Probiotics and Digestive Health

So what are probiotics anyway? Digestive health and probiotics is topic which many people are discussing these days. Do you know what is going on in your body regarding total digestive health as it concerns your digestive tract? Even if you are eating the healthiest diet, if your digestion is not doing well, then your body will not be doing well. Your body will not be able to completely process all of the valuable nutrients from those foods so that your digestive health is functioning at the optimum potential and your body is getting the nutrients to the right places.

Micro-organisms which naturally occur are called probiotics. It's vital for total body health for you to have the right amount of probiotics in your digestive tract. It's important for micro flora balance in your intestinal tract and this Promotes a healthy and normal intestinal function. For proper digestion, probiotics need to be regularly introduced into your system. The intestines are the place for the magic happens. That's where the majority of the digestion happens. We need to remember that proper digestive health is vital to complete body wellness.

So what's so special about probiotics and how specifically do they play a part in your body's digestive health? Did you know that the majority of immune cells in your body are within your digestive tract? The main benefit of probiotics is that they assist in the maintenance of keeping your intestines in balance. This in turn promotes a healthy immune system and proper digestion.

When your digestive health is good and your digestive system is on track, healthy digestion occurs and nutrients are absorbed into your body. All of the cells, tissues and organs in your body will thank you for the attention you pay towards facilitating proper digestive health. When your body is able to properly digest food and nutrients from the food is able to be absorbed by your body, you'll be living at optimal health.

There are instances when daily stresses and other changes to your routine can upset your system. There are natural solutions to help in supporting a healthy digestive system, restoring your body's natural digestive balance and helping to protect against those occasional digestive upsets. It's highly important that you get the right probiotic which will allow your body to be in complete health. What type of probiotic does this? One that has a good percentage of live culture or living organizations-it's very important for these living organizations to be delivered directly to your intestinal tract.

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What Is Detoxification And What Role Do Foot Pads Play In The Process?

One of the newest health trends in recent years is “detoxification.” You've probably seen it on the news, in health food stores, in magazines, and even online. The idea is that over time we get certain toxins in our bodies that are hard to get rid of, and which can have a negative impact on our health. These can include things like mercury and lead.

Detoxification is the process by which we try to eliminate these toxins from our bodies. There are various methods available to do this, including with prescription drugs, various herbs, and detox foot patches.

The foot patches stick to your feet and are applied before bed. They have two main functions: first, they stimulate acupressure points on your feet which can increase blood flow, and second, they remove toxins through the skin which collect on the patches that are discarded in the morning. You will find that they are covered in a thick, tarry, gross substance the next morning. The patches are designed to be used for a few days to a few weeks at a time until they stop turning dark brown over night. You may find that after a while, they are much lighter in the morning. When this happens, you can stop using them until you feel the need to do it again. They can be applied to the arch, heel, or ball of the foot. Some people report that when they use all 3 areas like this, certain patches get darker than others, so you may want to experiment and see what works best for you.

It's also a good idea to take steps to limit the amount of toxins that you consume. This can include obvious things like, if you smoke, cutting back or quitting. Drinking less soda and more water may be a good idea, and also watching the amount of processed foods that you eat.

Often we do not realize how many toxins we are exposed to. Even if you try to live a clean life, you can not avoid them all. For example, other people smoking around you (second hand smoke), eating certain types of fish (mercury), and being exposed to some paints used in some coffee mugs and dishes (lead).

The patches are made without chemicals or artificial substances. As with anything health related, your efforts to become healthy will be most effective if you focus on body and mind simultaneously.

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A Quick Look At Detox Foot Pads And How To Use Them

If you pay attention to health-related topics, you may have come across a mention of toxins and how they can negatively affect your body. “Toxins” refers to anything that is toxic to the health of your body, and can include things like the various chemicals found in processed food, and heavy metals such as lead (found in some paints) and mercury (found in certain fish). In fact, you may have seen mercury in fish being discussed on the news recently along with a list of fish to avoid.

Over time, these toxins can accumulate in our bodies and cause us a variety of issues. Lead, for example, can be distributed throughout the body. It can damage red blood cells which can affect their ability to carry oxygen, and can also end up in the bone and prevent the absorption of calcium.

Foot detox pads are a way of detoxifying some of these toxins through the skin. Remember that your skin is the largest organ in the body.

Their use is simple. You place them on the soles of your feet before you go to bed, and then 8-10 hours later when you get up, simply remove them. They are applied to the feet before bed so they can do their job undisturbed. They can really be applied anywhere, but the soles of the feet are best because that area is undisturbed during the night. And there is nothing special about nighttime, but consider if you were to wear them during the day while walking around; they might get moved around or come off.

The next morning, remove the pads and you may see a tarry substance covering them. According to their literature, this “gunk” has been analyzed by laboratories and shown to contain various toxins dropped from the body.

