How to Do a Body Cleanse

You can cleanse your body any number of ways. A body cleansse is a detoxifying flush that removes toxins and bowel from your system, boosting your immune system. Many people accomplish this with colon cleanse tablets or other items you can get as part of the natural health movement in health food stores. You would not want to do all of the cleanses, of course, because your body not only does not need it, it would be bad for you. But you can choose a cleanse that takes care of certain problems.

Common cleanses are: parasite cleanses, liver flushes, gallbladder flushes, candida cleanses, and coon cleanses. You can also take more general cleanses that involves fast, with only water or juice.

There are many types of holistic cleansers, but where do you start? Here are some ideas on where to start with the more popular cleaning methods. Some of them are quite general, others target specific areas, such as your gallbladder or candida.

You may have heard of the Master Cleanse. It has many names, and has been around for years. Dr. Stanley Burroughs designed the Master Cleanse for the entire body, to pull toxins from the body and get rid of mucus. The toxins are excreted in the bowel.

Water and juice fasting are pretty simple ideas. Whether you choose water or juice for your fast, the general idea is that you give your digestive system a vacation, so that it can rest and your body can heal itself, rather than spending its energy digesting food. Some minor health issues can even be addressed by a short day or two of fasting.

Another type of cleansing is colon cleansing. The waste in our bodies builds up in the intestines, causing intestinal problems. By doing a colon cleanse, you remove years worth of sludge that just sits there and festers. Aloe vera colon cleansse tablets are often used to remove toxins and sludge that accumulate in the colon.

Parasite cleanses are, unfortunately, very necessary. We run into these nasty little things every day, and many times we may have parasites and not even know it. They sap our system of the nutrients that we need for our own health. You can take a variety of herbs that will kill the parasites, so that your body will begin to heal. Lots of times, you'll do a parasite cleanse with your colon cleanse, since they are all focused on the same part of the body.

Candida flushes, unfortunately, will not work overnight. Candida is a tough problem to get rid of, and you may need to so simple cleanses of short duration. It may take months to clean the candida out of your system, and your diet will be very important in treatment, as well. You'll also feel pretty sick during the cleansing period.

Calcium kidney stones are the most common, but also are dissolvable. To prevent stones, you should just drink more water. However, once the kidney stones are formed, if they do not dissolve with water, you may need to do a cleanse.

Cleanses and flushes are medically controversial, but people who use Colon Cleanse Tablets and aloe vera colon cleansse tablets swear by their improved health.

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Bentonite Clay and Its Benefits

Bentonite clay gets its name from its place of origin – Fort Benton, WY. The clay in all of its forms, all over the world, has been used for centuries of years as a cleanser for the digestive system and for detoxification of the body. Bentonite clay, in conjunction with colon cleanse tablets, are one of the most effective ways of ridding your body of toxins that accumulate in your renal system. The clay is formed from volcanic ash, and its interaction with water. The clay forms a medicinal compound of aluminum phyllosilicate, with a commercial moniker of montmotillonite. You can purchase is as a gray gel that has no taste, as a powder, or as a capsule. In fact, Ran Knishinsky wrote in his book The Clay Cure that he has been eating dirt every single day for 6 years.

The Benefits of Bentonite

If you take bentonite clay orally, in a liquid form, it detoxifies the free radicals, intestinal parasites, pathogins, herbicides, and pesticides that you take into your body with everything you eat. This is the ideal treatment for a toxic colon. It is best to drink the bentonite solution about an hour before you eat, or right after a meal, so that it will go down with your meal. You can add it to juice to improve the taste.

Liquid bentonite is an inert agent, meaning that it is chemically inactive. It does not absorb into your system, but, as it passes through the digestive system, it binds with the toxins, absorbing them and carrying them out of your body. The bentonite behaves much like a sponge, magnetically drawing the toxins to it. It has multiple facets, much like a sponge, so that the toxins have plenty of surfaces to which cling. The clay becomes hydrated in your system, fixing free oxygen from the blood stream and increasing the T-cells. T-cells are lymphocytes that help the body's immune system.

Liquid clay also helps relieve hay fever, anemia, allergies, and heartburn. If you use it regularly, it will cure bowel irregularities such as dirrhea and constipation, along with heartburn and ulcers. It will also clear your complexion, because it is pulling impurities from your system so that they are not being excreted through your skin. You'll have whiter eyes and a quick mind, and your stress level will drop because you are healthy. It even helps to repair tissue and improve your bowel movements. Not only will elimination be more regular, it will be easier, and your organ functions will be strengthened, because the toxins are removed.

If you use bentonite clay as a cream, it will help cure acne and rashes. It also soothes muscle damage and bruises. The application of a pack of bentonite clay will help cure funguses, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin problems. Aloe vera Colon Cleanse Tablets in conjunction with bentonite clay will clean out your organs and digestive system, pulling the toxins out of your body, making it healthier and boosting your immune system.

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Recovering From The Turkey Blues

After the holidays the average person will have earned anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs from all the festive eating.

For most of us we start to feel lethargic and run down. And with good reason. With all the excess sugar and carbohydrates (think potatoes, stuffing, baked cookies and pies and chocolates) in addition to over-sized portions of protein, our bodies and gastrointestinal system has some serious work ahead of it.

