Managing Inflammation and Disease Is Key – Expanding Size Is a Product of Your Family

If you are structurally expanding, you can still maintain your health. Health is not about width or size. It is about balancing blood chemistries, feeling good, and not hurting. Fighting inflammation is the key to detoxification and preventing disease.

If you are struggling and feeling okay; maybe you are not quite happy. It's better to start now rather than later; especially if you are a lady. I started 10 years ago at 48. Thank goodness I found, and was able to feel and discern, which foods empower my body. I could actually feel the difference, when I would eat something “not on my list” and something “very beneficial”.

The journey is moving toward 60, and taking note of changes, that occurrence. I must make changes too, to accommodate the changes in my physique. Having the practice of figuring out what I need, gives me the power to make changes for the good. I can feel better immediately with just a few tweaks.

If you are hungry a lot, do not fear, the best foods for your genetics, will keep you healthy with great colon health. Do not be afraid to feed your hungry gene. Staying size 4 or 6 may create a situation, where you always hurt. Hurting is not a good thing either. Eat enough so as not to have to take pain pills.

I worked in a pharmacy for 4 years, and saw a couple of women who were taking class II narcotics for, fibromyalgia, osteo arthritis, or other pains. Please, please, let your body do what it needs to do, and feed it the way it needs to be fed, so you do not hurt. Being active in your community is essential to a “do it” person's personality. Not feeling valuable is the end. Do not give up !!

Food is the key, and understanding your genetics is key. Things change as we age. Maintain your skin, your hair your nails. Feed your body what it needs. It will perform when you feed it.

Figuring out what your body needs on a daily basis will accelerate your feeling of well-being. The free newsletter, gives practical help on what your body needs and how to combine the foods for GREAT colon health. As you age, your supplements may become more essential to your feeling of well-being. Each group is specifically made for your genes. It's easier to know what to take when it is specifically formulated for you. No guessing. Start out slow; see if you feel better. As you age, to get back to the same level of feeling good, you may want to add more nutritional support. I speak from experience. I used to supplement every 4 days, then every 3 days, then every other day. Now, it's every day. Start out slow.

The goal is to feel great!

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Do Colon Cleansers Work? What to Expect From These Products?

The first step towards achieving better health is to have the determination to do it and readiness to devote sufficient amount of effort and time on the task.

Colon cleansing has become a really popular body purifying method in recent years. Most products that are offered on the market to aid you in the process are advertised as almost magical and producing a quick and remarkable effect.

However, before opting for a particular one, it is worth asking the question:

Do colon cleansers work?

Just like with most questions in our lives there is not an exact answer to this one. The efficiency as well as the safe and beneficial use of a product depends on a number of different factors. That is why it is important to take into consideration a number of features and qualities all products should possess in order to answer the question “do colon cleansers work?”

Firstly, it is best if the product you are opting for is completely natural without any artificial ingredients whatever. The practice of colon cleansing is an ancient one and the herbs containing various chemical compounds have been proven to work through the ages.

Furthermore, you will be certain about your safety when using only natural high quality ingredients. Most cleansers are in a capsule form, so you do not have to worry about preparing teas and other mixtures. In this way the products really work best and help every busy modern person who needs to get rid of the waste and toxins compiled in his / her body.

In order to be able to give a positive answer to “do colon cleansers work” you will have to choose a product that is recommended by a medical professional, has a good rating and good customer reviews.

It is best to adopt a colon cleansing program in order to ensure the effects from this body purifying method will be beneficial and long lasting. Usually most colon cleanser products come with a complete guidance on how and when to take the home remedy capsules.

You should also complete the natural treatment with a healthy diet including plenty of high fiber foods. The drinking of enough water is also essential and exercising always helps the body to get rid of all the waste and toxins in the most natural of ways.

The best way to have an answer to the question “do colon cleansers work” is to try the one you have chosen yourself. The result you should expect is for your whole body to feel better. The bloating and sense of fullness will be gone. You will no longer have any problems with constipation. You will also lose weight.

All the organs of your body should also be cleansed from all the toxins and work much better. The chances of you suffering from serious medical conditions will also become lower. The beautifying effect will also be evident – a youngger looking and radiant skin, soft and strong hair, and fresh breath are just some of the benefits you can expect.

So, do colon cleansers work?

Yes, they do as long as you make the right choices.

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It’s NOT a Sugar Addiction, It’s a Candida Infection!

The real deal is that all the sugar we put into out bodies is used up in part, but where does the rest go? Wait! Do not start talking about your behind just yet! What I have to tell you is much more important than self-bashing, so let's put that off for the moment, OK?

I'm here to tell you a simple fact. Nothing is ever lost in the world. One woman's trash in another woman's treasure. This fact also holds true in our bodies. The extra sugar we eat serves as food for Candida Albicans, a kind of yeast naturally found in the human body.

These tiny little animals are no problem in normal numbers, but too many can result in different kinds of health issues, such as big cravings for cookies, candy, bread, and sweet fruits, digestive problems, skin issues (color spots, dryness, deep wrinkles, etc.), mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, depression and irritability. If you've been living with one or more of these problems for a large part of your life, you most likely are suffering from a Candida infection, not a sugar addiction!

