beans, grains, nuts, dried fruits, prunes etc. Some will also help in becoming a natural laxative instead using the medicine type of laxatives. Anyway, that method is not so effective, as it is only a method to solve the problems for the moment. On the long – term, you will need to change the metabolism, and this is only done with a diet. By changing your eating habits and you have probably heard this many times, but this happens because it is true: “Eat your fruits and vegetables, drink a good amount of water”. A detoxification diet will remove the toxins from the organism, allowing you to feel healthy, but here is the question: What would you do after? You do not need to renounce sweets and fast foods altogether or forever, but do not over act or go back to your old habit. After a while, you will find it a lot easier to eat those healthy foods, and feeling great will give you the will to continue. Health is not luck, talent or intelligence. The difference lies in what you know and how you choose to act on your knowledge. If you are determinant, passionate, focused, committed about health and have knowledge, you will be successful with the achievement over your health and whatever your goal is.

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Put an End to Failed Diets With a Colon Cleanse Detox

If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your diet and are constantly disappointed by pills and failed diet programs, then start it off right by flushing out the toxins in your body with a colon cleanse detox! By the time you've finished reading this article, you will know exactly why a colon cleanse detox will make your diet work for you!

For decades, we have been fed with bum diet fads, systems and regimens that just do not work, and the reason is simple. One of the only things standing in the way between those extra pounds and getting a sexy, dream body is the simple and proven trick of starting off with a colon cleanse detox to prepare your body for the diet.

Most people start their diets while their bodies are chock full of toxins from fast food, alcohol, junk, and any other unhealthy products we feed into our bodies. When your body is already bursting at the seams with pollutants and toxins, it turns these into fat, clogs up your colon, and lowers the efficiency of your digestive system. All of this makes it really hard for your body to shed the pounds when you start to diet.

The absolute first thing your body needs is to shed those toxins! The best and most efficient way to do this is to give your body a colon cleanse detox.

There are numerous benefits to giving yourself a colon cleanse detox, even beyond trimming the inches off your waistline with a successful diet (and some of those pounds will even be shed immediately, I might add!). With a colon cleanse detox you will experience many, if not all of these benefits:

• Improves skin conditions and eliminates awful body odor

• Healthy, softer, and younger looking skin

• More energy and a rejuvenation of your body and mind

• Removal of the toxins in your blood and organs

• Immediate weight loss, up to 25 pounds (!), Caused by buildup of waste materials in your body

• Decreased bloating, indigestion and constipation

• An efficient digestive system capable to absorb vital nutrients much more efficiently, paving the way for making those diets work

• A stronger immune system – The stronger your immune system the healthier your body

• Better concentration and mental clarity and improved memory

• Improvement of your overall health

Just from reading this incredible shortlist, you can see how a healthy colon is your first and most important step to better living and jump starting a successful diet!

Next time you decide to shed a few pounds, do it the smart way and give your body a good colon cleanse detox. It will set you up for a successful diet and your body will thank you for it!

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Following a Healthy Eating Plan and Detoxification

There is more known about the benefit of food now than just a few decades ago. There is also undisputable prove that as much as 80 percent of food we eat or do not eat is the result of good or bad health. A healthy diet is a diet that asserts in improving and then maintaining good health. A healthy diet is important for decreasing risk of many diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic heart disease, myocardial infection and cancer. A healthy diet consist of taking the right amount of all the necessary nutrients with necessary amount of water. All these things are available and are easily fulfilled from many foods. All such foods come under the banner of a healthy diet. Moreover, a healthy diet should have equilibrium of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and many essential vitamins to get energy and fulfill the requirements of human beings. A healthy diet should not only include the essential nutrients of food, but also prevent weight gain and do not measure toxicity.

Healthy Eating Plan:

In order to have a healthy diet, it is necessary to follow a healthy eating plan. As it is crucial to know what the right food is, it is even more crucial to know what food not to eat. An appropriately designed healthy eating plan will serve you with all the essential nutrients required and makes your body used to the diet having a goal of calorie intake, whichvents over weighting. Most of the healthy eating plans have the following ingredients: Fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, herbs and nuts. All such food items will give you the required nutrients your body claims for.