For many of us, our systems are already bogged down and sluggish. So, if you have the turkey or holiday season gut blues, do yourself a favor and get a good start on being healthy with a digestive colon cleanse!

Did you know toxins left in your body causing inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract called auto-Intoxification.

As excess toxins build up in your colon and gastrointestinal tract, your liver and immune system can become severely stressed.

Here is a list of the Common Digestive Symptoms:

  • Lethargy
  • Poor Digestion
  • Gas, Constipation or Diarrhea
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Weight Gain

Laxatives and costy colonic treatments like colon hydrotherapy can be quite tough on the body and not everyone wants to go to those extremes to cleanse and detoxify their system. But there is an easier, more typically effective way to restore balance and protect the delicate lining of your GI tract, through the use of a supplement designed to aid the body in cleansing itself from unwanted toxins found in the gut and colon.

There are additional benefits to keeping your gastrointestinal tract clear and protected. Your digestive system and liver become healthier and your immune system will become stronger, as will your mind, which will become clearer and more focused. Also, your skin tone will become healthier in its appearance.

So, as you slouch with a full belly this holiday season and start contemplating your next move, do not just forge ahead with the exercise and strict diet plan, empower yourself with a stronger, healthier you from the inside.

Create a firm foundation of healthiness by eliminating the nasty build-up of waste and by-products in your system with a gentle cleanse through supplementation. It's the best and easiest way to protect the delicate lining of your gastrointestinal tract while cleansing your system.

What Kind of Digestive Aid Products Should You Be Looking For?

First, you want to find a quality supplement that is part of a balanced and healthy system with the overall goal for improved health, function and protection of your own digestive system. Your best bet is a digestive aid product which supports the overall cleansing of your body using a balanced and healthy supplement system.

Consider a supplement program that firstly provides top quality nutrients designed to alleviate your symptoms of poor digestion and an unhealthy tract system. The next step should be all about re-establishing the healthy bacteria in your system. Probiotics help aid digestion and prevent further build up of toxins. And thirdly, an effective supplement will utilize a super food fiber that will help bring balance and digestive support for continued gut and colon health.

Be proactive and make health your priority and be sure to reap the benefits for years to come by cleansing and nourishing your inner body!

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Jamaican Colon Cleanse

In the old day's Jamaican mothers cave children regular. Today, many adults have realized the therapeutic value of having regular colon cleansing to keep the indoor “plumbing” in working order. ageing, cancers, and other debilitating diseases.

A colon cleanse does for the human body what an oil change does for a car, since it empties impurities and lubricates the lining of the six feet of colon that expels waste from our bodies. One of the many facilities which offer colon cleansing is the Colon Care Center, with branches in Half-Way Tree, Ocho Rios and central Montego Bay. Run by Debbie Cole, a member of the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy, her husband Marlon (a nutritionist and health therapist) and her sister Dawn, the clinic is quiet and bright, decorated with paintings of Jamaican waterfalls, and has a small fountain bubbling in the waiting room.

There are three additional staff members in Kingston, and two each in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. A cleansing session lasts for about half an hour, during which a small amount of water is allowed to flow through the colon to gently stimulate the release of residual waste. The Colon Care Center uses a machine which allows the water to flow in and be emptied out during the session, and there is a glass window in the machine through which the operator can see what is flowing out. This information is recorded, and the patient is informed on the condition of the bowel's contents. At this time recommendation for diet and internal care is given to the patient.

The session is painless and not embarrassing. Most clothing can be kept on, and a gown is draped to ensure modesty. More than one session is normally recommended for total cleansing, especially of older patients. Patients interviewed had been contrary reasons for having taken a Colon Cleanse Tablets for better health A colon cleanse does for the human body what an oil change does for a car. The patient is relaxed through the entire process.

Leontine, a beautiful 66-year-old, said an herbal doctor recommended the cleansing and detoxing. She finished the last of eight sessions, and was enthusiastic about how much good it had done her. “My bowel movements have been much easier now. I am now more conscious of what I eat because I was told I had a lot of undigested food, which really surprised me. which is very good for me, she said. Elaine, a housewife in her mid-50s, said that she had come for a cleanse because she noticed that no matter how small her meals, her stomach would become as bloated as if she Two colon cleanses had reduced much of the bulk, which she had been told consistent of heavy constipation and a lot of mucus. her sister, as they both were suffering from abdominal pains, and her sister had found colon cleansing helpful in easing the pain.

As far back as 1500 BC Colon cleansing, said Debbie Cole, has been recorded as far back as the ancient Egyptians in 1500 BC Hippocrates, she added, recommended enemas to reduce fever And, not too long ago doctors had an enema among the medical instruments at hand and recommended that enemas be given to all new mothers the week after giving birth Cole began her unusual occupation as a result of her own illness, caused by a diet too heavy in carbohydrates.

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Keep a Healthful Liver by Eating These Liver Friendly Foods

Foods that are friendly to the liver can be broken down into two general groups: those that promote liver detoxification, and those that are elevated in antioxidants and protect the liver while it is going through the detoxification process. Having a healthy liver will naturally boost your energy level and greatly assist you in losing weight, especially in the stomach area. But prior to a diet designed to promote liver detoxification, let's look at those foods that are high in antioxidants, for that is the diet we will want to stay with.