Now take a moment to think about all your family members. Do you see some of these problems in your spouse or our children? Now's the time to do something about this before it really gets out of control!

What's there to do, you ask? Change a few key things in your daily routine and this little monster will stop eating you alive! Once the target has been found, the fastest and easiest solution usually involves use of vitamins and herbs as well as changing some foods, but the most important shift you will have to make is not about your body, it's about your mind.

We all love patterns. Yes, this also means you, the routine hater! What I'm talking about is the habit of eating comfort food even if we know better, or not sleeping enough for good (or bad) reasons … It's all about abuse, and that will have to stop for healing to take place.

Challenges are a part of life, and the largest rewards follow the most effort, be it physical, emotional or mental. Taking charge of a Candida infection will require mental strength to resist the cravings and push through the detox phase, emotional strength to put feelings as and keep the big picture of health and freedom in mind, and the physical strength to adapt to this better way of living.

Okay, now that we know what we're really dealing with, let's talk about what's to come: the detox phase (aka freedom!).

Let's be real honest, the best way to approach this life change is one step at a time. Here's what I mean: have you ever decided to stop eating your favorite sugar-coated cookies cold-turkey? How long did it last? Yeah, 'nuff said!

How about getting ready by really understanding what's going to happen in this new chapter of your life?

There are many ways to master Candida, but they all have these steps in common: eliminate the food Candida lives on (yes that means sugar, but do not cringe just yet, I'm no slave-driver and I love cookies as much as the next gal!), and rebuild your health to keep that little monster in it's rightful place.

Usually, starving the Candida yeast means cutting every type of sugar, if not removing sugar from your diet, but we're not on that diet, so no worries my friend!

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20 Reasons Why We Should All Be Taking Zeolite

Zeolites are minerals formed by volcanic action when lava comes into contact with seawater. It's structure is like a honeycomb with cavities and cages. Being one of the few minerals in nature that has a negative charge, it draws positively charged heavy metals and toxins to it like a magnet. These are folded into the cavities of the zeolite. Zeolites have been used for years in industry cleaning up radiocative spills, particularly Chernobyl, cleaning water supplies, and for absorbing toxic wastes.

The wonderful benefit to humans is that the toxic cleanup abilities of zeolite works incredibly well in our bodies too.

It works to absorb toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides from the body, toxins that can cause serious disease. The zeolite used for human health is Zeolite Clinoptilolite. In the past 15 years or so, knowledge of this amazing mineral has been made known in the western world, and it's use is growing rapidly as users to learn it's detoxification benefits.

The benefits are many. Our environment has become so polluted with daily contact to countless chemicals in our food, drinking water, air, cleaning products and cosmetics, and heavy metals such as mercury from our dental fillings that our body's toxic load has become critical in many cases. We carry on average over 200 toxins in our blood at any one time.

Manufacturer's that make these chemicals and pollutants will often state that they have passed tests for safety … and, to an extent, maybe they have.

But, one thing that they can never do and never will do is measure the cumulative effect of dozens and dozens of toxins together in the body. No wonder so many have compromised health these days, with many researchers concluding that up to 75% of all cancer may be due to toxins, along with fatigue, allergies and a long list of health conditions. Our toxic world is harming us more than we possibly realized.

Thankfully it's been discovered that the mineral zeolite can very effectively pull out of our bodies the harmful toxicity that has accumulated over the years, including heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, arsenic, even bacteria, viruses and allergens.

Thousands of people around the world have been taking zeolite daily and have had their long term health conditions, even serious diseases, reversed. It proves that when the toxicity is taken out of the body, the body can heal itself so much better.

Many health conditions have improved dramatically when zeolite has been introduced to the body.

The benefits of Zeolite

1. Helps support a healthy immune system

2. Helps remove heavy metals & toxins from the body

3. Helps balance pH levels in the body

4. 100% natural and non toxic

5. Safe for long term use

6. Simple to take and highly effective

7. Helps reduce discomfort in joints / other parts of the body

8. Helps stabilize energy levels

9. Helps reduce inflammation on skin

10. Affordable! Giving anyone access to taking charge of their health

11. Extremely safe and EASY to take

12. By reducing the toxic load to the liver allows the liver to remove pesticides, herbicides & dioxins, which have been linked to triggering cancer.

13. Reduces viral load

14. Helps to buffer blood sugar

15. Improves nutrient absorption

16. Helps prevent premature aging

17. Acts as a powerful antioxidant

18. Reduces symptoms of allergies

19. Can help improve the health of your family & friends

20. The easiest way to Detox your body

I personally take zeolite daily, and so do family members. The benefits and often swift positive results only go to prove it's amazing power in restoring and protecting health.

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How Serious Are Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms happen when a person who is addicted to alcohol suddenly stops consuming it. Because the alcoholic's body has been dependent to alcohol, immediate withdrawal will give negative side effects to the person's body system. This is the reason why you will see alcoholics starting to shake and stutter once the alcohol content in their body goes down. And in order for them to be normal, they have to consume more alcohol to replace the substance that was lost.