The standard procedure is to wear a new pair of pads every night for a few days to a few months. It is commonly reported that in the beginning, the pads will be very dirty the next morning, but over time you will wake up to find they are only light brown. At this point, the cleanse is considered complete, and you can stop wearing them until it is time for the next session. The pads only turning light brown in the morning is suggestive that the detoxification has been successful.

If you are interested in detoxification, you may also want to take other steps to attempt to minimize the amount of toxins you consume.

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A Brief Introduction to Detox Foot Patches: How Do They Work?

As we go through life, we accumulate toxins in our body. These can come from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, or even physically from our environment, and can include heavy metals such as lead (from paint) or mercury (from certain types of fish). Although your body has a good method for eliminating toxins, from time to time it may need a little extra help.

You may have seen foot detox pads for sale at the market or at health stores. These pads are designed to help your body rid itself of the toxins that accumulate during our everyday activities in a natural way that does not require any drugs or medicines.

Each patch is applied to the bottom of the feet before bed and removed in the morning. You put them on at night rather than during the day because at night you're not on your feet and the patches will not be disturbed as they would have you wearing them while walking around all day. The patches contain various ingredients that pull toxins and impurities out of the body through the feet in addition to increasing circulation and stimulating certain acupressure points. The patches are also all natural and contain no synthetic ingredients.

The following morning when you remove the patches, you will find they are covered with dark brown or gray gunk. It is recommended that you continue to wear them nightly until you notice that they stop turning brown or black and instead turn a light brown, which may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Many people experience improved mood and energy levels when this occurs which is understandable if your body is unhealthy.

Remember that taking steps to become healthy often works best when done in conjunction with other healthy things, much like how changing your diet to lose weight is best when you also exercise. If you're concerned about reducing the toxins in your body, start paying attention to what you eat and what you put in your body. Do you smoke? Do you exercise? Do you drink a lot of soda and eat a lot of processed foods? Detoxifying your body is not going to be as effective if you continue to consumer junk. That would be like going to the gym and running a few miles and then stopping at a fast food place on the way home. Do not undo your efforts!

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The Stress Response: Fight/Flight/Freeze

There are many reasons in this day and age why we are called to detox our body systems:

– Physical toxins: herbicides, pesticides, chemical additives & preservatives in our food
– Pollution / carbon monoxide in the air we breathe
– Too many stimulants in our diet: sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs & prescribed medication
– Household products & toiletries full of carcinogens
– Etc, etc, etc.

This list can go on and on into geological, environmental, and technological pollutants also.

Some of these pollutants we can control to a certain extent, what and how much we ingest, others, we can not. However, the most important, the most damaging, the aspect we can have the greatest level of discipline around, and what we are concerned with here, is STRESS.

The levels of stress and tension we live with, today, are second to nothing we have ever experienced before through history. We are living longer and we have less physical demands on our bodies in terms of labor and hard work. We can cure many diseases and disorders which in the past would have been fatal. We are experiencing technological advances far and above anything we could have ever imagined. We even understand stress better now more than ever. So why are not we coping with the stressors of everyday life? How can we live with this level of stress and still live life to our optimum potential?

The truth is most people are living in a state of fight or flight, most of the time. This stress response is a normal reaction to a threat or an immediate extreme stress or life threatening situation. It is an aspect of the Central Nervous System (CNS), known as the Sympathetic Nervous System and a branch of the Atomic Nervous System (ANS), which means we have no conscious control over when it is activated, it just happens as a natural response in these conditions.

In a state of fight or flight a number of things happened physiologically as the body prepares for action:

• Increases strength of skeletal muscles – creates muscular tension
• Decreases digestion and digestive secretions
• Reduces intestinal movement – poor elimination
• Increases heart rate – heightens blood pressure
• Increases sugar and fat levels
• Inhibits tears
• Relaxes the bladder
• Dilates pupils
• Increases perspiration
• Increases mental activity
• Inhibits erection / vaginal lubrication
• Dilation of bronchi in the lungs – shallowness of breathing
• Constricts most blood vessels but dilates those in heart / leg / arm muscles
• Activity of adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands

In a stressful situation the hypothalamus activates the pituitary gland which in turn causes the adrenals to react and release cortisol a hormone which raises the blood pressure and releases fats and sugars from the tissues to mobilize muscle activity. Prolonged arousal over a period of time can cause reduced immune system function and hypertension.

The pituitary also activates the thyroid to produce thyroxin a hormone which increases the metabolic rate, increases blood sugar levels, increases heart rate, blood pressure, intestinal spasms and shallow respiration. This is a major contributor factor to high levels of anxiety if caused over prolonged periods.

Now this is all very well and good in an stressful situation where the body feels threatened and needs to prime itself for action to either run away (adrenaline) or fight back (nor-adrenaline).

However, for most of us and for many decades, reacting to stressful situations with a fight or flight response has never been appropriate. If your parent, school teacher, or boss is taking a disciplinary action against you, it usually is not possible to get physical or run away. Sometimes people are held under physical arrest or exceeded with the possibility of being hurt.