We will start with fruits that have the highest antioxidant levels. The US Department of Agriculture has found that they are, starting with the highest levels of antioxidants: prunes, raisins, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums, oranges, pink grapefruit, cantaloupe, apples and pears. Next consider green tea in your antioxidant diet. Green tea contains elevated concentrations of catechin polyphinols, which work with other chemicals to produce higher levels of fat oxidation. Try consuming on average three cups of green tea a day.

On the vegetable side, spinach, carrots, broccoli and tomatoes are excellent antioxidant foods. Tomatoes in particular contain a powerful anticancer agent called lycopene, and should in some form or another be included in every diet. Keep in mind that lycopene for optimal absorption to occur needs fat, so a little olive oil will help in that regard. It has also been found that cooked rather than raw is the healthier alternative with tomatoes.

It is recommended that you stay on a diet rich in these antioxidant foods for a week, and eliminate for the time being all animal products, sweets, alcohol and minimal amounts of coffee. And drink at least eight cups of purified water on a daily basis. This will set you up for the second phase of liver healthy foods now that the antioxidants have protected the liver.

Next we will look to cleanse the liver, and some of the foods you should look at in this regard are beets, artichokes, peas, parsnips, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, squash, yams, beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chives, cucumber, eggplant, garlic, kale, kohlrabi, mustard greens, okra, onion, and parsley. Quite a long list, but there should be quite a few that everyone will favor, and for best results rotate them in your diet.

To that add some other excellent cleansers. Cayenne and lemon are well-known liver cleansers, and adding a half squeezed lemon and a dash of cayenne to a glass of water as water as hot as you can stand it first thing in the morning is really a great start to the day. Another secret weapon to help the liver is milk thistle, which is one of the most potent liver-cleansing compounds we know.

The liver is our major fat-burning organ, but only when it is functioning at peak efficiency. It's our job to make sure it has every opportunity to work without obstructions. The liver processes over 500 different functions, so it is imperative we give it every break we can. Keeping a diet rich in antioxidant foods along with foods that have natural detoxification qualities will meet those needs.

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Why Isagenix and Why You?

Isagenix is ​​an amazing nutritional cleansing company. Their products have been professionally formulated and scientifically tested to provide you with the optimum levels of nutrients. This cleansse is a one of a kind nutritional cleansing diet system. Which works by removing impurities within the body with complete nutrition. People all over the world have released kilos of fat, regained their energy levels, increased their zest for life and have had a great improvement with their health.

As a male or female living in today's modern society it is estimated that we are exposed to over four and a half thousand different toxins, chemicals and pollutants. Along with this we live with a nutrient poor diet and higher stress levels are common as we try to keep up with a pacy lifestyle. All these factors can and do take a major toll on the body.

The human body is amazing, and has the ability to remove small amounts of these toxins. Though, given the high levels of exposure we live in there is a good chance your body is struggling to keep up. These chemicals and pollutants can build up in your system, resulting in damaging cells and clogging up the body. You may see this with excess weight, lethargy, illness and disease.

As I had previously mentioned, the body has the ability to remove these chemicals and pollutants in the body but in small doses. You need to help your own body and the best way you can do this is to cleanse and detox. Cleansing will enable you to assist your body, in removing these chemicals from your body and promoting better health.

There are so many different cleansing diets and weight loss systems. You only need to flick between channels on tv, or read a local magazine or newspaper. They all focus on short-term weight loss and unfortunately only provide short-term results or require you to live an unrealistic lifestyle in order to gain any success.

Isagenix differs from this. By filling the body with great nutrients, you are allowing your body to replenish its systems, removing environmental pollutants and toxins and giving the body the fuel it needs to naturally return to optimum health.

Isagenix has developed simple and easy to use products which everyone can benefit from. Their 9 and 30 day systems are a perfect way to introduce yourself to the products. Each coming with a day by day guide informing you of step you need to take.

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The Process of Detoxification


You've made the decision to lead a better, healthier lifestyle: you've eliminated the foods with the intention of saying no to disease and poor health; you're consuming more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains in their natural state; you're on a dieting curriculum; and you're farmoremore drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep all night …

So why do you feel exhausted, rundown, and even sick every time?

It is called detoxification, and as a lifestyle exchange for the better is undertaken, some individuals will experience this in diverse degrees. But why does it take place? To take up this issue, we need to understand why we develop ailments every now and then, and what the body does to correct them. All ailments can be induced by these two causes causes: toxicity and deficiency. Both are as result of our day to day feeding habits. Toxicity refers to a level of poison in the body from foods which have caused an acidic disequilibrium. These poisons are the by-products of consuming foods from animal sources, as well as sugar, salt, white flour products, caffeine, and other items that were modified from their first whole-food design (refined foods).

Deficiency is the state in which our body lacks Passable nutrients essential for the body's normal function, caused by the excess consumption of foods which were refined or predominately cooked until they are Rendered nutritionally incomplete.