It has always been argued upon if withdrawal symptoms are life threatening or not. This to some degree has led some alcoholics to believe that quitting abruptly cause cause severe side effects or even their death. Of course this is a fallacy and it is just being used as an excuse to protect their addiction. Some common symptoms are irritability (mood swings), confusion, depression, diarrhea, fear, hallucinations, headaches, heart palpitations, high blood pressure and insomnia to name a few.

The symptoms mentioned above are just a few examples what a person will feel once he quits or abstains from alcohol. The seriousness on these symptoms will generally depend on how long the person has been added to alcohol. A person who has been drinking everyday for 5 years can cope much easily compared to a person who has been drinking everyday for the past 10 years. There are many factors to be considered and not all individuals will act the same if alcohol is removed from their body.

I have known successful quitters who have been drinking almost all their life but they did not suffer severe side effects when they stopped. For them, their strong determination and commitment strengthened them to end the symptoms that they felt during their quitting period. Although from some articles I have read, some quitters succumb to massive heart attacks while others developed serious diseases that later on caused their eventual death. If this is the case then medical assistance is very advised especially if the quitter feels really bad during the first day of quitting.

Now these stories should not be a hindrance if you have been drinking for a long period of time and would like to quit. Rather, be positive and never let go of your goal to become a non-alcoholic once more. You may discuss this to your health practitioner which in return will give you some medicine to help you cope up during your withdrawal stage. Do not be shy to open up your vice and addiction, you might need some medical help along the way.

Do not lose focus in fighting your addiction to alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms no matter how severe they will not last and should never be a hindrance in attaining your goal and objective. Try to regain your respect and freedom and quit drinking today.

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Why Darjeeling Green Tea Is the Best Green Tea?

Darjeeling Green Tea is one of the most outstanding products to hit the market today, made famous for its muscatel and grape-like taste, this tea has been bought after by avid tea drinkers and health buffs alike. Its seasonal flushes have been under a constant watch from the West of Bengal and all the way to the Western hemisphere simply because this tea is the best green tea there is today both health-wise and also when it comes to taste.

Aside from having a unique and wonderful taste which could never be produced elsewhere in the world, the Darjeeling Muscatels, which is considered the best amongst the Darjeeling teas, is delicate and minority, which is why it is often referred to as the Champagne of Teas . This tea is quite amazing and it is very special because in order to produce the best tasting and most fragrant teas, the tea plant and the unpredictable weather have to work perfectly together. The tea leaves themselves are grown high atop the mountains of the Himalayas and they have to thrive in gardens which are at least 3,000 feet above sea level, these specific conditions not only make the tea highly prized, they also ensure that for as long as they are harvested at the right moment, each cup is bound to be excellent in taste and chock full of health compounds and nutrients.

And speaking of its health benefits, each bright, full-bodied, spicy and floral cup of Darjeeling green tea is also a cup of relaxation just waiting to happen. This is because the tea leaves are rich in amino acids including a good dose of L-theanine, a compound capable to promote wellness and relaxation as well as a soothing and calming effect by lowering the drinker's physical and mental stress levels. The tea is also a great alternative for coffee drinkers who need ample supply of caffeine but do not like its jittery side effects; the tea actually contains a good dose of caffeine but instead of causing unexpected palpitations and nervousness, the amino acids found in the tea will help improve blood circulation thus energizing and calming the drinker at the same time.

Another added benefit of having such a delectable and vicious cup of Darjeeling green tea is that it helps fight against free radicals, the tea is rich in antioxidants which can help prevent oxidative cellular damage by removing the free radicals found within aging cells. But more than that, despite the most amazing component found in the tea is the anti-cancer compound TF-2, this compound is said to eliminate cancer cells without affecting healthy and normal cells and tissues. The compound also helps in the reduction of inflammation and this is why the Darjeeling green tea is highly recommended for both tea connoisseurs and individuals who want to live a long, happy and healthy life.

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The Quick and Easy Way to Benefit From a Detox Diet to Lose Weight

Detox diet is one of the more effective ways to get rid of your excess weight. What it does is to flush out toxins and harmful substances from your body.

These substitutes interfere with the normal functions of your body systems such as your digestive and endocrine systems resulting to weight problems. To free your body from these toxic substances, you need to detoxify and diet is one method that proves effective.

Several benefits await you from doing detoxification through diet. Here are just some of the most remarkable ones relative to weight loss:

• Your digestive system will function optimally.
• You will free yourself from common digestive problems such as indigestion, bloating, constipation, all of which are factors to weight problems.
• You will improve your metabolism to convert fats into consumable energy. The less fats your body stores, the fewer chances you will carry excess weight.
• You will feel lighter and better. In turn, this will motivate you to develop good eating habits to keep your recommended weight.

Before you decide to enjoy all these benefits, it is crucial that you consult your physician. This is to rule out any existing health condition you may have and prevent any complication. Make sure that you have a clean bill of health before you start the detoxification diet plan.

