Have you ever considered the therapeutic benefits of water? Most people may think water is just for drinking, bathing and swimming. Of course, drinking water is the most important thing, but you can also use water for relieving headaches, backaches, constipation and menstrual pains. The challenge in modern society is that most people expect instant cures for their problems. People with migraines expect a magic pill will take away their pain so they can sit at the computer for ten more hours without a break. Other people suffer from sore backs and want a quick drug to treat the pain, without regularly taking time to limber up, exercise and oxygenate the strain. In Naturopathy, water is used for hip baths, spinal baths, soaking the head and feet. This may sound too simple to be effective, but water presents a very therapeutic effect without any dangerous side effects.

I would like to offer just one technique here to tie heads that I learned at Nisargopchar Naturopathy Ashram in Pune, India. First, rinse your head with cold water for about 5 minutes while keeping the rest of your body dry. Next, wrap your head with a wet towel. Now, draw yourself a bucket of hot water for soaking your feet. Sit down with your feet in the hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. Close your eyes and follow your breathing to calm your mind. This technique cools your head while warming your feet, increasing the circulation of blood that releases headache pain. Of course, it's easier to just take a pill, but have you really considered the potential side effects of pain killers? What can they do to your kids long term? Have you ever studied the side effects of pain killers? Do you believe that none of those warnings apply to you?

Now, the one time when water is not suitable is the exact time that everyone seems to take it. That is, water should never be consumed during meals. Drink water at least 30 minutes before or 30 to 60 minutes after a meal. This is recommended in both Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, but for some reason, the average person never learns this at school.

During meals, at most, sip a little water or include soup with your meal. Water during meals dilutes the digestive juices making it harder for the stomach to accomplish its work. Maybe you've watched people who use water to gulp down their food. This practice indicates that they are not chewing their food adequately and therefore feel it necessary to drink a full bottle of water at every meal. I usually ask friends with this habit if they have teeth in their stomach that will thoroughly chew the food for them once it lands inside. In many cases, they respond that their grandmothers always used to offer them the same advice. This is a good case in point when grandmothers know a lot more about health than we learn in health education programs at school.

If you believe soft drinks and coffee provide adequate water to hydrate your body, you may as well believe that window shopping substances sufficient exercise! Fresh water and freshly squeezed juices are by far the best liquids to satisfy the needs of your body. If you crave something a little stronger, green tea is a healthy, tonic option. As all my friends point out, I'm still an avid coffee lover! To my credit, I've cut down ten cups a day to one cup a day over the last twenty years. I'm pretty happy with this progress, although I know Dr. Jacob will shake his head when he sees me sipping my afternoon java .