Best Way to Heal a Leaky Gut

Leaky gut syndrome is a chronic health condition that some of the health practitioners claim is caused by many long-term conditions, including multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. According to the proponents, many of the symptoms are caused by the reaction of the immune system to toxins, germs or other larger molecules absorbed in the bloodstream through a porous bowel.

How to heal a leaky gut

To treat leaky gut, you may consider buying organic raw foods, especially fruits and vegetables because they are rich in nutrients. Such foods are not grown using mineral deficient artificial fertilizers. Furthermore, they are not normally sprayed with herbicides, pesticides or fungi. The vegetables are rich in antioxidants that help to fight any free radicals. Antioxidants play an important role of binding themselves to the free radicals and changing them to prevent cellular damage.

· Essential fatty acids

Some of the fatty acids including omega 6, linoleic acid, omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid) and essential fatty acids are not produced by the body. Here, they should be obtained from dietary sources. The essential fatty acids perform important functions including, maintaining cell membranes, regulating cholesterol levels and producing regulatory hormones (like leukotrienes and prostaglandins). Omega 3 acids is highly recommended because it is believed to suppress tumor growth, lower coronary heart disease, improve cholesterol levels and improve the immune system- among other benefits.

· Drink distilled water

Distilled water helps to detoxify the body. It is recommended because it is pureer than tap water and mineral water. Tap water contains chlorine and fluorine, which are liable for several illnesses including altered thyroid function. On the other hand, mineral water is claimed to have minerals in poor balance, often high levels of sodium and fluorine and dangerous nitrates.

· Fiber rich foods

To treat leaky gut syndrome you need to eat foods that are rich in fiber, such as seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains (if they do not cause you any allergic reaction). Oat bran or flaxseeds (linseeds) and psyllium husks are recommended too. Fiber aids the body to remove waste and absorb waste in the blood stream. It also aids the colon cells to repair and replenish.

· Garlic

Garlic tablets or garlic in its natural form is recommended because it helps to kill any yeast overgrowth. This helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, in addition to fighting off colds. Furthermore, garlic contains antioxidants that are helpful in fighting disease. Garlic is claimed to prevent stomach cancer.

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Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Leaky Gut

Leaking gut syndrome (increased intestinal permeability) is said to affect millions of people around the world. It is a serious debilitating condition that goes undiagnosed by the medical profession. This is attributed to the fact that many mainstream healthcare providers do not provide tests for leaky gut, either do they acknowledge the condition exists.

Causes & symptoms

There are many factors that contribute to leaky gut. The causes of the condition include hypochlorhydria, dysbiosis, candidiasis, alcohol, stress, poor diet, allergies, celiac disease, pharmaceutical drugs and parasites. Furthermore, the condition is often linked with many health conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, celiac disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, dermatitis and eczema.

The symptoms of leaky gut syndrome are varied, including abdominal pain, insomnia, heartburn, anxiety, bloating, malnutrition, gluten intolerance, poor exercise tolerance, muscle cramps & pains and food allergies- and more.

Treatment for leaky gut

There is no drug that is recommended for the treatment of leaky gut. The best way to deal with the problem is to address the causes (factors responsible for the condition) as opposed to the treatment. Healing leaky gut is often through nutrition. Patients are assisted to get their bodies back to good health. In addition, they are advised to avoid toxins or foods that cause the allergic reactions. This helps to heal the damaged villi present in the intestines. Furthermore, the liver is given the energy and time to detoxify the body.

To heal leaky gut, you will need to avoid foods responsible for the allergies for 4 to 6 months. This must be done under the supervision of a certified practitioner. You will also need to avoid bread, too much fruit, vinegar, alcohol, sugar and any other foods that cause Candida Albican to develop. It is equally important to cut out convenience, packaged and processed foods which are normally packed with additives, high levels of salt & sugar, hydrogenated fats, flavor enhancers and other harmful products.