In these cases, more often than not, what happens is we FREEZE. We swallow back feelings and emotions, our muscles are primed ready for action yet we have to remain still, so we go stiff, creating muscular tension, we hold our breath in fear and all the time whilst our heart is racing and blood, sugars and fats are raging round our body preparing for action.

Because of this repressed state, holding back unable to let go into the natural state our bodies were designed for, we are unable to efficiently discharge the full effects of what we have experienced. In the wild, and under “natural” circumstances, a body would shake quite violently in order to release the residue of adrenaline etc., so that it is eliminated through the normal processes. But usually, this too is inappropriate at school, home or in the work place, so the shake is also held back and tension sets in.

The process of this occurrence happens many times in a person's life, often on a daily basis, usually starting when we are young and powerless. We grow up then being “triggered” by any situation which reminds of how it felt to be vulnerable and through time we became hardened to the difficulties of life. We decide we are not going to allow ourselves to be hurt anymore; we put up barriers and forget how to be open, soft and vulnerable.

Because we live with this level of stress response, due to difficult interactions with people or things, and we are often unable to discharge the effects of the response in our bodies, we lose our natural innate ability to listen to our bodies needs and judge effectively .

The body also produces the same effects even when we do activities which should activate the relaxation aspect of the CNS, the parasympathetic nervous system, and yet, because we can not hear our natural rhythms and cycles, we do them in a stressful way. A few examples of this could be eating on the run (instead of “resting and digesting”) or relaxing in the evening while watching something stressful on the television such as the news or suspense filled thrillers.

There are many actions and activities we engage in today which create an over production of stress response hormones in the body. Many of those are potentially relaxed activities yet done in a way which creates stress in the system.

The parasympathetic branch of the ANS is responsible for the regulation of internal organs and glands when the body is at rest. Relaxed bodily functions which should happen normally and are a process of letting go include:

– Salivation
– Digestion
– Defecation
– Urination
– Lacrimation (production of tears)
– Sexual arousal

So we move into adulthood, unable to let go. Many of us can not cry, digestion is shut down, elimination is difficult and sex drive is either lost or dysfunctional.

People there before turn to alcohol, to relax in the evening, and coffee to wake up in the morning. Food provides instant gratification as, due to the high levels of stress we are living with, there is little or no joy without these oral fixes, and letting go is almost impossible without some form of stimulation. We suffer from increased mental activity living in the past and looking to the future for pleasure, instead of experiencing the now. And these high stress levels over long periods cause hypertension, anxiety and depression.

Yet, all is not lost. There are many, many ways in which we can improve on our stress levels and over active minds and bodies. It takes a dipline in the early days, but soon you will find that every little helps and your body will be craving more of what is good for you.

– Eating fresh foods
– Organic wherever possible
– Cutting down on toxic overload
– Regular exercise: yoga, walk or dance
– Adding a daily relaxation and meditation

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Good Colon Cleansing Ways

Intestines and colon are part of our body system and keeping it clean is a health benefit to us. Using a colon cleanse is a good mechanism in making our body healthy. Cleansing will help get rid of accumulated wastes from the intestines. A natural cleansing supplement is a good element in eradicating chronic ailments which may at times end up affecting your intestinal tract. A colon cleansing kit will always contain digestive enzymes, probiotic and certain herbs which are useful when it comes to kill harmful bacteria and parasites which may not be good for our health.

Cleansing will help reduce stagnation in the alimentary canal and this is important as it speeds the continuous movement of the waste products from the body. This will help remove the stagnant material from the colon and the entire alimentary tract. This entire process should be methodical and systematic such that you exactly know what you are doing or is about to do. It is good to go for the option which suits you best as different people react differently to certain conditions. These options may include colonic irritation, oxygen cleanses and fiber cleanses among many very others.

Oxygen cleansing entails the use of natural power of oxygen which is used to dissolve the fecal and prevent any from being stuck in the colon. We can also opt for the option of colonic irrigation which includes the use of an instrument which is inserted into the rectum and this will result in flashing the whole colon with fluid. Another one is the clay cleansers which are mainly used to absorb certain drugs and help the colon remain healthy. Many people may not know the importance of colon cleansing but with the help of doctors, we can clearly understand why it is important to cleanse the colon. This can be done sparingly as too much use of the cleansers may result in poor intestinal muscle tone. It has also been found that these cleansers may cause weakness in the bowels such that you may not be in a position to move the bowels without their aid. Depletion of vital electrolytes which include the potassium may be hampered with. This may bring problem in bone formation as potassium is a good nutrient in making our bones strong.

