My personal experience with fast has proved to be one of the most extraordinary experiences that I've had along the path of cleaning up my health and my life. Fasting gives the digestion and elimination systems a much needed rest, allowing the body to remove toxins, dead cells and excess fats more thoroughly. Fasting can be based on seasonal fruits, raw vegetables, limited to the intake of freshly squeezed fruit juices, the juice of fresh coconuts, or in a more intense form by consuming only fresh water. Fasts can range anywhere from 12 hours to 21 days! Fasting for 12 hours follows not eating anything after 6 pm until breakfast the next morning.

Alternately, a semi-fast maintaining of nibbling on fresh fruit in lieu of your evening meal brings a light and fresh snack that is easy to digest and allows your digestion system to rest more deeply while you sleep. Fasts of 1 to 3 days can be produced on just fruits, just vegetables, or just fresh fruit juices. This type of fast assures sufficient energy and vitamins while greatly simplifying the work load of the stomach and intestines. Fasts of any kind are generally well supported by “news fasts,” “computer fasts” and “telephone fasts.” That is, give your body and mind a true rest.

Fasting should always be pursued gradually and you should be particularly cautious when breaking a fast. For example, when I conduct a seven day juice fast, it actually requires 10 to 12 days to complete the entire cleaning program. I pre-fast on fresh fruits for at least 2 days, followed by 7 days on freshly squeezed fruit juices and water, followed by at least 2 days on fresh fruits. After that, I incrementally introduce raw vegetables and cooked vegetables to my diet until my stomach regains full digestive power. During the fast period, it may be necessary to employ water enemas to assist the elimination of wastes in the intestines.

Break fasts by eating very slowly, chewing very thoroughly and eating very small portions. I find the 7 days on juice is reliably easy, but breaking the fast for the next several days is quite hard for me to handle because it requires even greater self control. Through my fasting period, I always give myself at least a full hour of Reiki self healing each day.

In the case of diabetes, a fruit based fast would not be advisable; In this case, fresh, raw vegetables would be much more suitable to help lower blood sugar levels. If you suffer chronic disease, consult with an experienced Naturopath who can recommend the optimum fast method for your health condition. With experience and knowledge, you can extend your fasts and deepen the intensity by limiting your intake to just fresh coconut juice or simply water. As your body cleanses, your mind will freshen, your organs will re-vitalize and every cell in your body will more effectively shed its wastes.

Ironically, fasting the body nourishes the soul! You'll need to experience this for yourself rather than just taking my word for it. Please make a careful distinction between fasting and starving. Fasting is a systematic method of minimizing food intake while maximizing rest to support the detoxification process. Conversely, starvation is when the body is denied food for so long that it begins to consume its own flesh.

Short, one day fasts on a weekly or monthly basis are highly beneficial and enhance your physical, mental and spiritual well being. As you gain experience and deepen your discipline, longer fasts can be pursued. Fasts thinking longer than 7 days should be supervised by an experienced Naturopath or based on a personal fast program individually designed for your own body's needs. With practice, you will gain the personal insight and wisdom to know how to conduct fasts for optimum benefits. Read broadly on this subject and experiment cautiously with your body to determine how you can best benefit from fasting.