Essentials of Detoxification
You will need a detoxification plan to start benefiting from the process. The plan consist of what food to eat and what not to eat during the process, as well as its duration. In choosing your detox diet, it helps that you weigh it based on your needs. Go for the plan that is both safe and effective in delivering quick results of weight loss.

Another factor to consider is simplicity of the process. The ideal detoxification plan is not too restrictive that it feels like an ordeal. Regardless of how mild or gentle the process is, it should cleanse your body system that will help you get rid of your unnecessary weight.

Simple Detoxification Plan
Your simple detoxification diet plan consist of the following:

• Daily drinking at least ten (10) glasses of water- this is the main component of your diet. Water is the best natural cleansing agent that can flush out easily and quickly harmful substances in your body.
• Fruits and vegetables – in the detoxification process, you will need to empty your stomach and rest your body from usual food you eat. Vegetables will nourish your body to help you with satiation, and fruits will cleanse your systems to eliminate toxins.
• You may also take vitamin supplements to make sure there is no nutritional gap while undergoing detoxification. Two essential vitamins are vitamins C and E.

Vitamin C helps strengthen your immune system, and encourages production of glutathione to protect against toxic substances. Vitamin E, meanwhile, serves as your shield against free radicals while your diet plan is getting rid of toxins.

It helps that you do an occasional detox, or as the need arises. This will prevent build-up of toxins in your body, which is one of the key factors for your excess weight. Get rid of toxins and you will see how it becomes easy for you to lose your unnecessary weight.

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The Liver Detox – Part 1

You hear about detox diets every day, juice diets, pills, all sorts but do you actually know what you are detoxing and why? Do you know what you need to do in order to get the best results from a detox and also are the supplements or drinks you taking actually doing you more harm than good? They are of high quality, non-synthetic and do they actually work.

Here I will explain WHY the LIVER detox or should I say cleanse is so important, then WHAT is the process the liver goes through to detoxify our toxins and WHAT THE toxins are plus HOW do we go about doing this. It is only when you are educated you can understand the importance of it and then really feel committed to achieving those results.

SO here we go WHY is the liver so important?

Our liver is an amazing organ that needs looking after just like our heart and lungs. They are all connected and if the liver does not work efficiently it will affect the heart, lungs, brain, and every organ in our body.

The liver has a over 500 functions here are some of the key functions

'Aiding Digestion and Production of Bile'
Bile is needed when we consume food, it helps breakdowns the fats and removes the cholesterol. Once the food is broken down it is taken into the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed and transported back to the liver. The liver then filters the blood, neutralising poisons and processing the nutrients

'Breakdown Toxins'
If the liver is not working properly or overwhelmed by the amount of toxins, the toxins will not be broken down and they will stay in the body. The immune system may treat them as an invader and this can lead to many health problems, food allergies and sensitivities. A good example of this is when we over indulge we tend to feel pretty rubbish for a few days and sometimes get a cold or something worse because because our liver is working so hard at those toxins and it just cant deal with them all.

'Breakdown Hormones'
If the liver is not functioning our hormones will be all over the place and us women tend to be very hormonal and unfortunately have the menopause to deal with. Hormone imbalances can cause fertility issues, acne, PMS, anemia, fatigue, obesity the list goes on.

'Balancing Blood Sugar'
When your blood sugar levels are high insulin is released to trigger the liver to store the excess as glycogen. With low sugar levels the liver releases the glycogen to be turned into glucose for energy. If this does not happen the side effects are gain gain, sugar cravings, fatigue and worse case diabetes.

'Providing Energy'
The liver will break down food and convert it into energy (glucose) when we need it.

'Storing Nutrients'
It stores many essential vitamins and minerals and releases them as we need them. They inc iron, copper, vit A, B12, D, E & K.

We constantly put our bodies under strain and take many toxins from the food we eat, drink, hormones, stress, the air we breathe and the natural toxins our bodies make internally. Our current diet as a nation is of convenience with mass produced food, accelerated farming of vegetables and fruit covered in pesticides, animals injected with hormones to accelerate growth and they live in stressful conditions. If the animals are infected with hormones, have high levels of stress hormones in their body and vegetables covered in pesticides where does it go when we eat them? Straight inside us and to our poor liver.

Not only that the pollution in the air is at an all time high and we live incredibly stressful lives, this has resolved in us being extremely toxic without even realizing.
It is about time our government took note and make changes. They are happening slowly and very slowly with the introduction of organic food but it is all about money and the government need to keep the farm and food industries happy in order to make money all because it is costing us our health and in the end our lives .

The liver is our detoxification system and its job is to detoxify the toxins and expel them from the body, however if we continuously take toxins and cause toxic hormone reactions in our bodies the liver never gets a break and becomes overwhelmed by it all.

So therefore it has to store the toxins and where does it store it? in our fat cells to be deal with later. If the liver never gets a break those toxins stored will never get a look in so will remain as fat. The more toxic we are the more fat we will carry this can also include fat that is stored around the lungs, heart and vitals organs (viscous fat). You will never see a healthy body carrying fat. If you carry fat you need a detox, even if you are a skinny fat / soft person.