When toxic foods are cut down, and we start the intake of natural foods, especially fresh vegetable juices, the body is able to rebuild as well as cleansse itself. This domestic refining results in toxins / poisons being emptied into the bloodstream, this is what many individuals refer to as detoxification. During this process, you could experience a range of both physical and mental discomfort which will subside over a period, depending on the amount, degree, time spent consuming detoxifying diet. Occasionally, as the “bad” gets eliminated and the “good” is deposit back in, symptoms start to abate, and the body starts functioning normally and return to good shape. Many individuals are encouraged to detoxify, or clean, the body initially, and later to rebuild the body. But would not it be better to cleanse and nourish the body with valuable stuff from the very start with the intention of giving the body strength to rebuild and take up again to its normal function while it is furthermore reaffining? Therefore, it is essential to deal with both the toxicity and deficiency issues at the same time.

Why does detoxification occur?

The foremost function of the body is to create homeostasis – the state by which each part of the body is by the book balanced and in a state of normal function. Over the years, as our body homeostasis is upset due to lifestyle choices, the body starts to function in a constant mode of renovation and refurbishment. Working to keep you alive by all means possible. To accomplish this, the body tries to divest itself of the toxic elements with the intent of ridding itself of the toxins that has been built up in the system. If the body is unable to fully clean itself of the toxins, they could be stored deep surrounded by the tissues and cells. Unfortunately, it is as toxins are stored within the body that real destruction begins to occur in persons disease start to manifest. But as we make making healthy nourishment and lifestyle choices, the body starts a refining process – eliminating the bad (toxins) and putting in the needed (natural nutrients) -and the areas damaged by stored toxins interrupt the rebuilding process.

The refining process has several avenues of purification:

1. Elimination through the bowels. One of the generally valuable issues to take up in detoxification is elimination. There are some indications that approximately 75-90% of people suffer from sluggish bowels. This can be a notification sign of greater health problems to occur. If toxins from our body (dead cells, dissipate products, and that.) Are not eliminated quickly, they can be re-absorbed into the body and hence lead to the upshot in the toxic buildup, which can very well result into the breakdown of the body and illness. Therefore, it is essential that bowel function be optimized in order to insure rapid and efficient dispersal of toxins.

2. Elimination through the skin. One way to help eliminate toxins is scrubbing off dry skin. For this process, the exhausted cells on the skin are brushed away. We lose close to two pounds of toxins all the time through our skin. Our skin is our leading organ and as such, as the bowels are not eliminating as they must, the toxins will try to leave the body anyway they could and the skin is one of such chance. This is why almost anyone will develop rashes or spots as their body goes through a refining process.

3. Elimination through the lymph system. The lymph system is part of the immune system, and it asserts the body in ridding itself of toxic elements; however, the lymph system does not flow through the body except the body acts. Thus, physical exercise is an essential element when it comes to dealing with symptoms of detoxification and rebuilding the immune system. An exceptional way to move the lymph is through walking or rebounding for at least sixty minutes daily.

4. Elimination through the mucous membranes. The mucous membranes enclose toxins and help to eliminate them from our system; However, if the mucous does not maintain a watery uniformity, the trapped toxins could become infectious now and again infection will develop. Consuming a passable amount of water (6-8 glasses every day) will help keep the mucous watery sufficient to enhance speedy passage of mucous.

What do you do when experiencing detoxification?

there are various symptoms of detoxification that could be manifested. Some indicators could be severe, such as flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, vomiting, and depression, but generally will be mildly irritating, and could include: headaches, fatigue, constipation, fever, skin rash, spots, bad temper, and lethargy, amongst others. The majority of individuals who change their feeding habits (natural food consumption) do not even realize that they are undergoing the detoxification process. Others will notice mild refining or detoxification symptoms, such as fatigue, within a few days of making the change, while a very small percentage will experience significant detoxification signs weeks later. Each person is unique, and all individuals react in a unique way. As a matter of importance, we need to recognize detoxification as a clear process. It is one way the body can tell us it is working properly. Once we realize this we better understand and acknowledge why detoxification is occurring. There are various processes you could perform as an individual undergoes detoxification.

1: Do nothing and allow the body's detoxification process to run its way. The body will detoxify to the best of its ability. Typically, these detoxification episodes continue for about 3 – 7 days.

2: Slow down the refining process. Eat more cooked foods and cut back on the detoxifier This will normally results in an accelerating of the detoxification symptoms because the body is concentrating more of its energy on digesting and dealing with cooked foods than it is with refining and rebuilding.

3: Speed ​​it up! Help the body to clean more quickly. This detoxification method entitles eliminating solid foods; increasing water, take fasting; and maybe even engaging in enemas or colonics! The symptoms will not disappear; instead, they could even intensify for a period. But as they are finished, they ordinarily would not reoccur in the same fashion.

Whichever detoxifying process you choose, getting surge is rest is of the greatest essence. The body needs to reserve its strength for refining and rebuilding not for rigid work!

One of the reasons many individuals do not experience harsh detoxification is because of the small quantity of cooked food that is part of the curriculum; which causes a periodic release of toxins from the body, but by a much slower rate and require a longer cycle to take effect. That is why the cooked part is essential.