Calories and Weight Loss:

To get the reduced reduced: In addition to follow a healthy eating plan you should also lower the calories take with increased physical activities. Average 500 to 1000 calories has to cut down from a diet to lower the weight of one to two pounds in a week (1 KG approx) Mostly, a diet with almost 1000 to 2000 calories taken in a day will prove effective in losing weight for females. This average value can differ for most males, who need about 1200 to 1600 calories daily for secure weight loss. This value can also be used as standard for a female, who has extensive strenuous physical activity and a body weight of 165 or more pounds (74.8 KG.) If after eating 1600 calories a day your diet is not satisfied, than you can increase calories of 100 grams each day. Therefore, it is important to take care when putting together a healthy eating plan. A diet with very low calories, I. e. eight hundred calories or less will have disastrous effects on your body. You should not follow such a diet plan unless you are under supervision of an natural-health care practitioner.


A healthy eating plan should also have meal stuff which detoxify many harmful chemicals and improve body function by removing toxins from your body. The purpose of a detox diet is to clean the body by removing poison and toxins from it. A detox can happen quite simple just by changing bad foods for good healthy foods. The best benefits arrived from a detox diet coming from avoiding high processed foods which have lots of refined artificial sugars, wrong fat and wrong salt (use natural salt not table salt). Most processed foods have certain ingredients which are not healthy and not necessary for our existence. Food is one of the main reasons where toxins are coming from in the body, as well by stressed condition and dehydration. Therefore such diet plan enterprises of strict usage of raw vegetables, fruits, fresh juices; make your own juice because the ones of the shelf are not as pure as the label says. Water is important in this as well; drink several glasses of water every day. Although the amount of water consumed is often overstated, however, a certain amount of water is necessary when detoxifying your body for its cleansing purpose.

Sometimes many herbs and supplements are added to a normal diet which can give many benefits. When choosing a supplement it is advised being most vigilant. Having too many, the wrong or bad quality supplement can do more harm than good. Following a healthy eating plan and detoxifying will make that difference to your health. When it comes to any diet or any detox plan, there is no formula where “ONE” size fits all. Your body will let you know the first signs of change for the better. Follow your own instinct, and you are on the way to better health.

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5 Natural Foods That Are Great For Detox

Detox is the process of removing toxins from your blood and body. The foods we consume on a daily basis can have harmful effects to our body, which is why detoxing is a great alternative towards one's health. If ignored, these toxins can really add up and cause health problems over time. One of the best ways to cleanse and purify your body from toxins, free radicals and other harmful substances is to consume the right natural fruits and vegetables.

Here is a list of 5 detoxifying foods that are great for your body:

Dark Leafy greens

These fresh greens can rinse your body of the toxin sludge unlike anything you have ever seen before. You can add them to your diet raw or in a cooked state. Best of all, these boost chlorophyll levels in your body and help your digestive system get rid of substances like toxins, smog and herbicides. Not only are they great for detox, but they also provide your body with the much needed vitamins, such as vitamins A and C, as well as folate, and also provide you with minerals like calcium and iron. Adding these greens to your daily diet will benefit you in so many ways.

Dandelion root tea

While it may seem like a joke to you, yet dandelion root tea is good as it can help rid the toxins out of your liver. Since your liver plays a major role in digesting food, toxins can accumulate in this vital part of your body, causing health deficiencies. Although dandelion tea is bitter, brewing a few cups with lemon juice can have pleasant effects on your body. You can also try adding a little honey to it as a sweetener for better taste.


Grapefruit is also a great solution when it comes to cleansing your body of toxins. It is a fruit rich in glutathione that helps fight toxins and effects detoxification. Grapefruits also contain unique pectin that is known to lower cholesterol levels. Drinking freshly squeezed grapefruit juice will help increase the production of liver detoxification enzymes and help flush out unwanted toxins.