When the liver gets a break it can then start to work at these stored toxins. The lymphatic system, the kidneys and the blood transports the fats cells back to the liver for detoxification. Therefore making it easier for your body to burn fat and lose those inches.

Looking a little deeper into glucose and fat storage now. Glucose is stored mainly in the muscles and the liver as glycogen. The body can only hold around 400g of glycogen in the body so if we consume too much glucose (carbs, fruits, sugars etc) it is stored as fat.

As mentioned when blood sugar levels are high so is insulin and those same fat cells not only store the excess glucose but also the fat you ate at your last meal so ever growing bigger.

The glycogen in your fat cells are the last ones to be obtained at the body for energy. Insulin tells your body to store fat and not release it as energy and those people who do not do a lot of exercise they will become insulin sensitive. Inactive people do not expel a lot of energy so they tend to have a good storage of glycogen in their muscles and liver as the body is not use to burning energy and so can not restock energy from dietary nutrients. So insulin takes the carbs & fats straight through the liver and straight in to fat cells. (more about insulin in a future article)


When you have a poor functioning liver you do not tend to get any pain but you can have an array of symptoms.

The skin is also a detoxifying organ so when the liver does not work your skin will try to get rid of the toxins, therefore acne eczema and premature aging may occur.

The liver makes the bile we need to digest fat, if bile is not there the fats are not being made water soluble to pass pass through the large intestine for elimination. Therefore stools will be greasy and foul smelling from the undigested fat (nice, lol). Bile also helps muscle contractions along the digestive tract if this does not function well it can result in constipation. Fats are vital for our body and we need to be able to absorb them in the correct way.

There are immune cells in the liver to help clean up foreign particles but if the liver is not working these foreign particles flow back into the blood stream and the immune system attacks it. So from this you are more likely to have infections, cold, allergies and even thyroid problems. (the thyroid is the main manager of metabolism)

Good cholesterol HDL's is produced in the liver. Bile helps take away the bad cholesterol so with no bile the bad cholesterol accumulates so your risk of a heart attack and / or stroke will increase.

The proteins in the blood help to maintain our fluid balance and these proteins are made in the liver. Symptoms of puffiness, swollen wrists and ankles can be signs that your liver is not functioning properly.

Lactic acid is produced internally, it is released when our cells can not produce energy efficiently due to lack of vitamin B stored in the liver. Excess lactic acid causes sore muscles, headaches, anxiety, chest pains and high blood pressure.

From all of these you can see how these can in the long-term effect our heart, brain, lungs, other organs and can even cause cancer and other diseases.

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Considering a Detox? 6 Smart Tips for Doing It Right

Wild claims. Questionable methods. Frantic sales pitches. That's what we've seen recently on the subject of detoxification.

Let's cut through the hype and focus on the truth: Safe, sensitive detoxification, or “detox,” is a respectable, time-tested wellness technique. The practice of committing to a period of cleansing to rid the body of unhealthy toxins has been around for ages. In my work with patients and coaching clients, I have seen real transformations that started with following a food-based detox.

During detox, foods that often contribute to health complaints are eliminated while other nutritious and satisfying foods are added or increased. Fueling it with only the most beneficial foods allows the body to function at its peak, finding its natural balance again while working to cleanse away damaging substances that have accumulated.

Where do these toxins come from? Often, everyday living exposures us to them when we
– spend time in environments that are polluted or contain allergy-triggering substances
– eat foods that are processed or otherwise not healthy
– take pharmaceutical remedies.
We can pick up toxins in a host of other ways, too. The liver, colon, and kidneys are constantly working to filter out substances that can harm the body. A periodic detox simplifies the job, helping these vital organs to stay efficient.

A successful detox does demand careful attention to safety. Before you begin, please read these important recommendations.

1) Consult your physician first. You need to know you are able to follow a 10-day food-based cleanse. I always suggest a food-based program, not a juice-based or harsher fad cleanse like some programs you'll see advertised. A safe detox consists of carefully selected, balanced, healthy fuel for your body – not extremes.

2) Find a plan to guide you through the process. The best plans will offer helpful information all along the way, including recipes and shopping lists. A protein drink and supplement are often suggested as part of the recommendations.

3) Understand that you may experience a slight energy dip. Although this type of detox is not a bowel cleanse or a fast, you body will notice the difference in your eating choices. This often happens after the second day of the detox. The lag you feel should be strictly temporary, but you'll be wise to alter your levels during that adjustment.

4) Recognize any signs that you need additional help. If at any point you should feel weak, nauseous, starved, or dizzy, you should discontinue the cleanse. Ask to have your plan further personalized to see what to change, and speak with your health professional. Please note that a detox is not designed to be used by depleted, compromised, or weak individuals. It takes energy to cleanse. If your body is not functioning well, this may not be the right time to begin, regardless of how well the process can be.

5) Timing is important when contemplating beginning a cleanse. If you are planning to go on a vacation, have many social engagements coming up, or are not feeling well, consider postponing until you have more opportunity to focus on your eating.

6) Read the information about your cleanse thoroughly before you begin. Like any other commitment, a detox takes planning. You'll need to shop to ensure having the right foods on hand as well as remove temptation or forgetfulness by eliminating the foods that might be contributing to your challenges.