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Tips For The Holiday Season and Colon Cleansing

It is the season of good will and good food and drink! For many of us it means indulging in foods we would not normally eat – mince pies, fruitcake, chocolate trees – in other words rich foods. Christmas is all about enjoying oneself with friends and family and not much thought is given to cleansing our bodies in December.

However, here are some easy tips you can follow to make sure your body can assimilate all that rich food and you still feel great.

One of the best ways to keep your body healthy is with fresh fruit and vegetables. Get your blender or juicer out onto the kitchen counter and leave it there as a reminder. Have a delicious fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast every day. If you go with this simple rule of consuming fresh fruit only in the mornings until lunchtime, your body will thank you for it.

Same goes for fresh veggies – you can juice them or put them in a blender and sip them through the afternoon / evening.

This easy way of consuming veggies and fruit puts your body into elimination mode and all those extra vitamins and minerals do your body good. If you do at least the fruit, your body can easily cope with the occasional rich treat.

Another good thing to do is to take a good enzyme capsule at least once a day – preferably with every meal but if you forget, then at least try once a day. Make sure you get an enzyme product that has different kinds of bacteria – your local health store is sure to give you good advice. These enzymes help you digest food and make sure your digestive system stays healthy. If you know you are going to a lavish Christmas dinner of Hanukkah celebration, for example, make sure you take an enzyme capsule before the meal – your body will thank you for it.

Another helpful drink is water. If you have a glass of water before a meal, you probably will not eat as much as your stomach already has the water in it.

If you are more of the logical type, you could make a rule that you will only have a certain portion of the rich holiday fare. Limit yourself to two chocolates instead of not counting. A friend I know limits itself always to just 10 French fries. This way she feels like she is indulging herself something she usually would not and wish she could. She also enjoys every bite of those 10 fries. It's a mindset thing in action.

Hopefully these few easy tips will help you and your body to stay healthy this holiday season.

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T’was the Night Before!

T'was the night before juicing and all through the house not a snack in site, not even one bite!

The vegetables packed away all nice in their box, No meat in this house not even a fox!

The juicer all cleaned and ready to go, It had seemed like just yesterday I was starting this though!

And now the time had come and the question arrive, what recipe should I use should it use kale or chive?

Perhaps one as red as Santa's shirt, With a little lime just maybe a squirt!

Use this recipe for some holiday cheer, And let's not share this one over some beer?

-Half a beet, for a nice tasty treat!

-Add a little lime, to get it right this time!

-Spinach just one cup, Almost done its drinks up!

-Tomato medium or small, it's up to you on how tall!

-4 celery stalks, Instead of candy in all your socks!

-And just a thumb size of ginger, to help the juice go down, The juice go down!

This will leave you with a bowl full of jelly, And a nice warm belly!

But if you're looking for a drink as green as a Grinch, then it's gonna take a little more than just a pinch!

-It starts with 2 cups of kale, for a green fairy tale!

-Then a cup of spinach or two, the choice is up to you!

-Add a few carrots, leave the rest for the parrots!

-A dash parsley, just a little because it is quite sparsley!

-3 celery sticks, These are tasty tricks!

-Fish off with an apple from gramma, she's always getting you out of the slamma!

This green treat, Will take away your craving for meat!

And get you in the holiday cheer, that we all love to hear!

With the holiday here, and finally no fear!

That belly of yours will not have to pay, because this is the year it all goes away!

Now for that first meal, This one's a steal!

But what is that taste, It puts a smile on my face!

It can not be Healthy, Unless I am that stealthy!

The taste is to darn great, It's much better than store bought V8!

But what's the secret, Please do not keep it!

What's inside, well here it is I will not hide!

– A Quarter of pineapple, Just do not sample!

– 5 carrots or more, straight from the store!

-a Green apple half, So you do not taste the wrath!

– Of ginger in the size of an inch, yes a little more than a pinch!

These great recipes you have in store, will help you juice and then explore!

With this time of year, it brings me great cheer!

To open your eyes, with more than one surprise!

To bring you cheer, and start of a skinny new year!

So go on and juice these great meals, to you me both will keep on our heals!


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The Importance of a Natural Body Detoxification

A large part of controlling abdominal fat starts with the liver. That is, if we can help the liver control toxins, the liver will in turn be better able to eliminate fat as waste. One of the signs the body is accumulating toxins is when there is excess fat buildup, especially in the stomach area. This is a way the body protects its vital organs, as when toxins begin to build, the body produces fat as a place to store these toxic wastes to prevent them from harming our life-supporting organs. And it will be hard to eliminate this stubborn belly fat until the risk of toxins to the body is reduced.

Unfortunately for most of us, our levels of toxic buildup are at a point where the body can not remove them naturally and only through dieting. Certainly a proper diet plan can go a long way to controlling toxins, and after the body has had a chance to detoxify itself a system of preventive maintenance is necessary. But due to the environment we live in and the foods we consume, it is a battle that must always be cooked. To know how to fight these toxins, it is important to know where they originate from. The following are a few sources:

Food additives and preservatives
Detergents and fumes from adhesives and car exhaust
Hormones and antibiotics from non-organic food
Pesticides and growth hormones from agricultural chemical contaminants

Without eliminating these substances from your system they will build up and make you feel tired and sluggish, and as mentioned earlier cause fat buildup as the body's defense mechanism to protect itself. Also, if the liver is working full-time to eliminate these toxins, it has to postpone what we really want it to do, that is to metabolize and eliminate fats.