In addition, you will need to keep off dairy products and fermented products which often feed the yeast. Patients are also advised against caffeine, which can cause early fatigue, excess insulin production, hypoglycemia, potentially birth defects and artery deterioration. Tomorrowmore, you will need to avoid fizzy drinks, canned or dried canned fruit and gluten.

Consult your doctor

For the best results, it is advisable to consult your healthcare provider before embarking on a new dietary term. You may need to contact a certified nutritional therapist to recommend your dietary needs.

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Glowing Lean System Review

Developed by Kimberly Snyder, the Glowing Lean System is a Clickbank product – an electronic book- that's designed to teach you how to detox the skin and body over the course of so many days.

In effect it's essentially one ladies journey from being overweight, depressed, miserable and with low self esteem to how she then discovered the magic formula which she is charged to have invented herself over the course of trying out various detox treatments which she has molded into her own detox cleanse regime.

Is it re-hashing something we already knew?

Well it is one long sales page which starts off just like any good personal weight loss story sales page should – how something had to change, but how?

Followed by every detox diet under the sun, and how the weight loss industry tries to make you gain weight or provide you with the latest magic pill which prove worthless – with suspense now on a cliff edge then comes the – but I will show you how !

Her method is to provide you with a dietary list on the right foods to eat that will flush toxins, irrespective of cutting carbs, proteins or fats that force hunger cravings.

Termed by Kimberly Snyder as “Optimizing Digestion”, it's about eating the right delicious foods that help rejuvenate cells that promote beauty from the inside out.

What you'll get:

There are 9 modules in total so that's 9 eBooks entitled:

Module 1: Begin Your Morning Energetic, Refreshed, and Loving Life

Module 2: Do not Sacrifice Anything

Module 3: Getting Rid of Foods that Make You Feel Bad

Module 4: Multiply Your Body's Healing Ability Overnight

Module 5: Making Cleansing an Effortless Part of Your Life

Module 6: Avoiding the Digestive “Traffic Jams”

Module 7: Ways to Eat Savory, “Filling” Meals

Module 8: The Real Deal on Fats

Module 9: The Final Step that Elevates You to Red Carpet Beauty

There are video's as well written guides but how many is not specified.

In fact, after a little more digging and clicking “add to cart”, there's a more detailed section which breaks down what you'll receive.

This includes 10 modules of training videos, 10 advanced training modules that are only released to this program which suggests the others have been repackaged.

Workbooks, written exercises and assignments to make you reach your goals, access to the Glowing Lean System for life without having to pay for upgrades and access to the forum which is supposedly quite active.

And of course finally there are many screenshots of testimonials taken from the latest social networking media sites like Facebook and Twiiter to add authenticity to the positive reviews.

Priced at $ 97 or as she likes to add – only “40 cents a day … less than what you've spent at Starbucks”, this eBook there before should be used for a whole year so you reap the most from it, and as with all Clickbank products you have a 60 day guarantee period where you are owed to a 100% refund.

That's especially about as much as you can glean from her sales page, so if you want to lose weight through a detox diet as opposed to an authentic diet which cuts fats or carbs or proteins from it then this may do the trick.

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Best 5 New Years Detox Plans

When it comes to ridding the intestine, liver and kidneys' of harmful and unnecessary toxins – especially if you intend to follow this through with diet, then the following 5 cleanses are considered the best ways to detox.

1. The Lemon Detox Diet

The vitamin C and omega 3 acids in lemons are potentially one of the most effective ways to flush the insides.

Devised more than 50 years ago and originally termed the “Master Cleanse”, mixed with maple syrup to prevent the lemons enzymes oxidizing that preserving them, combined with water and cayenne pepper – if you consume on average 5 glasses a day you will burn excess fat toxins from fat stores and then eliminate them from your system.

2. The Salt Cleanse

Salt will help detoxify the lungs, prevent skin irritations and improve asthma.

By taking an Epsom salt bath 3 times a week this will help soothe and invigorate your state of health and remove bacteria from your trachea.