Once you have your plans in place, get ready for success. You're on your way to feeling lighter and more energetic, and you'll be getting rid of the toxins that may be hindering you from reaching optimal wellness performance. What a gift awaits at the end of your detox journey!

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3 Signs the Time Is Right for a Food-Based Detox

Chances are you've heard about detoxification in the media, in health food stores, or from people you know. “Going on detox” is all the rage. Consumers are bombarded with information and product marketing that make detoxification seem like a radical process.

Here's the truth: A healthy detox approach is either extreme nor harsh. Ideally, detox purely optimizes working conditions for your internal systems, smoothing the way for your body to eliminate the wastes and irritants that have built up.

After a successful detox program, my patients often report
– increased energy
– greater awareness about how the body works
– a recommitment to healthy eating habits that had gone astray
– improved colon and digestive function
– easier breathing.

Many patients also gain a positive, inspiring jumpstart to their weight loss program – or move past a plateau to restart a stalled weight loss effort.

You might be wondering when the right time to try a detox plan. I'd like to suggest today! Here are three indications that a detox program might be just what you need now.

1) Your body reacts (or overreacts) to environmental and / or food triggers.
Have you ever thought, “What is my body reacting to, and how can I help naturally?” Patients with symptoms that suggest allergies and sensitivities – these may range from respiratory and digestive problems to skin issues – often experience improvement or relief during the detox period. A plan that eliminates some of the major inflammatory or allergy-causing foods and substances – for example, dairy, wheat, and sugar – narrows down the pool of possible triggers and might even indicate whether symptoms are food-related at all.

The detox period can help patients with sensitivities in two ways. First, it provides valuable information about foods that could be causing or helping their symptoms. Second, it eliminates substances that, although they may not be triggers themselves, can throw off the body's balance during times of high environmental reactivity, such as spring and fall with their abundance of pollen.

2) You're beginning a weight loss program or experiencing a plateau.
Need a safe way to jumpstart your weight loss plans? A short-term cleanse can help to eliminate a buildup of toxins that can impede progress, while simultaneously accelerating a weight loss program.

With a balanced food-based detox plan, my patients frequently have found release from some of the patterns and go-to triggers that sabotaged their weight loss efforts in the past. These patients also report adopting better eating habits in general, such as adding unprocessed whole foods, cutting out sugary foods, and drinking more water. When you have a plan to follow, with 10 days' worth of suggested menus, recipes, and shopping lists, the process is easy and very manageable.

3) You've returned from a vacation or major social event, or you're entering a new season.
Transitions can challenge the body. Whether it's a wedding, move, vacation, divorce, or really any change, a detox is often the best way to recalibrate and prepare to move ahead.

Detoxification involves eliminating those things that do not serve us – and that doesnt just mean food. Emotions, habits, and thoughts can fall into that category. A cleanse spotlights problem areas and Promotes mindfulness of choices that might be tweaked or transformed into more healthy patterns. After eating and drinking on a vacation, after social events abundant with dietary indulgences, after the summer season comes to an end – these are great times to press the “reset” button, meeting the new phase with a more healthy, grounded lifestyle.

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Common Side Effects of Detoxification

The terminology of side effects depends on which detox approach you take. For instance, the consumption of organic foods is an easy method to detox your body. Once you stop eating unnatural food, it can start to expel the toxin built-up. On the other hand, there is water and juice fasting. As the name suggests, it involves consuming nothing but water and juice respectively. Since our body relies on the consumption of solid foods, you will experience uneasiness or feeling uncomfortable.

Side Effect # 1 – Fatigue

It seems ironic that drowsiness and fatigue is a side effect of a body detox or cleanse. After all, that is one reason why people opt for a cleanse; to cure fatigue. During the cleanse, you will experience some drowsiness, mood swings and fatigue. However, at the end of the cleanse, you will notice an increase in energy. This is very common with water fasting or juice fasting, as your body will temporarily lack of needed nutrients.

Side Effect # 2 – Headaches

Headaches are common and it can be a painful and frustrating process, another downside of detox. There are various reasons for this side effect but withdrawal is the most common reason. Even if you do not consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes, you may still notice withdrawal symptoms. This is common with nicotine or caffeine. Even if you only drink two cups of coffee or sugar loaded soft drinks, your body may have become dependent on caffeine. During a body detox, you need to eliminate these drinks from your diet. During the elimination process, you may experience mild to severe headache. This is a signal that removal of toxin is in progress. The good news is that after your cleanse you may finally be free of caffeine.

Side Effect # 3 – Increased Urination

It does not matter if you consume organic food, fruits and vegetables only. If you opt for water or juice fast, a lot of liquid will be put into your body. These liquids are important as they help to flush your body of toxin. The downside is more liquid equals to more trips to the bathroom.

Side Effect # 4 – Diarrhea

In addition of making more trips to the bathroom to urinate, you may also notice an increase in bowel movements. At first, this may come in the form of dirrhea. As embarrasing as this may be, it is good for your body. It is because, your body is expelling all the toxin naturally. In actual fact, the more you go to the bathroom, the better your body detox or cleanse is working.