So now here is a quick synopsis of where to start on a body detox. Most experts believe that the program should start with a colon and intestinal cleansing. If the colon and intestinal track are not completely clear of obstacles, when the real flushing of the organs begin in steps two and three major toxins could back up like a plugged drain, pushing them back into the bloodstream.

Also, during this phase you should include a heavy metal cleanse. Test can be taken, usually with hair samples, to check the degree of toxicity in your system. Before starting any detox program, you should take benchmark readings of where your body stands in relation to these poisons. It is quite easy to do, and it will give you quite an accurate reading. Plus it will let you know where you stand as you advance in the detoxification procedures.

Step two will involve a kidney detox and gallbladder cleansing preparation. This removes contaminants from the kidneys and the toxic load they deal with, in addition to softening troublesome gall stones that everyone unfortunately has. By doing this the liver detox will be much easier to perform.

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How to Treat Frequent Sinus Infections

As a breath health specialist, I find myself treating patients with chronic sinusitis and frequent sinus infections. Not only are sinus infections miserable, but they also contribute to the bacteria-friendly environment that results in severe halitosis. Symptoms of sinus infections include headache, low grade fever, ear fullness, facial pressure, fatigue, bad breath, a foul taste in the mouth, and an unsettling feeling that your head is “heavy.” Many of my patients seeking to cure chronic halitosis also experience intermittent sinus infections.

The sinuses are cavities and channels in the skull that allow air to flow and mucous to drain into the nose. When mucous membranes become irritated (often by a cold, allergies, pollutants or exposure to unusually dry or chilly air), they become irritated and inflamed. When your membranes are irritated, the tiny hairs that move the mucous out of the glands slow down, leaving mucous to sit still in the head. Irritation also puts mucous glands into overdrive as they fight to purge bacteria. The glands that secret more more mucus than the norm and the sinus cavities become clogged with mucous. The result is a bacterial friendly environment that is prone to infection.

So the key to preventing and treating sinus infections is reducing irritation and inflammation, and clearing out trapped mucous. The following tips will help you keep your nasal passages healthy and stave off the unpleasant symptoms of chronic sinusitis.

  • Gently blow your nose on a regular basis and always wash your hands after blowing.
  • Irrigate the nasal passes regularly using a high quality nasal irrigation system and medium warm salt water or saline solution intended for nasal irrigation.
  • When contained, take an antihistamine or decongestant to reduce pollution, then allowing for the nasal passes to drain.
  • Apply warm, moist heat to the area. The heat will help break up mucous for more efficient draining and will reduce sinus pressure. Simply apply a warm wash cloth to your face for a few minutes while in the shower. If discomfort persists a humidifier and warm facial compress can be helpful – just be sure to test the temperature before applying the compress to the face. My clients have also found the scent of eucalyptus particularly soothing.
  • Dilute mucous by drinking lots of water, hot tea or hot water with lemon. Proper hydration is critical to sinus health, but avoid dairy liquids and products as they can trigger congestion.
  • If you are prescribed a series of antibiotics by your physician, be sure to take the entire series. Do NOT stop as soon as you start feeling better as that can lead to further infection with bacteria that is more resistant to treatment.
  • If your sinus issues persist, visit an ear, nose and throat specialist to rule out more serious conditions.

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Zetox for Detox? What Is This New Supplement Called Zetox?

What is Zetox?

Zetox is a brand new supplement introduced to the health supplement market recently. The manufacturer claims this new product can remove heavy metals and toxins. Let us look at the Zetox ingredients to see if it has the potential to live up to this claim.

Zetox, it is claimed, will clean your body's cells of the toxic metals and chemicals that have accrued. The main active ingredient in Zetox is zeolite. Although there is very little information about the Zetox product, there is much information regarding zeolite as a health supplement.

Zeolite has been used in many applications including pool and air filtration, industrial spill cleaning, and even to help clean up radiation at Chernobyl, and more recently Fukushima. Zeolite is a unique mineral that has a negative charge. It attracts positively charged ions, like a magnet. It has a strong affinity for mercury, lead, cadmium and other heavy metals and certain chemicals and toxins that have an opposite positive charge.

Why Zetox?

According to Eco Child's Play website there are 700 new chemicals developed, and released for use, in the United States alone, and they are not tested for toxicity. That means thousands of new toxins and chemicals are active in our environment.

Researchers of the zeolite mineral have shown that zeolite has the ability to trap many of these substances. More recently, zeolite has been crushed and used in nutritional supplements. The promise is that by ingesting zeolite, the properties of the mineral will allow it to trap and remove heavy metals and toxins from your body that have found their way there through environmental exposure.