This antioxidant rich food can shield you from toxins, as it is rich in fat. Do not be afraid of it, Avocados are a source of good fats and not the planned ones. Fat is beneficial for detox, as it helps release bile from the gallbladder and eliminates toxins from the body, while absorbing fat-soluble vitamins which are essential for great health. Avocados of the organic variety may be the best for detoxifying purposes.


With their red color, beets are one the foods that are rich in nutrients as well as having superb detoxifying qualities. Beets contain a useful substance known as betaine, which helps the liver to remove toxins and also helps it defend against these harmful toxins. As well as having great detoxifying benefits, it also contains essential vitamins and minerals. Consuming beets can certainly help the body to remove toxins and can be juiced or ateen in solid form.

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Identifying Heavy Metal Toxicity Symptoms

Heavy metal toxicity is a hidden problem that many of us know nothing about. Identifying heavy metal toxicity symptoms may be a challenge or hard to identify because most heavy metal toxicity symptoms are mistaken for other illnesses or disease. Some metals such as zinc, manganese, or iron are essential to health in moderate amounts, while others are non-essential and can be harmful to your health in excessive amounts. Heavy metals that pose risk to your health include Mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel, aluminum, and chromium.

Metal toxicity can contribute to a long list of diseases including Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and other neurological disorders. Key heavy metal toxicity symptoms often include aching joints, muscle spasms, and nerve pain. Our bodies have a natural barrier called the blood brain barrier, but metals like these find a way through that barrier and directly into our brains. So most times when metals like lead and aluminum enter into your body, your body can not get rid of these metals by itself.

The solution to removing these toxins out of your body, and reducing heavy metal toxicity symptoms are to perform a detox. There are many ways to start this detox, but I think two of the simplest and best methods to removing unwanted metals out of your body are using cilantro and chlorella. When cilantro and chlorella are taken together they act as a powerful detoxifying agent, removing more than 80% of toxic metals out of your body. Cilantro by itself mobilizes more toxins than it can carry out of the body, which may flood the connective tissues where nerves escape with metals.

Retoxification can occur if another binding agent is not used to help rid the body of heavy metals, that's where chlorella comes in. Chlorella acts as a binding agent, sticking to metals and removing them out of your body through your digestive system.

Also using Purified Bentonite Bathing Clay is another great method for removing heavy metals. Once Bentonite bathing Clay is mixed with water, it creates a large negatively charged surface area.

So When your body is in a tub of warm water the warm water opens up pores on the skin, and positively charged toxic particles are drawn through the pores of the skin to be absorbed by the clay. Most metal toxins have a positive charge, whereas Bentonite bathing clay has a negative charge. Meaning that toxins can not resist being drawn to the clay.

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New Designer Drug Causing Problems in the United States

As the years go by, drug use tend to increase. When drug use increases, the chances of developing a drug addiction increases. Watching as a loved one goes through a drug addiction can be taxing. You are left feeling helpless and unsure of how to help this loved one find their way back to happiness.

We constantly hear about new drugs making the rounds in the United States and causing massive trouble. Since 2010, designer drug “N-Bomb,” has become a major concern for officials in the United States.

Usage of designer drugs has become one of the fastest growing trends in the world of drug addiction. When one mentions the term “designer drug,” they are talking about a drug that was synthetically manufactured in a lab. These labs exist all around the country. Several officials' attempts to ban these synthetic substances, drug developers end up creating new synthetic drugs. It is an unending cycle.

When it comes to “N-Bomb,” or NBOMe, a whole new level of trouble can occur. NBOMe was initially developed in order to map serotonin levels in the brain. Recently, however, it has become a very frequently misused substance.

This designer drug has been sold as powder, blotter paper, and in liquid form. There are many different ways an individual may use NBOMe:

· Ingesting

· Inserts vaginally

· Inserted anally

· Sniffed

On the streets, quality control of NBOMe is practically nonexistent. When a dose of NBOMe is misunderstood, an individual puts themselves at a very high risk of experiencing toxicity.