Many even wonder if they need to adjust their schedules while on a body cleanse or detox. If you opt for a colon cleanse as opposed to a whole body detox, small adjustments should be made. Colon cleanse with the use of salt water flushes or pills tend to have quicker and more effective results.

Side Effect # 5 – Nausea

Nausea is another common side effect of a body detox or cleanse. Many experience this side effect but the causes varies. If you are added to caffeine or cigarettes, you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

Colon cleanse, water and juice fast in fact call for elimination of solid foods. During the first one to three days of your detox, you will experience intense hunger. Although the hunger will pass, you may experience nausea.

The above mentioned side effects are just a few of the many you may experience while on a body detox or cleanse. Therefore, it is important to remember that the human body and detox plans varies. Some people may not experience any side effect but some will experience additional complications.

You may want to seek your doctor's advice before embarking on any detoxification or cleansing process to check for any underlying problems.

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Significant Reasons Why You Need More Folate in Your Diet

Most people know that folate is good for your body, but you may be confused about exactly why this is the case. As it turns out, folate can influence everything from your dental health to how well you age (in both body and mind). Discover ten surprising and significant reasons why regularly consuming could improve and extend your life.

Folate (also known as folic acid) is a B-complex vitamin that is most famous for its role in promoting healthy pregnancies. However, it turns out that many aspects of your health can suffer if you do not have enough in your diet. Certain foods are particularly good sources of this nutrient, including spinach, asparagus, parsley, broccoli, lentils and beets. Although most people know that a healthy diet is one that is rich in folate, few know just why it is so important. Read on to discover ten surprising and important reasons why a higher intake could help to improve and extend your life.

It Can Reduce Your Risk Of Developing Cognitive Impairments

Folate prevails the build-up of an amino acid called homocysteine, and large amounts of homocysteine ​​have been shown to promote deterioration of important brain cells. In particular, homocysteine ​​causes problems with the brain cells that produce dopamine, and this means that high levels make you more likely to develop Parkinson's disease. Studies show that if you have enough folate in your diet, you are more likely to avoid not just Parkinson's but also other cognitive impairments (such as dementia). For example, one research project found that people with the lowest blood levels of folate were more than three times as likely to suffer from some form of cognitive impairment.

It Can Influence Mood

Several different studies support the claim that folate supplements can help to reduce depression, and it is also suspected that this vitamin can aid in the treatment of mental fatigue, memory problems and persistent irritability. It is currently thought that these health benefits come from the fact that folate helps to keep neurotransmitters properly balanced (as the very production of these neurotransmitters requires folate).

Promotes Healthy Bones

A low folate intake is associated with the development of osteoporosis (ie brittle bones) and an increased tender to suffer from fractures. Once again, it is thought that this is because people who do not consume enough folate have too much homo-cysteine ​​in their bodies. One study in the Netherlands found that people with the highest homo-cysteine ​​levels were around twice as likely to be at risk of bone fractures. In addition, several supplementary studies have shown that this risk dramatically drops once more foliate is consumed and homo-cysteine ​​levels are lowered.

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Colonic Health in Your Hands

It is said that the all state of dis-ease begins and ends in the colon. The colon has been coined “the second brain”, however the function of the colon is such, that as a purely feeling organ, as opposed to a thinking organ, it has a much more important role in the experiences of our lives.

In the early stages of foetal development, the enteric nervous system (oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon) and the primary brain start as the same length of embryonic tissue. This tissue often divides and becomes the two aspects we are referring to here, the digestive tract and the brain. These are then separated by the vagus nerve, the longest of all the cranial nerves.

Over one half of all nerve cells are in the gut and this includes neurons and neurotransmitters exactly like those found in the brain. Other similarities between the two brains are the release of hormones such as Serotonin which is vital to feelings of well-being.

These two “brains” communicate back and forth with each other via the vagus nerve. This means that any feelings of worry or anxiety can be experienced as “butterflies”, in the stomach, and difficult to digest foods at lunch time, can have an effect on your afternoon performance at work, resulting in tiredness and difficulties in concentration etc.

The main connection between the two can be seen by looking at how we are affected both psychologically and physically by stress. States of dis-ease such as anxiety, depression, ulcers and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are usually caused by much the same things: stress.

So, these states of not being at ease in the body (dis-ease) can be treated in basically two ways. The most popular way is the path of conventional medicine. Treat the symptom and hope the pain goes away, usually given in prescribed medication often resulting in a host of other symptoms, many of which cause more havoc with the digestive tract.

The second way is to look primarily at the cause. Uncover the stressors in life, and though these may not always be possible to avoid, it is possible to change our experience of them and the impact they have on our health. The first and best way to look at stress & tension is to remove it altogether, retreat. Take time and space away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind and allow yourself to rest and recuperate.

The next best step is to aid the colon in the plan against the level of accumulated stress it is typically holding, first and foremost as physical waste products and toxins. These are held inside the tiny pockets of the small intestine and along the intestinal walls. Undigested debris is retained here and causes fermentation when the digestion process is not allowed to operate to its fullest potential due to both internal and external stressors.