3. Juice Cleanse

A green smoothie detox is one way to get your dose of age defending anti-oxidants and source of iron which strengthens the blood immunity against all sorts of nasty ailments.

Kale, broccoli or green cabbage mixed with frozen bananas and pears will sweeten and bulk out the smoothie turning it into a detox meal that will fill you with nutrients and vitamins and help you lose weight in the process.

Try not to peel the fruits till the last minute or in fact include the pear peel in the juice as peels in general contain the most fiber and key trace minerals.

4. Lymphatic Cleanse

These are often transported out at spa's where a strong jet of water is aimed at the lymphatic gland helping it from the outside to push and flush the gland by allowing it to flow more freely on the inside, where toxins are then pressured on out your system .

This can however be performed at home, and in fact most types of detox will improve the health of the lymphatic system, include dieting methods such as replacing sugars and carbs with complex carbs, grains and fruit.

5. Sweat Cleanse

There is not a better way to detox the skin than by doing an aerobic workout.

Swimming, running (on sand ideally) or yoga or palates are just some ways in which to flush the skins pores of harmful bacteria.

Or if you're feeling lethargic then a dry or wet sauna will do the trick although you will reap healthier rewards if carried out after a workout.

Bonus Tip

After a detox you should stabilize your diet so you continue to maintain a healthy weight or if you're dieting consume high protein and complex carbohydrates foods.

Dieters and athletes alike often take Apibal freeze-cracked bee pollen which are an excellent alternative to chemically produced supplements and are relatively cheap and can be found in some health food stores.

They are considered a perfect way to maintain a diet after a detox.

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Kaeng Raeng Review – Latest “Be Healthy” Soy Free Thai Detox

Kaeng Raeng which translates as “be healthy” or strong in Thai is one very popular way in the US right now to ditch pounds and flush the insides.

Available still in 3 flavors:

1. In the blue – banana and blueberry

2. Joyful – raspberry, strawberry and pineapple

3. Daybreak – mango and pineapple, this latest version is soy free and includes pea protein powder.

100% vegan, gluten and caffeine free, these pouches of vitamin rich raw fruits and veggie which provide you with a hungry-free 3 or 6 day detox plan.

At $ 70 for the 3 day detox or $ 120 for the 6, they are not the cheapest way to cleanse the system but effective none the less.

The 6 day plan is ideal for those wanting to start a diet and lose pounds in the process of detoxification, so after almost a week of drinking 3 pouches a day with very little else part of your diet it's inevitable you will drop a size.

Kaeng Raeng ingredients:

The pouches average around the 200 calorie mark and include all naturally occurring vitamins, insoluble and soluble fibers, no more than 2g of fat and 20g of sugar.

Vitamins listed are A, B6, B12, C, D and E and a host of trace minerals and are best drank very cold with added blended fruit to sweeten them.

You can purchase a trial packet before delving deer into your pocket and these are just $ 8 so you can choose a flavor and give the detox a trial run.

What's wonderful about a Thai detox like this is that there are a whole host of fruits which are only native to this part of the world and difficult to get your hands on their source minerals in the west.

Mangostein, longun, dragon fruit, pomegranates and guava are all used to make up the different types of juices along with holy basil, lemon, amla, sesbania, annatto extracts and probiotics Acidophilus.

Why is detoxification essential?

A detox such as the Kaeng Raeng one will reduce bloating, improve skin and hair color, deprive you from cravings and overindulging and improve your clarity of mind.

You will lose weight in the process so if you are under weight then it is advisable that you supplement your diet accordingly by eating healthy carbs and fats but staying clear of refined sugars, trans fats and processed carbs.

Kaeng Raeng uses natural fibers to flush the colon cleanl that have built up with toxins over the past days, weeks or months by breaking them down and ridding them out through your stool.

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Symptoms of a Detox Diet

Before undergoing a detox or a “healing crisis”, symptoms will vary depending on your type of detox and your current state of health.