Symptoms of toxicity include:

· Hyperthermia


· Seizures

· Combative behavior

· Renal failure

· Dilated pupils

NBOMe began making its rounds on the news when a teenager died from using the substance. The 16 year old had purchased the synthetic drug online. The teen's behavior is described to have been belligerent and disoriented.

Texas is currently trying to pass legislation that will help law enforcement better adapt with the ever-changing nature of synthetic drug production.

Law enforcement, and parents throughout the country, are concerned about the increase in popularity of these synthetic drugs, such as NBOMe. Drug makers relentlessly market these synthetic drugs to teens.

Donna Seger, a professor of Clinical Medicine and a medical director with the Tennessee Poison Center has been closely monitoring this growing problem. Seger states that, as of right now, the goal of treating NBOMe use is to control belligerent behavior and prevent organ damage. Seger has been pushing for officials to be more aware of this deadly synthetic substance.

Drug addiction can be prevented. If you suspect that someone you know has been experimenting with NBOMe, it is important that you get them help from a drug addiction treatment center. These centers can assist you with better understanding what your loved one is going through, and help you through the process of drug intervention.

As stated above, this drug is highly dangerous and deadly. Contact your local drug addiction treatment center today. Help is just a phone call away.

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Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse Is The Best Way For Healthy Living

A cold pressed juice cleanse is the best way for leading a very healthy life. You can eliminate all the deadly diseases from your body and life without any problems. A cold pressed juice cleanse is a very good and healthy thing that can enable you to lead a very healthy life without any problems what so ever. These juices contain a very large amount of enzymes, vitamins and minerals that makes them very advantageous when consumed. These juices are very helpful to the health of a particular person.

In a cold pressed juice, the juice that is cold is bottled and sealed before being put in a very large chamber. This is then filled with water and an adequate amount of pressure is then applied. This process helps the juice to stay very fresh and tasty for a good period of time. These cold pressed juices are available in various flavors that include orange and also the dose green juices. These juices use very huge hydraulic presses which effectively press the veggies and the fruits. They do this by using the fine mesh and by getting almost all of the juice out of a particular produce. As far as the citrus flavor is concerned, you can make use of very high speed extractors in order to get a very delicious bright juice from lemons, limes, grapefruit and also oranges. When the process of extraction is completed, you will be able to get a very natural and a vibrant quality of juice that is bottled perfectly and is processed under very high pressure.

It can also be used as a 3 day detox cleanse that can effectively help in the process of detoxification. As far as the toxins in your body are concerned, this drink can effectively help you get rid of all the toxins. There is nothing to be worried about in this case. This is the reason for the increase in popularity of this cleared juice. As a matter of fact, these juices are used as medicines as well in times when a person is suffering from acidity or any other related problems or issues. This means there is no other better way to detoxifying body than a detox juice cleanse. There are many companies that are coming up and these companies can help you to save a lot of time and also effort. They can eliminate all the hard work that is required to press the juice.

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Protein Powder, Personal Trainer, and Still No Results?

“I have been going to the same gym for the last 7 years, and everyone there looks just about the same as they did 7 years ago.” I wonder if it is the protein powder keeping the pounds on?

Even after you thought you did everything right at the gym, (even got a personal trainer), you are probably not eating in a way that is going to make you lose weight and heal your body.

I will tell you that you will probably never see any results unless you magically stumble into eating in exactly the right way.

With all the Dis-Information on the web and in magazines in today's times you would have better chances of finding a hundred dollars on the ground walking to the gym on a windy day in December.

You see if you follow the advice of your personal trainer, and eat the way your trainer eats, then you will also have to also do the same volume of training. So unless you are going to be training over an hour every day, then you might want to listen to what I have to say here.

Protein Powders actually add to the problem of weight gain because a lot of the time weight gain is caused because the body is over acidic. Protein powders make you more acidic.

In the past I had experienced eating tons of protein powder and all it did make me bloated with gas and diarrhea.

You see, this was before I got certified as a Certified Personal Trainer by The National Academy of Sports Medicine. This was before I got certified as Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

So I did not buy into the theories that they were teaching as I was getting certified. I was not brainwashed because I already knew the truth.