Another great mechanism of colon cleansing coming from the kinds of foods that we consume. Diet and fasting helps in making sure that our colon is good. These may include lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and these have been found to be good cleansers as they also help by removing toxins from our body resulting to healthy body at all times. One more mechanism to use is the fiber based cleanses which works by bulking up as it travels and this helps by sweeping the intestines clean. Above all colon cleansing is a good mechanism for removing toxins and promoting healthy standards by boosting energy thereby making you energetic at all times. This is a good platform for enhancing your immune system.

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Quicksilver – Amalgam Fillings

All those sugary drinks have taken their toll on your teeth and you're starting to get a bit of toothache. So you do what most people do and go and see the dentist. The rotten part of the tooth is drilled out and more than probably an amalgam filling in used to plug the gap. All sounds familiar right?

Do you know exactly what it is in that amalgam filling?

It's made from around 50% mercury along with silver, tin and copper. The mercury gives the filling pliability as well as allowing it to set up quite quickly.

It's a fairly cheap and durable solution to filling teeth but at what cost to your health does this pose.

Mercury is a highly toxic substance and it has already been banned in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In fact mercury in the most toxic, non radio-active substance on earth except plutonium. The side effects and illnesses are closely resembling the symptoms of mercury poisoning.

Reproductive problems such as infertility, difficulty in conceiving and early menopause are all symptoms of mercury exposure

Hormonal related complaints, and neurological issues such as Multiple Sclerosis, Attention Deficit Disorder and memory loss are also attributed to mercury.

Amalgam fills really do last a long, long time, but the real problem is that mercury vapor will continue to leak from the tooth for as long as you have that filling.

This begs the question Why?

Why are we using one of the most toxic substances know to man an allowing him to be exposed to that toxicity round the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year, year after year?

The immune system is under constant attack from this horrific toxin and its no wonder a catalog of illness can follow.

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks and compulsive disorders can all affect the mental wellbeing of a person as well as respiratory complaints like COPD and asthma as the mercury vapor is constantly inhaled.

I know it probably is a bit of a cliché to mention cancer related illnesses here, but with one of the most harmful substances being used in our bodies it is no surprise that it is suspected of playing a part in all forms of cancer as well as heart disease.

Oral complications arise from having amalgam fillings with one such ailment being Lichen Planus, which I myself have been diagnosed with. I am in the process of having my fillings replaced which does not come cheap, but what price your health right?

Removing the old fills in problematic also, with not only vapor but small particles posing a hazard not only to the patient but also the dentist.

Mercury is nasty stuff, so why on earth are we still using it?

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How a Health Retreat Can Help To Heal Your Body and Mind

Many people can see the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, and vow to avoid stress, eat a more nutritious diet, give up smoking, reduce their levels of alcohol take, take up some sport or lose weight, but never quite get around to it . One great way to kick start a new and healthy lifestyle is to take part in a health retreat.

Health retreats are designed to rejuvenate and heal the body as well as the mind. There are many health retreats through the world that offer you a unique opportunity to take yourself away from the outside world and relax in an environment that will introduce a new and healthier way of living. Health retreats offer a combination of organic food diets, health education, yoga, meditation, colon care, spa treatments, fasting and detox all of which will promote good health, assist in weight loss and help with ailments such as diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other conditions.

The beginning of health retreats started thousands of years ago. Some have surviving examples that can still be seen today in places such as Bath in the UK. Bath sits above active hot springs and is where the Romans established a bath house. There is a town in Belgium called Spa that is thought to be where the word 'spa' came from as it was also a popular Roman health retreat.

Today many people opt to use their vacation time to take part in a health retreat although some have initially found the experience rather daunting. Giving control of the basics of life, such as when and what to eat, where to sleep and your daily activities to strangers is understandably concerned. However, many people who have taken that first step and understood that they are taking a journey have enjoyed tremendous health benefits, kicked unhealthy habits and addictions and return year after year for a few weeks of much needed rest and rejuvenation.

A health retreat is an excellent way to find out how to introduce healthy food choices into your life and to learn the health benefits of whole, raw and organic foods. Organic food is the fastest growing segment of the agricultural economy as people become more aware of what they are consuming and have a growing awareness of the residues of pesticides and antibiotics found in mass produced food, not to mention food poisoning resulting from dirty slaughter houses, contaminated feeds and diseased animals.

What we eat has a comprehensive effect on our health, our sense of well-being and even our appearance. Learning how to integrate healthy food choices into your diet can have both immediate and long term effects on your spirit, mind and body.

When you take part in a health retreat located in a tropical climate you will enjoy the added benefits of being in warm weather with lush vegetation and, of course, have access to vitamin-rich local foods in a location where everyone around you wishes to take the same journey away from the day to day temptations of life.

Whatever you have major health concerns, would like to change your lifestyle completely or just give your body a well deserved vacation you can be sure there is a program at many health retreats around the world that is sure to suit you.

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What Is Colonics and How Can It Improve Your Health?

Colonic irrigation can play a key role in detoxing and fasting at a heath retreat. It is the process of flushing your bowel with water and other substances to rid your body of harmful toxins that have built up over years of a less than perfect lifestyle.