To begin with, a detox involves 2 steps.

Firstly, your body releases toxins from fat stores in the intestine, kidneys and liver and then secondly, cleans them from your body by flushing them out through the colon.

So each person will react differently.

Detox symptoms

If you consume a lot of processed foods, fast foods, foods high in fat and sugar then your body will go through a withdrawal once you abstain from this type of diet.

Symptoms will last for a short period and may include a headache, stomach pain or nauseaa from mild to severe again depending on your daily reliance on these types of food.

You may also find yourself urinating more and having larger bowel movements and experiencing states of dehydration so it's important to drink plenty of water on a detox.

This is the irony of detoxing and cleansing, you may have to feel worse before feeling thoroughly rejuvenated.

This is also referred to as Herxheimer Reaction so to ensure you have a less painful detox, drink you're required amount of 64oz of water per day in addition to any juice or smoothie you may be taking as a replacement meal and if you've been drinking tea or coffee a lot prior to the detox then replace your caffeine fix with an organic green tea.

After Day 1

After the first day your body will begin to release the drugs and poisons from these broken down toxins through the skin and the bowels.

As a result you may experience a minor rash on the skin however to speed up the healing process drink more water and ideally carry out an aerobic exercise which will force you to sweat and exfoliate the skin.

Body odor may also be one side effect of a detox.

The liver and kidney are two essential organs that help detoxify the body. The liver absorbs toxins from the blood and chemically changes them so they can be discharged through bile and the kidneys sorts out 2 quarts of waste per day from over 200 quarts of blood.

However, the liver and kidney still can not break everything and processed foods are one food type which are alien to the natural body since a detox will rid these organisms of these pollutants expelling them from your system anyway possible – through your urine, skin, gas, bad breath or waste, body odor and gas may be a symptom of your detox.

Why should you detox?

Aside from keeping fatal illnesses at bay, you will be cleansing your body and extremely getting healthy, where within just a few short days you will begin to feel cleaner and clear while boosting your immune system and your overall state of health, while smelling and looking better thus vastly improving your skin tone and replenishing your aura.

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Detoxify Your Detox Organs for Better Health

Many health problems begin when our main organs responsible for whole body detoxification fail to function at optimal levels. Simple steps to detect low functioning organs and optimize their performance through natural therapies can reverse many common health issues.

There are three main organ systems that are responsible for detoxification.

1. Kidneys

2. Liver

3. Intestines

When these systems are not functioning properly, the body is unable to fully release toxins on a day-to-day basis, and various health issues can follow.

Examples of low functioning detox organs:

When the Kidneys are not functioning properly, a person can experience fatigue, dizziness (high or low blood pressure), restless legs, weak bones and teeth, swelling and edema in lower extremities, skin rashes, shortness of breath and heart palpitations.

When the Liver is overloaded with toxins and not functioning well, a person can experience hormonal imbalances, PMS, difficult menopause, infertility, allergies, auto-immune disorders, mood and memory problems, digestive disorders, thyroid disorders, acne, hair, skin and muscle disorders, and blood pressure problems.

When the intestines are damaged and not functioning well, a person can experience skin disorders (including severe acne, psoriasis, rashes), digestive disorders, auto-immune disorders, allergies, bone and joint pain, low immune function, mood and memory problems, anxiety, dental issues, and insomnia.

So, as you can see, taking time to detoxify and nourish your main detoxification organs can alleviate many illnesses. I primarily use muscle testing in the office as a way to accurately assess organ and gland function at the time of the visit. Nutrients are then prescribed for 30 days at a therapeutic level to detoxify and support natural organ and gland function. After 30 days a person will return for another session to reassess the function of the organ and gland systems to determine if further support is needed, or if the next set of imbalances is ready to be addressed. Detoxifying the detox organs can take as little as 30 days, or 4 to 5 months depending on the severity of the imbalances and the length of time the illness has been presenting.