You will never find a Personal Trainer that will recommend that you do not take protein powders. If you want to lose weight I do not recommend it. If you do not want digestive problems, I do not recommend it.

The reason that I do not recommend it is because I do not work in a gym. I do not think it is healthy to eat protein powder and I will not get fired if I do not meet the sales quota of selling it among other supplements.

“Personal Trainers” that work in a gym would instantly get fired if they were to even think what I am telling you here. Trust me.

In my early career as a Personal Trainer I applied to a few gyms. The main focus of the interview was “How good are you at sales ???” Same story every gym.

It really pissed me off that not a single person asked me if I was any good at getting people results.

Right off the bat I said to myself this is not for me. I am not going to be forced into selling people supplements that I honestly do not recommend.

If you are not getting results with your trainer it is because all the training in the world is not going to correct the condition of an over acidic and toxic body.

All the exercise in the world is not going to clean out your digestive tract and get rid of rotting food residue.

In my opinion, protein powder is only going to add to the problem. Try cutting out the protein powder for a while and see if you do not start feeling better. I know I did!

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The Five Basic Benefits of a Detox Diet

Giving your body the right type of food is not always possible in today's environment and our every day busy lifestyle. As much as some of us are trying to avoid toxins and preservatives of what we are aware of is a task that can unknowingly be achieved one 100 percent.

Over-processed food and sweet beverages are the two most harmful foods most people consume every day. In contrast, eliminating those two would be the most powerful strategy in controlling your health and weight. As well there are many other things most people are not aware of, such as ongoing medication, overload of antibiotics, household cleaners, personal care products, pesticides etc. just to mention a few.

It is important to understand that our overall wellbeing is not only linked to nutrition. There are other things at play that bring our body to a stage of being overloaded with many wrong things. Therefore, there are good reasons for detoxification, so let's look at some of the benefits of a detox diet.

Detoxification Explained in Short!

Detox diets are gaining a lot of attention these days. More and more people are turning to it because of its many benefits. So if you are wondering whether to join those on this diet, the information below will be useful. But let me give you some definitions first. The word detox is an abbreviation for detoxification which means removal of dietary and environmental toxins from your body. A detox diet is for the purpose to remove all toxins caused from wrong food intake. This type of diet has many benefits as you can see below.

Weight Loss

One of the reasons why you may consider a detox diet is the need to lose weight. Since this diet lays a lot of emphasis on nutritionally rich food plus exercising, you will definitely lose weight when on a detox eating plan. With the many problems associated with weight gain, it is important to put preventive measures in place.

It is generally known that sugary drinking, such as sodas causes weight gain and contributes to many other far-reaching health problems. Soft drinks in general contain phosphoric acids plus a very high sugar contend. Fore the same reason most fruit juices of the shelves should also be avoided as much as possible. Changing your diet to a detox one may well prove the best decision you made in your life.

Cleansing the Body

Accumulation of caffeine, pesticides, preservatives and sugar in the body makes the body system toxic. These substances can lead to problems including aches, lethargy, water retention, as well as weight gain among other health problems. It is because of this switching to a diet which cleans the body of these substances is necessary. Do not wait until the problems set in your life to make that decision, decide today to shift from your diet.

Gives You Energy

Another significant benefit of a detox diet is the supply of energy which sustains your body for a long time unlike when you consume sugar rich and too many caffeinated drinks. Any one on this diet plan usually eats the right kind of foods which are efficient and effective energy sources. Moreover, as a fitness program is part of the diet plan, your endorphin levels will increase. All these lead to a sustained massive energy plan.

Glowing and Better Complexion

A detox diet plan brings about what many facials offer. The skin becomes clearer and more luminous as a result of changing to this diet plan. This leads to a glowing skin, achieved by using a method that does not have any side effects. Water which is at the core of all detox plans is most important as your body needs to stay hydrated for a glowing skin. In addition, acne and pimples will fade from your skin for a better overall appearance.