During a colon cleansing or colonic irrigation procedure, water mixed with herbs or other liquids is injected into the colon via tubes that pass though the rectum and often are accompanied by dietary supplements and natural laxatives. Although colonic irrigation is often used to treat constipation it can have health benefits for anyone who wishes to enjoy a feeling of wellbeing and cleanse their body.

Excess mucus is produced when the colon is trying to protect itself from irritations caused by a bad diet, chemicals, stress, drugs and other toxic substances. When this mucus binds with sludge from processed and refined foods it causes a build up on the walls of the bowel and reduces the size of the normal passage faeces pass through. Not only does this build up add weight to the body, it can lodge in pockets found naturally in the bowl and provide an excellent place for harmful organizations to call home. Nutrients are absorbed through the bowel that, when its function is diminished, can lead to ill health and a diminished lifestyle.

A great way to combat this is by fasting, this allows the colon a time of rest. Taking herbs and clays can help the bowel to clear but it is the colonic irritation treatment that flushes away the toxins that are released during a fast. At most health retreats colonic treatments are self-administered after you have been giving full instructions. Water, that can be mixed with coffee, herbs or other health beneficial liquids, is gravity fed into the colon via a small bore tube that is inserted into the anus. Usually you choose how much of the liquid is allowed to enter the colon as well as when it is released. The in and out flow, combined with abdominal massage, assists in removing the build up from your colon.

Although this process can sound frightening, it can relate some of the side effects of fasting that can feel rather inconvenient. Far from being part of the process that faster's dread, it becomes part of the process that is most looked forward to. The process of colonic irrigation takes around half an hour and although there are not really any side effects some feel as if they have a slight cold or headache due to a small amount of the toxins being reabsorbed into the body. This passes very quickly and with a few further treatments a sense of wellbeing will prevail.

As well as the detox benefits, colonics will give you a flatter stomach, increase your energy, give you glowing skin and reduce the symptoms of IBS and bloating. It will also leave you feeling positive and relaxed, it aids in the elimination of parasites, improves your digestion, improves the absorption of nutrients, improves mental awareness and gives relief from constipation.

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Use Oil Pulling During Chemotherapy

Oil pulling is a practice I learned about in 2008 from my raw food coach. I purchased unrefined sesame oil and started the practice each morning regularly as I transferred into a raw food lifestyle. It is a practice that is simple and easy to start for good oral health and detoxification of the body.

The process of oil pulling involves putting a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and swishing it around your teeth for about 2 to 5 minutes. Make sure you push, pull and draw the oil through the teeth. Then spit out the oil in the sink and rinse your mouth with water afterwards. When the oil in your mouth becomes white and foamy, it is an indicator that the toxins and bacteria have been removed. Make sure you do not swallow the oil mixture at any time.

Some benefits of oil pulling include:

  • whiter teeth
  • boost in energy
  • reduced joint pain
  • relieved bleeding or inflated gums
  • preventing bad breath
  • complete body detoxification

It is an ancient technique with roots in Ayurvedic medicine that is used by many to deal with health ailments. Some common oils used for this practice include sesame or sunflower oil. Coconut or cold-pressed oils may be used as well. When the oil mixes with the saliva, it pulls out the bacteria and toxins from the body. I would suggest starting oil pulling on a regular basis for a couple of weeks. And then incorporated it into your lifestyle maybe a few days a week.

When you start gargling with oil for the first time, you will see results right away. The first sign of that the practice is working – is the build of mucous in the throat region. Mucous is easily expelled after a session of swishing oil in your mouth, along with a complete rinsing of the mouth with water.

The best time of day to do oil pulling is on an empty stomach and before breakfast. It is a activity you can do after you brush your teeth.

For those undergoing chemotherapy, I would highly recommend that you implement oil pulling about 3 times a day after a chemo session for about 3 days. When I was undergoing chemotherapy, oil pulling prevented mouth sores and removed all the toxins from the chemicals in my mouth right away. The traditional route after a chemo session is gargaling with salt water, but oil pulling is 10 times better and you will see amazing results.

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Adrenal Fatigue: A 21st Century Dis-Ease

The adrenal glands are 2 round glands which sit above the kidneys, located just under the bottom of the ribs, about 3-4 inches apart.

These small but perfectly formed glands play the most important role in our relationship to, our experience of and our copying mechanisms when it comes to stress.

They produce a number of hormones essential to life, the central nervous system and particular the fight / flight / freeze response.

The hormones produced by the adrenals include: adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, cortisol, estrogens, testosterone, progesterone, and DHEA.

These hormones regulate many of the bodies many activities, in particular, and relevant here, adrenaline and cortisol which, as a branch of the sympathetic autonomic nervous system, which activates in our response to a threat: stress.

Physiologically what occurs during this activation to stressful stimuli is an increased production of glucose or sugar in the blood which raises the blood pressure and produces an increase of energy to the extremities of the body, the muscles, which primes the system ready to run away or fight back.