There have been several scientific studies published that show that zeolite does indeed have the capacity to act as a chelating agent, and detoxifier. When you take a zeolite supplement like ZETOX, the zeolite enters the body through the intestinal wall, as long as the particles are small enough, and it travels through your body in the blood stream. Whenever it passes by metals like mercury, foreign chemicals, viral particles or other things that should not be there, it joins that particle like a magnet, sucking it deep within the cage-like structure, and then exiting the body with the poisons in tow. Even if the zeolite particles have not been micronized small enough to enter the circulatory system, the zeolite has the potential to clean up toxins in the digestive tract.

Zetox Extra Ingredients

The Zetox supplement also has vitamins B12 and D3 added. Vitamin B12 is important for the metabolic function of the cells, and even a mild vitamin B12 deficiency can cause fatigue, depression and poor memory. Vitamin B12 is found in organ meats and eggs. Strict vegetarians must supplement with this vitamin in order to get adequate amounts. It is claimed that adding vitamin B12 can increase energy and raise the metabolic rate slightly.

Vitamin D is itself getting a lot of attention recently. Also known as the sunshine vitamin, our body makes Vitamin D when the sun hits our skin. Of course, in the Northern hemisphere, most people have very little sun exposure during the winter months. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to certain cancers, and is an important vitamin to supplement even if you think you are getting enough sun.

There is very little you can do to less your exposure to chemicals and toxins. You can eat organic food and filtered water, keep an air purifier running in your home. You can do other things to help clean the immediate environment that you live in, but you can not do anything about the exhaust fumes, factory run off, coal dust, lead paint, or any of the hundreds of thousands of toxins that exist in our environment.

Theoretically, it makes sense that if zeolite actually works as stated, that it would be good to add a supplement such as Zetox to your diet. If there is a drawback, it is that there there is not enough scientific studies and clinical evidence to back up all of the claims. Before you buy Zetox, be aware that zeolite for human supplementation is still new. If you are sick, or unsure, you should check with a health professional before you try it.

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Colon Cleansing Supplements

The human body is made of different organs which have their own unique function and the function of the colon is to re-absorb nutrients and water and then eliminate toxic waste from the body. Regular bowel movement is necessary to keep the body in good working condition because retention of toxic waste in the body can lead to serious health issues such as hemorrhoids, constipation, colitis, and even colon cancer.

The Symptoms

People who suffer from irregular bowel movement experience bloating, irritability, headaches, fatigue, bad breath, and other symptoms. The solution is a thorough cleansing of the colon which can be done through different methods such as the use of laxatives, enemas, colon hydrotherapy, oxygen based hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation, and herbal supplements.

Decrease Processed Food Intake

Colon cleansing supplements detoxify the entire body by eliminating toxin from the large intestine and the entire digestive system. Cleansing the colon also lets the body repair its tissues which in turn helps revitalize the digestive functions. The main reason for colon malfunction is improper food habits. Fruits and vegetables should be taken on an everyday basis and processed food should be minimized to a large extent.

What to Avoid

The colon cleansing process starts with the intake of a good and safe colon cleaning supplement, fasting and eating vegetables, and fruits. Juices and naturally occurring detoxifying fluids can also be taken. When colon cleansing, it is good to avoid alcohol, artificial sugar, caffeine, nicotine and preservatives, and certain medications.

Natural Herbs

As the body ages the colon can also slow down and it is important to detoxify and cleanse the digestive system to avoid complications. Depending on what is suitable, different colon cleansing supplements can be used or consumed since the main purpose is to eliminate waste. However, it is better to know what type of supplements can be used safely. There are chemicals that work as purgatives that should be avoided but the herbal and natural cleansing supplements can be used without any side effects. Herbs, such as Indian gooseberry, Garcinia, and Eclipta, are natural and effective cleansers and can be included in the diet on a regular & normal basis.

The Main Purpose

Colon hydro therapy, colonic irrigation, and oxygen based cleansers require medical assistance and should be performed only in safe environment under professional and legal supervision such as health centers, clinics, or even hospitals. Herbal and mild laxatives can be used at your home. Even the purchase of a herbal colon cleansing supplement should be done with care by always and simply checking the expiration date. The main purpose of cleansing is to keep the body healthy and not introducing more toxins.

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Zetox – What Is It?

Zetox for Detox …

Zetox is a brand new supplement that is getting a little press these days. People want to know exactly what Zetox is, and if it is worth spending money on. I have looked closely at this supplement and here is what I have found.

Zetox, it is claimed, will clean your body's cells of the toxic metals and chemicals that have accrued, in just a few drops twice a day. When you take Zetox, you are protecting yourself and your loved ones from the nasty effects that our toxic environment can have on our bodies!

Here are some of the benefits of Detoxification with Zetox:

  • Remove heavy metals and toxins from the body without side effects
  • Naturally increase overall energy
  • Increase oxygen in the blood flow which helps transport the Zetox throughout the body more efficiently giving a more complete detox
  • Balance the body's pH to a healthy normal slightly alkaline level (foreign cells can not survive in a balanced pH environment).
  • Help the body absorb vitamins and nutrients more efficiently
  • Inhibit cell mutation to improve the body's resistance to diseases
  • Help fight off the free radicals in the body that can damage the cell membranes and accelerate the aging process
  • Support bone health
  • Support cardiovascular function and inflammatory response and maintains integrity of entity cardiometabolic system
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Improve metabolic function
  • Diminish toxic buildup

Pollution … Food preservatives and additives … Heavy metals like lead in water … Mercury in fish … Radioactive Dust … Every day you hear new stories about the toxic world we live in. There are there 700 new chemicals developed in the United States alone, and they are not tested for toxicity. No one is immune to the onslaught. We do not live in a bubble, and there is no pristine place left on earth.