Gives a Break to Digestive Organs

Many of us overwork our digestive organs especially the liver, the stomach and the intestines through the foods we eat. The result is digestive complications. Going for a detox eating plan once in a while can give those organs a break which is necessary for the continued efficient functioning. With all this benefits and many more, it is clear why many people are going for a detox diet. You too can gain a lot by joining the many whose lives have changed for the better.

Your changes of success in your health will increase by following a detox plan and getting the right information.

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Basic Facts About The Juice Cleanse

If you want to gain some information on cleanses, you need to learn about the basic facts related to them. Juicing is a very delicious process or way that can enable you to get the nutrients and vitamins that are required by our body. We do not needarily get these nutrients because it is not always possible to eat a healthy meal. The best juice cleanse has the facts as below.

It is not the best way that can be used to lose weight. According to many experts just by reducing your diet and limiting your intake to juices all the time is not always the best way to lose weight. In the initial stages, you will lose weight as you will be limiting the intake of your calories.

A 3 day juice cleansse is a good way to get some veggies and fruits. By drinking juices, you can save a lot of time and concentrate on other jobs in case you do not have any time for eating food. This can be termed as the major drawback of a particular juice cleanse.

These juice cleanses are not very filling. You may always be having a certain part of your stomach left unfilled and this can affect you at some point or the other.

They have numerous health benefits as well. They can keep you hydrated for a long period of time which means that you will not have to worry much about your health.

There is quite a lot of evidence that these cleanse help in the process of detoxification. You can get rid of all the impurities in your body just by drinking a juice cleanse. Any human body that consistors of impurities is prior to a lot of diseases. This means that it is essential to drink such cleanses that are not only healthy but also very delicious.

These cleanses can also make you look very good by enhancing your appearance. They are capable of helping you as far as your looks are concerned.

However these cleanse can be expensive. They might cost you a lot at some point of time which means that you must think about saving some money as well.

The above facts are associated with any time of cleansse and not only to a particular cleanse. You must be careful while selecting the type of cleanse you require in order to get the most out of it.

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Health Benefits of Taking Diatomaceous Earth and Activated Charcoal

Skin Conditions

A few weeks ago I went on a juice detox, to give my digestive system a break to see if it would help the eczema I had on my face and the seborrheic dermatitis I had on my scalp. When you give your digestive system a rest it frees up energy for repairing and healing the other parts of your body that need it.


Something I discovered was that skin conditions could be caused by systemic candida in the gut. I had candida before and did not want to go through the uber restrictive diet again, so looked online and found Diatomaceous earth was great for eliminating candida as its an internal cleanser, and was also good for skin, among other things.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is the fozzilised remnants of algae organisms called diatoms. It is 89% silica. It has a negative ionic charge and traps toxins, heavy metals, parasites, viruses and pathogens in it and then it passes through to be eliminated. It's a physical action not a chemical action. It draws the toxins towards it, it does not absorb it.

I started with one teaspoon (do not use a metal spoon) in water and built up to one tablespoon. I also used a straw because it tastes like drinking soap.

Diatomaceous Earth is also good for lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, it's good for skin, bones, hair and nails among other things. I've read lots of reviews online and it appears to be good for arthritis and joint pain as well. As its quite abrasive its better for your skin and hair when taken internally.

It can be bought cheaply at farming supply stores because it's good for the intestinal health of animals and pets, and also good for getting rid of fleas. That's actually why I bought it originally and I was facilitated I already had some.

Do not worry its perfectly safe, I know it sounds yuck because its used with animals, but its food grade. There is a Diatomacous Earth that's for swimming pools but you do not buy that one. It will say food grade on the label.

I am taking it 10 days on, 10 days off, for three months. Make sure you drink lots of water when taking this because it dries you out.

Activated Charcoal

Something I also decided to use, it's not vital though, is activated charcoal. It basically absorbs the Diatomaceous Earth and moves it through faster. With candida you can have die off as the organizations die, and that can cause flu like symptoms so it's a good idea to move it all through. I thought about using bentonite clay but someone advised me this was far superior.

I take two capsules at the same time as the Diatomaceous Earth. Make sure you take it at least an hour away from food or medication.

Let Me Know If You Take Either Of These !!

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