Symptoms of Low Adrenals are:

– Extreme Tiredness / Exhaustion
– Irritability
– Difficulty sleeping or sleep too much
– Poor circulation
– Poor digestion
– Low blood pressure
– Low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemic)
– Apathy / Depression
– Low self esteem
– Low stamina
– Low sex drive
– Muscle weakness
– Joint aches & pains
– Tendency to constipation
– Low immune response to fight infection
– Extreme thirst and / or urination
– And more.

The main causes for adrenal fatigue can be:

Excessive Stress: High levels of any number of repeating stressors can have a depleting effect on our adrenal glands. Physical stress from chemical toxicity and pollutants especially when coupled with poor nutrition has a physically depleting effect on the adrenals. As well as mental, emotional or spiritual stress which may come from family, relationships or work related issues. Excessive stimulation, especially for children, working too hard and fast-paced, fear-based, high-stress lifestyles are common causes. Other stressors, especially living in cities can be noise, mobile phones, electromagnetic pollution, microwaves, televisions, and computers which all give off strong electrical fields and disrupt our own natural electromagnetic fields.

Nutritional Deficiencies: Another common cause is poor nutrition. The body requires far greater levels of adequate nutrition when under high levels of stress. A diet high in carbohydrates and low in protein can have a very depleting effect on already over worked adrenal glands. Most diet are deficient in foods which nourish the adrenals. These include B-complex vitamins, vitamin A, C & E, manganese, zinc, chromium, selenium and other trace minerals. The growing of foods, preparation and transportation all add to the level of nutrition our foods hold. Most soil is depleted of essential trace minerals and further processing and refinement of foods leaves our food at an all time low nutritionally.

Stimulants: Stimulants are sited as one of the main causes to damage adrenal activity. Coffee, sugar and alcohol are among the most common stimulants which literally “whip” the adrenals of their vital hormonal activity. Legal and recreational drugs or stimulants also play a part in forcing our adrenals to over-perform at appropriate times day and night. Other over-stimulating behaviors such as anger, rage, arguing, worrying, loud music, and even movies with high levels of suspense or fear can affect over-worked adrenals negatively. In fact, any “thrilling” activity from over exercising exercise to sex addiction, which produces a temporary “high”, can force the adrenals to over-produce and secret hormones when they should be resting. Over time this weakens the adrenal glands and leads to fatigue and indeed burnout.

Stimulant use can also be as a result of adrenal burn-out: Stimulants often look very appealing to those who are in a state of adrenal burnout already. These stimulants act to lift a person in a state of burnout for a short amount of time, allowing them to feel better temporarily. This is what adds to addictive behaviors and because often it can be so difficult to break these habits. It is safe to say that most people with an addiction to anything including cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, sex, anger or legal or recreational drugs has some level of adrenal insufficiency.

Other causes can be:

– Toxic or Chemical Overload
– Chronic Infections
– An unhealthy response to stress

If you think you are suffering from any or all of the above, then you might like to know what you can do to improve on this depleted state.

1) The first and best step in to start with a detoxification process.
A simple yang based diet, 70% protein, 7% complex carbs, 5% good fats, 0% refined / fast food)
3) 6 or 7 mineral supplements. You may consider hair mineral analysis.
4) Lots of rest
5) Regular relaxation and meditation daily.
6) Shifts in your mental attitude: forgiveness, letting go, positive attitude, gratitude, spirituality and prayer all speed up the healing tremendously.

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The Many Benefits of Seaweed in Anti-Aging, Detoxification and Maintenance of Health

Whole organic seaweed products are a powerful blend of raw whole seaweed and natural ocean constituents. The integrity of whole seaweed is maintained by gentle processing, carefully retaining all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins captured deep within the plant.

Anti-Aging Skincare

The application of organic seaweed skin products will assist in the delay of the aging process. The harvested seaweeds are rich in amino acids that firm and renew tissues and fatty acids to increase fluidity of cellular membranes and to reduce inflammation. Sea kelps contain 100-200 times the concentration of the vitamins and minerals as land plants because they accumulate minerals directly from the ocean and concentrate them within their plant structures. All of these anti-aging minerals and vitamins are readily available in the product.

Organic seaweeds are beneficial for use on any skin type or concern – even for acne, because the antiseptic and nutrient-rich properties will clean and regenerate the skin without over-drying it.

Sea Therapy for Detoxification and Maintenance of Health

Our blood retains the memory of ocean water from which our origins can be traced. In fact, human plasma is chemically close to ocean water, but in a more diluted form. Before antibiotics were created, people with respiratory diseases and inflammatory illnesses were sent to the ocean to breathe in the salt air and walk in the ocean water. Many coastal residents still practice this proven method of healing.