After the main detox organs are healed and functioning optimally, any residual imbalances can be addressed. Reversing illness is as simple as detoxing and nourishing the entire body, one organ system at a time. The body has the innate ability to heal itself. We must provide the environment to allow it to do what it does best.

Full testing and protocol supervision for chronic and degenerative diseases are offered at the office. For more information, please call: 407-328-6711

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Dispelling Common Myths About Colon Cleansing

So many opinions surround the act of colon cleansing that it can be difficult to sift fact away from fiction. What is true, and what is near urban legend? Read below as we examine some of the most commonly held “facts” that are believed about the practice, and decide for yourself whether this is a treatment that could be beneficial for you. Prepare to be surprised; even some of the most broadly stated “truisms” regarding this subject are in fact false. Some common myths about the procedure that is colon cleansing include:

1. It will push the waste that is already in your colon to other parts of your body, so making you sicker than you were before your cleanse. Your body is not meant to carry large amounts of waste as a depository. This is why cleansing the colon can help; undigested waste is expelled from the body (not absorbed by another bodily function) and therefore the colon is rendered “clean.”

2. Once you've had a colon cleanser, your body will not be able to get rid of waste products on its own. Think of the cleanse procedure as more of an assistant to your colon, guiding it through its natural function of waste removal. Just because you opt for a colon cleanse, that does not mean that you will need one regularly in order to excrete waste products.

3. The very act of getting your colon cleansed will sap your energy reserves. In fact, the exact opposite is often true. Many people report a renewed sense of zip and vigor after their procedure, most likely due to the release of toxins that were previously festering in the colon. Think if it this way: You are giving your colon a break by letting it start from scratch. Instead of having waste clogging up its walls, it now can efficiently move it.

4. There's not enough waste in a colon to cause significant difference in your weight. Since the colon can hold a few meals' worth of food before digestion even occurs, a sluggish one can add pounds. Although this is not a recommended practice for reflecting weight loss, as waste is replaced in the colon by other waste products, it does kick off a weight loss program and allows a person the added energy he or she needs to stick with it. For those individuals who undergo colon cleansing for other reasons, this is a welcome side benefit.

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What to Expect During The Colon Cleansing Process

You probably have a good idea of ​​what theproducts of a colon cleanse are. After all, waste continuously builds up in this organ, and it is obvious natural that a colonic will cause that waste product to be forcefully eliminated. What most people do not know as they head into their first appointment is what the cleansing process actually entails. Read below as we take you through a typical procedure. Walk yourself through the steps of the process, and you'll feel more secure the day of your own procedure as you understand what will transpire during your colon cleansing.

Step One: Are you doing the cleanse with the assistance of herbs and laxatives, or are you resorting to an enema? If you are taking the herbs or laxatives, you will want to take them as directed and stay close to the bathroom. If you are passing an enema, you will have liquid that is placed into your colon to encourage waste to move out of the organ. You will experience the need to go to the toilet during this time. When done correctly, an enema is not in itself uncomfortable. Herbs or other agents may be added to the enema in order to facilitate the expulsion of waste. The bag is held higher than your body to encourage gravity to do much of the work.

Step Two: Once your cleanse has begun, you will need to give yourself access to the toilet often. This is not a procedure that you can have done and then immediately return to work afterwards. Instead, be gentle with yourself. There may be a good deal of waste buildup in your colon, and, as the common saying goes, “When you have to go, you have to go.” Staying close to the toilet gives you an opportunity to expel all of that waste that may be adding toxins to your body and making your system sluggish.

Step Three: After the colon cleanse is finished, the real work begins. Drink plenty of water and try not to eat processed foods. Remember, you are starting with a blank slate of sorts now: Fill your body will fuel that will help it run like a well-oiled engine. What you can expect after your colon cleansing process is a feeling of lightness and an overall sense that you have been given a second chance to fuel your body correctly.