Enjoying a Breathe Detox Retreat experience gives you and your body the opportunity to rest and let go. It is during the process of letting go where the magic happens. Your body craves optimum health; it's just forgotten how to find it. Let us remind you where to look.

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Understanding the Counter Reactions of Common Medicines and Antibiotics

Any time you combine any kind of drug with another prescription medicine or over the counter products such as: Vitamins, minerals, herbs, alcohol, and even food, you expose yourself to the risk of potentially hazardous interactions. People often take their vitamins for granted. People do not think of them as medicines and may not mention them to the doctor when they are asked, “What else are you taking?”

Many medical schools do not even give nutrition an important place in the curriculum. Some do not even teach it at all. As a result, the doctor may not know much more than the patient knows about vitamins and mineral interactions with certain medications, and the impact on their health, that they could have when combined.

The popularity of vitamin and mineral supplements has dramatically increased over the past decade. Women try to prevent osteoporosis with the belief of using extra calcium and vitamin D. Middle aged baby boomers believe that beta carotene may reduce the risk of heart attack or cancer.

Everything that you may be using, medicines, vitamins, and minerals, should be discussed with your doctor and / or a pharmacist or even both.

Here is some information about most common interactions you may be surprised to learn. One careful study showed that the potent ulcer and heartburn medications, Prilosec (omeprazole), Zantac (ranitidine), and Tagamet (cimetidine) may affect the absorption of vitamin B 12. Over a long period of time, it's certainly possible that the chronic depletion of vitamin B 12 could have a negative effect on a person's health. Some studies have shown that pernicious anemia and neurological problems may also be a result. Tetracycline Achromycin V, Sumycin, Declomycin, Terramycin, are some of the most common antibiotics in the world. They're cheap and quite effective for treating all kinds of infectious diseases from acne to sexual diseases, and are the drug of choice against Chlamydia, which can cause scaring of the fallopian tube and infertility. “They are also primary treatments for Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a potentially deadly disease transmitted by wood ticks.” When Tetracycline is dispensed by a pharmacist it usually comes with a warning label stating to avoid milk and dairy products.

Calcium can inactivate tetracycline and prevent its absorption into the bloodstream restricting and / or stopping the results it is prescribed for. The person's to which it is prescribed may not realize that antacids, laxatives, and supplements should be avoided as well. Many women take calcium pills to help prevent osteoporosis. In addition, they may be taking vitamin and mineral supplements with iron magnesium and zinc. These can all bind together with tetracycline, forming an insoluble precipitate and prevent the absorption into the bloodstream as it is intended to do. Be sure to tell your doctor about all you may be taking. It can only benefit you and your health.

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30 Day Cleanse and Detox

Over time our bodies became contaminated from the sugars and fats we eat and drink. What are signs that your body is contaminated? Acne, obesity, fatigue and fogginess are just a few. The toxins, acid and chemicals that exist inside our body from years of dietary and lifestyle abuse are being stored inside our fat cells and wreaks havoc on bodies.

The best 30 day cleanse and detox program available today is the Total Wellness Cleanse Program. This program is designed to help people change their lifestyle and dietary habits while detoxing their body naturally. You will find this program is easy to follow and does not involve any magic pill or supplements that promise fast results. In fact, this 30 day cleanse and detox program is designed to instill long term changes in our habits to help keep your body healthy.

The 30 day cleanse and detox program is broken into two phases. Days 1-14 make up the Cleanse Phase and days 15-30 make up the Maintenance Phase. During the Cleanse Phase of the Total Wellness Cleanse Program you will receive a day to day support and a detailed diet, lifestyle and exercise plan to follow. This program was designed by our team of holistic nutritionists that promises you dramatic results in just a few short weeks. During the Cleanse Phase you will learn how to diminish all desires your body has for sugars, alcohol and bad foods.

When sugars are stored in the body and in the fat cells they corrode your body. Sugar also promotes free-radicals and damages to the arteries and body tissue. Long term results of this damage can be diabetes or obesity. The Maintenance Phase is a plan of action to help implement what habits you learned during the Cleanse Phase into your regular life. This is an 8 week plan that consist of an easy to follow meal plan. The end results of the 30 day cleanse and detox program are more energy, clearer complexion and weight loss. Not to mention, of course, the overall dynamic health.

If you think that this program is going to consist of crazy meals that taste bad and have, hard to find ingredients, then think again. The 30 day cleanse and detox program is designed to help your body crave non-sweet fruits, veggies and non-gutenous grains. Several key foods for detoxing your body of the toxins that have built up over time are blueberries and garlic. Blueberries are high in antioxidants.

Antioxidants are perfect for fighting the effects of free radicals. The natural sugars in blueberries will also cur our sugar craving without sending your body on a roller coaster of highs and lows. Garlic is loaded with sulfur. For best results, garlic needs to be crushed to release the active ingredients. Increasing your sulfur intake will increase bile production which yields better liver function. The 30 day Total Wellness Cleanse and detox program promises to change your body for the better in a few short weeks and help you achieve your healthy goals.

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