You may want to try seaweed salts for a detoxifying and re-mineralizing Thalassotherapy treatment for the bath. As well, there are seaweed body products available for everyday use. You may also want to indulge with a tea made from a combination of seaweeds, green and mint leaves, to achieve the full internal benefit of seaweeds.

In particular, the sea kelps are a potent source of iodine; in fact, they contain thousands of times more iodine than any land plant. Iodine has been used for centuries to detoxify toxic substances from the body. Iodine compounds have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels and improve metabolism, reverse fibrocystic breast disease, lower the incidence of breast cancer, improve symptoms of fibromyalgia and migraine headaches, ease menopausal symptoms, and help regulate endocrinal disorders such as hypothyroidism. Notably, a very powerful antioxidant in the brown kelp seaweeds is fucoidan. Fucoidan has been scientifically proven to enhance immunity and cellular health, AND eliminate cancer cells from the body, naturally! Not only does fucoidan stimulate the death of certain cancer cells, but it is effective in slowing the growth and spread of such cells.

Furthermore, it has been proven that seaweed stimulates and improves blood and lymph circulation. The anti-inflammatory seaweeds revitalize and firm the skin while re-establishing natural moisture levels. Through the process of oxygenation and detoxification, unwanted toxic substances in the skin are dissolved, which reduces the appearance of cellulite.

It is my joy to work with seaweed products in my therapeutic services and I invite you to find out more by viewing my Facebook page or contacting me by email.

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Herbs As a Holistic Health Practice

A holistic view of health looks at the individual components of the person and recognizes the health of each of those components. When the individual parts are healthy the sum of the parts work as a healthy integrated whole. Broadly speaking holistic health sees the human as the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual being. Addressing each component and improving each component creates a balanced flow toward perfect health.

Breaking down the physical health into its components – nutritional food, clean water, natural medicine, macro nutrients, micro nutrients, exercise, and oxygen – then are key elements to a more perfect health. In holistic health, organic whole and raw foods are a means to healthy organs (liver, gallbladder, heart and intestines). Clean, pure water in sufficient amounts keep cells working efficiently. And the absolute avoidance of toxic chemicals in household cleaning products, fertilizers, water, and food provides a cleaner, healthy physical body. The physiology of a toxin free physical body has a greater chance of a disease-free life span.

To maintain a holistic, healthy body takes personal responsibility. It takes commitment because it requires discipline. After all, we are what we eat, breathe, believe, think and say. One discipline in holistic health practices is the integration of herbs as a way of life – a lifestyle choice of achieving holistic health.

The human body is complex. Add to it the fast-paced lives we live, herbs can be beneficial in keeping our bodies in balance. Herbs are food with medicinal properties. A common holistic health practice is detoxification. Herbs, easily utilized by the body, effectively detoxify the tissues and cells in the body.

Detoxification programs target the elimination organs of the human body – primarily the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic and blood systems. The detoxification or cleansing releases stored chemicals and toxins from the body.

In holistic health, the detoxification process generally follows the order of bowel cleansing, blood and lymphatic system detoxification and finally liver and kidney detoxification.

There are many herbs that have detoxification abilities. Herbs are categorized by their specific function. Knowing and understanding these functions help in the decision of the right herb for the target organ to be detoxified. Some examples of herbal functions are:

• Cathartic herbs induce bowel elimination and often stimulate bile secretion. Rhubarb and senna are cathartic herbs.
• Stimulant herbs such as ginger root, cayenne pepper and horseradish increase circulation, thereby assisting in the overall process of cleansing.
• Alterative herbs assist in cleansing and purifying the blood which supplies life to all cells, tissues and organs. Burdock, dandelion, cat's claw and red clover are alterative herbs.

Longevity medicine indicates a healthy immune system as a key to a long life. To have a well-functioning immune system, the colon must be as clean as possible. The liver plays an important role is protecting our health and when it becomes overburdened with toxins, many health problems can arise. The liver regulates blood sugar, energy production and hormone production and regulation. Cleansing our organs improves the health and well-being of the whole body.

Holistic health practitioners utilize herbs in the treatment of cleansing the organs to increase the possibility of a well-functioning physical body. The organs work together as a whole and yet must perform exceptionally as an individual part of the whole.

Herbs have a rich history of thousands of years in playing a role in the maintenance of a healthy body.

Care should always be taken in selecting and using herbal treatments. The use of herbs can be contraindicated with other supplements or medication being taken. Always consult with someone who is properly trained in using herbs before beginning any detoxification program.

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The Four Pillars of Addiction

Here are four situations you may be familiar with and may have led yourself or someone you know to dependency of drugs or alcohol without the individual not recognizing their addictive behavior.

Maria, forty seven, has always enjoyed a couple glasses of wine with dinner. She was a mother of three and felt that the alcohol helped her relax after a long day of choirs, of shuttling the kids to school, soccer practice, and piano lessons. When Maria turned forty nine, her mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer, s disease and moved in with the family. That's when she started to have a couple glasses of wine while preparing the meal in addition to a couple glasses during the meal. Sometimes it became that she would have drunk the entire bottle before finishing cooking the meal and then opens another bottle during the meal. She never felt drunk or out of control so she did not realize it was becoming a problem. Her husband expressed his concern about her drinking. She would reply that it was the “added stress” of her mother in law being there to justify her actions.