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What a Detox Program Can Do For Your Health

A detox program most definitely can affect your health in a positive or adverse way. Before you embark upon a regimen that claims to eliminate toxins from your body, educate yourself. Know what you can expect from the process, and have reasonable expectations about the results you may or may not achieve. Detoxifying agents definitely can serve as a spark towards better health and well being. By following your practitioner's instructions carefully and undergoing the detox program with full disclosure, you will stand to enjoy the greatest benefits possible. Read below as we examine what such a program can do to your body and your mind, and then search out a practice full of trained professionals who will plan your personal regimen to fit your unique needs.

A detox program purports to take the toxins that are making your bodily systems sluggish and flushing them out of the body. This is done through various means, often by restricting calories and / or using colon cleansing to forcefully expel waste from the body. In theory, this idea should work. After all, the body can hold onto a few meals at a time as it awaits digestion, and this can eventually add to the buildup of toxins. This is especially true if the person in question eats a good amount of processed foods.

It is very important that you select a detox program that does not harm your health. Just as a colon cleanse that is performed by someone who is not used to doing the procedure on patients can cause bodily harm, so too can a low-calorie diet decrease a person's muscle and cause them to gain weight quickly after the cleanse is over and he or she returns to a normal diet. Therefore, consult with a professional. Ask why certain calorie intakes are low, and inquire as to what benefits you may achieve from your chosen cleanse.

Plenty of benefits have been reported from well thought-out detox programs, including (but not limited to) increases in energy and decreased feelings of sluggishness, better digestion, mood enhancement and more. Weight loss is also a welcome result of most cleanses. Anecdotal evidence exists through the Internet that includes happy detox patients who recommend the practice to all. By asking your practiceer educated questions about your chosen program and selecting the one that sees right for you, you will have the best chance possible to enjoy success.

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Intestinal Cleanse Treatment Options

There is more than one way to embark upon an intestinal cleanse. By learning about each of your options, you will be best equipped to choose the treatment type that is right for you. Read below as we investigate the different cleanse regimens available. By being an informed consumer of your own healthcare, you will feel more in control of your own wellbeing. Instead of just accepting a practiceer's opinion or selecting a cleanse based solely on anecdotal evidence, know that you've looked at all your options and that you've chosen the one that fits your unique situation.

Intestinal cleanse treatment options include:

1. The use of powder or liquid-based supplemental aids. These may include (but are not limited to) herbal supplements taken orally and enzymes or enemas that are inserted straight into the rectum. Laxatives and tea with herbal properties are also commonly used to induce a cleansing response. This response is, of course, the emptying of the intestinal contents with the hope that the organ is now cleansed.

2. Colonic irrigation (also called a “high colonic” is another commonly used method. In this type of intestinal cleanse, a therapist inserts a large amount of water into your rectum, flushing the area and causing waste and water products to be emitted from the body. In this type of cleanse, elements may be added to the liquid to promote a good end result; for example, the addition of probiotics to the liquid stands to re-cultivate the “bug colony” that typically exists in the intestines and When not done correctly, such a cleanse program can deplete these so-called “good bugs” and leave a person vulnerable to infection and other side effects.

Regardless of the manner in which you intend to do your intestinal cleanse, you may experience the benefits of increased mental clarity, weight loss, immune system strengthening etc. It also makes your digestive system more effective and increase energy and body's absorption of vitamin and nutrients. Some people even believe that colonic irritation can decrease a person's chance of contracting colon cancer, one of the deadliest cancers a person can experience. Plenty of people have reported favorable results from the cleanse experience. Which type of cleanse you opt to embark upon depends on your comfort level and your confidence regarding whether or not it will work for you. Think about what you can reasonably undergo to achieve a favorable result. Then ask yourself which of the options we've explored will be ideal.