There is very little you can do to lessen your exposure. You can eat organic food and filtered water, keep an air purifier running in your home. You can do other things to help clean the immediate environment that you live in, but you can not do anything about the exhaust fumes, factory run off, coal dust, lead paint, or any of the hundreds of thousands of toxins that exist in our environment. You can not completely clean the outside …

Zetox Cleans Inside

Zetox is a new, unique supplement. It detoxifies your cells. You may have heard of detoxification methods in the past. Detox has never been easy or pleasant. It has often involved restrictive diets, or messy, uncomfortable treatments. Those detox methods still almost never clean out the body's cells. Mostly they work in the digestive tract, flushing out solids.

Zetox works at a cellular level, cleaning out heavy metals and toxins from deep within your body.

ZEOLITE- The Magic Ingredient

The Zetox special ingredient is a mineral called zeolite. This is what gives Zetox its seemingly magical powers.

The zeolite mineral forms when molten lava from a volcano meets sea water and cools quickly. It forms a crystalline structure that has a negative charge, and joins heavy metals and toxins.

The zeolite in Zetox has been called “Nature's Detoxifier”

When you take a zeolite supplement like Zetox, it enters the body through the intestinal wall, and it travels through your body in the blood stream. Whenever it passes by metals like mercury, foreign chemicals, viral particles or other things that should not be there, it joins that particle like a magnet, sucking it deep within the cage-like structure, and then exiting the body with the poisons in tow.

I think supplements like Zetox will become very important in our quest for health.

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Toxins In Food – How Is That Possible?

“Toxins in food … HOW is that possible?” … I asked the same question and here's what I found.

In the book “What You Do not Know May Be Killing You” … author Don Colbert, MD discovered there are over 3,000 chemicals and 10,000 solvents, emulsifiers and preservatives in our food. Yes there are toxins in food and they are there alright and mostly because someone put them there.

Toxins have reached alarming levels, in our fresh fruit and vegetables, our meat, poultry and fish, in our processed foods, our groceries. Additives or toxins in food are an acceptable marketing practice by the suppliers and it's ignored by our authorities and Governments.

And we take them into our body almost everyday with mercury, methanol, cadmium, lead, aluminum, and if you eat produce and fatty meats you easily get pesticides, herbicides, and they may also contain concentrations of antibiotics, sulfa drugs, hormones and other toxins.

To a degree the level of toxins in your food does depend on where you source your foods from, but remember toxins in food can be detected in MOST of what we buy and eat today.


And because of the effects of these toxins we get food bankrupt of nutrition. All caused from the effects of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals.

And we eat this food, the processed, the manufactured or the produce that we consume and because of the effects of toxins we are eating food lacking the minerals and trace minerals that are so properly needed for ninety-five percent of our bodily functions.

And with much of our processed and manufactured foods it looks like anything goes, with toxic dies, enhancers and flavorings, sweeteners and additives and that's excluding the harmful trans-fats, white sugar and white flours that we consume.

We take all this food lacking in nutrition and laced with toxins into our body almost every time we eat and its bulk and hollow food without nutritional goodness. It really is just hollow calories.

And it does not satisfy our hunger so we eat more and all the excess is converted into body fat.

Toxins and bankrupt food are the root cause of the obesity and health crisis we are witnessing today. Our world is getting sicker and fatter by the day and it can all be linked back to toxins, bankrupt food and a general lack of knowledge by the consuming public.

IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP and preserve what life YOU have left. Scientists are now saying that the current generation of kids will be the first that will not outlive their parents. That is a huge “wake-up” statement.

If You do not start you'll soon forget what its like to be well and feel good. Toxins are everywhere and increasing by the day.


Some people find a source of non toxic food and they are available, but many of those labeled as organic need to be verified.

Hey, and look at the results of toxins in food; obesity is everywhere and almost no levels of our community remains untouched and illness and sickness has reached alarming levels.

Doctors say most diseases associated with obesity are increasing and even our children are suffering with diabetes and other illnesses.

You owe it to yourself to learn how to protect your body and find a source of non toxic food and I will bet that most of it will not be from your local supermarket in the near future.

Until the people wake up and force Governments to act, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. But you can look after yourself.


  • It is undisputed that there are toxins in our foods and those toxins are the main cause of illness, disease and death.
  • Our bodies are overloaded and will continue as such until we decide on change. Until then it will not alter and obesity and sickness will continue to increase. YOU can not continue to do what you've always done and expect a different result.
  • It's a very toxic world where almost no one cares. Its buyer beware so be careful. Learn what they are killing us with and then choose your food wisely.

My wife and I found a toxin free next generation food to supplement the organic food we grow ourselves and we just love it. We just made a “turn” to the better and started eating toxic free food and then we discovered what it's like to feel energetic and well again … every day.

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