Rita, thirty three, hated the way she looked. Since high school she has been a binge eater, her late night refrigerator raids added about ten pounds a year to her five foot three frame. She weighs 270 pounds and felt there was nothing she could do about it blaming it on her genetics.

RJ, twenty, wanted to go to law school but his college grades were not good enough. Feeling this was due to lack of concentration he went to a doctor to be evaluated and was diagnosed with having attention deficit disorder. So he started taking his friends medications which allowed him to focus better and save him the ability to stay up later at night working on his dreams. His grades improved but he was feeling the effects of the medication. He becomes addicted to the medications.

Jake, thirty, doing quite well, owned an internet business making lots of money. Then things took a turn for the worst and he was not doing as well. He became addicted to cocaine and alcohol. All four of them have something in common near their addictions. They were all searching for excuses for their addiction when in fact there is usually more than one reason. Usually there are a number of factors involved. In Maria's case, it was not just the mother in law; her husband had been diagnosed with reoccurring cancer. Her mother was getting a divorce; her hormones had increased her feelings of anxiety and irritability do to her menopause. Rita's case was low self esteem, continued binge-eating, low thyroid levels and sexual abuse when she was a teenager. RJ's many other obligations took him away from his school work. He was working for the school paper, family and social relationships and partying with his frat brothers all-night he was a member of the student political organization and trying to complete college in three instead of four years. It was too much for him. In Jake's case his family was alcoholics, dysfunctional, distanced and financially strained; he had no sense of purpose beyond making money. This had led him to his addictions.

There is usually more to the picture then just one reason for their addiction. It could be anything that affects them emotionally. Something that have happened in the past or something that is happening now they are trying to hide or run from. In most cases there is an under laying situation which leads to an addiction.

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What Is the Benefit Of Detoxifying Your Body?

Some bugs we can not escape from!

According to many reviewed scientific information, it is a way of cleansing your body of toxic wastes and bugs of which we become exposed to every day.

Just to look at some, there are environmental pollutants, pesticides, non-evacuated metabolic bodily waste, some of the food you eat, water you drink, medicines you take, even the air you breath.

Detoxification means removing harmful or poisonous substances from your body. There are many new microscopic bugs today that did not exist some years ago. Many of these unknown bugs mainly developed as our food chain changed over the years. Over-processed food, soft drinks, and when GMO (genetically modified organisms) got developed, detoxification became a larger issue.

The blame game!

There are toxins of modern life we ​​can not avoid. Those are building up in our body and could be destroying or damaging our health.

Ongoing studies have shown there are 80 to 90% of people in the western world that experience one or more diseases such as heart disease, stroke, arthritis, osteoporosis, emphysema and cancer.

Such life – running diseases can not just be blamed by saying they caused through old age or genes etc.

When is it necessary to detoxify?

One good reason for detoxification would be when someone was on a wrong diet for some time and is carrying those extra kilo's or pounds.

The symptom of constipation is often the first warning sign of toxic overload and parasite infection. These are signs of digestive problems, allergies, inflammatory or irritable bowls, aching or stiff joints, abdominal pain, gas and cramps, constipation and / or diarrhoea, fatigue or lethargy, headaches etc.

Some of those symptoms together are an unhealthy colon. A clean, healthy, quick-moving colon is the body's best defense against a build-up of parasites and toxic chemicals. Removing unhealthy toxic build-up trough regular bowel movement up to several times a day would be a natural way.

Warning: Do not use laxatives to promote this; that would be a classic example of the fox guarding the henhouse!

Not all detoxification programs are safe!

No one should just hop in and start detoxify because they have read or hear something about it. A severe detoxify program can become dangerous. This should only be done for serious health reasons and monitored by a professional person. Changing from a wrong diet to a good one is already a natural way of detoxifying:

  • Elimination of meat, fish, eggs, and processed foods containing pesticides, heavy metals, and stimulants like tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes for a few days from your diet can significantly reduce the toxic build-up in your body.
  • Consumption of purified water keeps the system hydrated and helps to flush out waste from the kidneys.
  • Fasting at least once a week regularly or subsisting on water and fruits along with fast releases the toxins and purifies the system. It rests the internal body organs as well.
  • Hydrotherapy by taking special types of baths or through sauna therapy opens the skin pores allowing for better detoxification. And the benefit of doing this: Losing weight naturally would be the reward and a bonus!

As your body discharges all the bad waste it is important at the same time to take a good natural supplement in a liquid form. This is best for quick absorption to get the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs as it detoxify.

For more information how to choose the best supplement to add to your daily diet, just follow the link below, info is free.

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