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How to Prepare For a Cleanse Program

The commonly held belief regarding the days before a cleanse program involves debauchery. After all, you're about to cleanse yourself of toxins; is not this the time to go crazy in the candy aisle and make yourself a steady diet of fried chicken and all the fixings? While this commonly held belief makes sense (after all, is not all this gunk about to be expeled from your body in a forceful manner anyway?) It is not at all correct way to prepare your body to be cleaned out. Read below as we detail the steps you should be taking as you prepare for your procedure, and leave the bucket of friend chicken alone. If you prepare correctly for your cleanse program, you will be setting your body up for success. Is not that more exciting than the thought of one last junk food foray?

Step one should begin a full week before the procedure, during which you become a water lover, if you are not already. Decrease the amount of other liquids in your diet. Yes, coffee lovers, that means you. Although a glass or two of vegetable juice is deemed fine, it's not a great idea to begin swilling jugs of V-8, either. Now is the time to go crazy with those raw vegetables. If you pick up something that you're planning to eat and it came packaged inside a box, there is a good chance that it harbors preservatives, and those are no-nos. You want your gut to be in good condition when that cleansse begins, so Moon Pies are not a wonderful idea at this point in time. Between your healthy drinks and meals, fit in some extra exercise to encourage that blood flow to your colon. It's about to be cleaned, and it needs some good preparation beforehand.

Step two involves the days and months after the actual cleanse program. Do not rest on your laurels, saying that this one cleanse will keep you healthy. Instead, walk the walk and eat the foods that will encourage your colon to remain clean. Again, those conservative-laden foods are not doing you or your gut any favors. Instead, look to those raw vegetables such as cauliflower, garlic, onions, kale and beets to make up the bulk of your diet. Lean protein sources are important components of your diet as this stage in the game as well, but eschew the hamburger in favor of fish and nuts.

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Why Is It Important to Detox Your Body?

Our bodies are exposed to toxic chemicals and fumes on a very regular basis. Many things that we encounter daily contain a wide variety of unnatural substances that penetrate into our cells by way of our lungs, digestive system, and even skin. Over the course of our lives, these chemicals have the potential to build in our system, creating an unnatural environment that slows cell functions and can ever feed disease.

On the flip side, though, there are several ways in which one can overcome these negative effects. The body is already in a perpetual state of detoxification. For example, food enters and waste exits. This is the body's most natural and effective means of processing toxins out of the body so they do not continue to penetrate into your bloodstream. Everything that you do in addition to this can help ease the stress that the environment can induce on your cells.

A change of diet is the most drastic method of detoxification. By focusing on whole, clean foods, and limiting processed foods, you are taking a huge load off of your body and allowing for it to process and absorb proper nutrients. There are also a variety of supplements that can aid in the detoxification process. If you suffer from constipation, one of the most efficient ways to assist your body in ridding itself of toxins is to supplement with magnesium or fiber to make sure that things are moving through your body properly.

Creating a healthy body is important because it essentially allows for us to function at our best, and who would not want to do that? The physical benefits from detoxification are perhaps the most drastic. Once toxins are removed from organs, such as the liver and intestines, they are able to function much more effectively. Your body's immune system will also function at its best, and your blood will also circulate and oxygenate better. You may also notice that your body odor improves, as does morning breath.

Overall, a detox will most likely make you feel “lighter” and refreshed from a physical perspective. This will translate to a mental clarity that allows for much more efficient brain function. Detoxification can help with insomnia, fatigue, concentration, and with the elimination of common “brain fog”. The only way to truly experience these benefits is through actual detoxification, and while it may seem overwhelming, even small steps towards a cleaner body can yield noticeable results.

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How Do Detox Foot Pads Work?

The human body is constantly being exposed to a barrage of toxins. Some of these come through the air that we breathe and others are in the food and water that we ingest. Regardless of how they enter into the body, they can cause problems that range from digestive disorders and depression to neurological disorders, such as Parkinson's disease. Finding way to conveniently detox the body can help to reduce those issues. Detox foot pads provide the convenience that allows them to fit into our busy schedule and the effect of removing those toxins from the body.

Before we discuss the specifics about how detox foot pads work, it's important to understand the range of toxins that can be removed from the body. When high-quality detox pads are used, it is possible to expel various chemicals from the body, along with metabolic waste, parasites and heavy metals. Some of these toxins may have substantial effects on the body. As an example, Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Institute stated that just 17 micrograms of lead in the body can reduce an IQ by 10 points (Source: clement-on-detoxification.aspx). Conversely, removing toxins from the body allows it to do its job of healing naturally.

The foot is a gateway to many other parts of the body, including the internal organs. In reflexology, as well as through acupuncture and acupressure, the foot is manipulated to provide healing benefits to other parts of the body. It is divided into 35 sections, each of which can have a comprehensive effect on a separate part of the body when manipulated properly. As an example, the interior and central areas of the foot are connected to the spleen and kidneys. That is where the primary benefit of detox foot pads comes in. It pulls the toxins from the body using those areas of the foot that are directly connected to the detoxifying organs.

Many of the toxins that are taken into the body are transported to the tissues and liver until they are able to be removed. The majority of illnesses that people experience exist because of the buildup of toxins as they overpower the natural ability of the body to remove them. The herbs that are on the detox foot pads interact with the feet to stimulate the movement of toxins to the area. As those toxins migrate to the foot, the footpad extracts them through osmosis.

As with anything that is designed to provide natural healing to the body, there are going to be skeptics. As they say, however, seeing is believing. When the detox foot pad is removed in the morning, visual evidence will be clearly seen. This is undeniable proof of the fact that toxins, which were at one time embedded in the body, have been permanently removed. Many people that use detox foot pads feel the effect of the cleaning as well. It is a convenient option that can help to provide better health to the body and is part of an overall cleansing process that everyone needs.

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Natural Ways To Detoxify The Body

Detoxification is a process of removing toxic substances from the body. Detoxification keeps you in good health.


Water : Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Water flushes your system naturally and maintains proper functioning of the body's organs. Drink a glass of water with fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning. You can also add lemon or lime to your water through the day. These citrus fruits help cut down fat.

Natural Fiber : Fiber rich foods are excellent detoxifying agents. Eat more fiber rich foods. These include legumes, fruits and vegetables like broccoli, radish, beet, cage and so on. Fiber keeps the digestive tract working well and there before gains the elimination of toxic substances, waste and other substances that has built up in the digestive tract. Fiber also helps with weight loss.

Fruits only diet : Fruits prevent a lot of diseases and keep you healthy. For a fruit detox, you can use one type of fruit or different fruits. Eat these for seven days. Do not go beyond seven days. Some good fruits to consider for a fruit detox are citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon and tangerines. They have a high detoxifying power. You also eat grapes for about 3-5 days. They contain resveratrol which has anti cancer properties and protect against diabetes. They are also high in vitamin C and potassium.

Exercises : Engage in exercises like biking, running, jogging and others that make you sweat. Sweating is a way of getting rid of toxins from the body.

Meditation : Meditation lets go of any built-in anger, stress and anxiety. It is good for your mental health and the body as a whole.Yoga is also known for it's ability to put pressure on body organs such as the liver and kidney. These organs play a crucible role in detoxification.

Turn to organic foods : Organic foods are grown with natural fertilizers and pesticides. They contain far less toxins. It is especially important to opt for organic where the fruit or vegetable involves eating the skin or peel.

Improve circulation : Good circulation releases toxins from the body and helps oxygen reach vital organs in the body. Activities that can improve circulation include massaging, exercising and skin brushing.

Liquids : You can also consume just liquids for about 2 days. Liquids such as water, fruit juice, vegetable juice or protein shakes are good for detoxification. They easily get rid of toxins in your system.


It is essential to avoid these when engaging in detoxification.

  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • tobacco
  • processed foods and meat


You MUST consult your doctor before starting any detoxification process especially if you have a medical condition or taking any medication.

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