If you're like me you'll be wanting only the best natural hangover cures and remedies. A remedy that involves hangover medicine is not natural after all. Our ancestors' bodies were accustomed to natural plants and herbs to cure hangovers, so that's what we want to give ourselves.

Most natural hangover cures have to involve herbs and plants.

Without further ado, here are my top natural remedies for hippies with hangovers!

1. Vitamin with a drink

Rather than stuffing yourself with dangerous medication the next day, have water with vitamins the night before. Most times, you'll wake up feeling pretty good and far more awake. The best vitamins are soluble or effervescent ones that dissolve in water. But if you do not have these, than any decent multivitamin will do fine, as long as it's not too old!

A multivitamin is great because it can contain plenty of the right electrolytes (vitamin C, B6, magnesium, calcium) as well as herbs that detox your liver (silymarin, cysteine). Taking a couple of these before sleeping will generally help you wake up with a much clearer head.

2. Liquids

Whether you take them it's the night before or the morning after, liquids lighten up your path back to the real world. Given that dehydration is one of the main causes of hangovers, you should be hydrating yourself like crazy.

Which liquids are the best natural hangover cures? Water, vegetable and fruit juices blended down and gulped up by your dry mouth are the best. I could tell you to drink cola too, but you might not consider it natural. Either way, you can find here which drinks are the best remedies for hangovers.

3. Exercise

When I get hungover, I go to the gym or go for a brisk walk. It turns out to be a great natural hangover cure. Friends of mine play golf and find that it's a great welcome distraction from their hangover headache.

Whatever you decide to do, make it your goal to get your blood circulating around the body and to sweat out the alcohol as well.

The more you sweat, the better you'll feel. This can be a great remedy if you're reasonably healthy and able to exercise. If you're in bad shape, then it's not for you.

4. Hot bath or shower

Having a hot bath or shower relaxes your muscles, improves circulation and above all, causes you to sweat.
If you've had plenty of alcohol in the past 48 hours you'll sweat bucket loads. Many people say that alternating their shower temperature between hot and cold does the trick. If you feel too rancid to move far, then pour yourself a baking hot bath and feel the poison ooze from your pores.

5. Eggs and bacon on toast

Having eggs is a perfect remedy because they help to clean up the toxin that's making you feel terrible: acetaldehyde. Your body breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde, which is far more painful than alcohol itself once circulating around your body. Any help in cleaning up the toxins is appreciated by your hungover body at this point.

Toast will raise your blood sugar level as you're most likely feeling weak and need this sugar kick. Avoid having too much toast though, as you'll feel bloated and may fall into a digestive meltdown afterwards. If you're not that keen on eggs or bacon to cure your hangover, then see which food cures hangovers fastest.

6. Fresh air

Maybe telling you to get fresh air is a little obvious but many of us forget it. If you slept with little air or the radiator on, it's likely that your head feels like a turnip by the time you wake up. It's really essential to get fresh oxygen in the room to help your body to recover from the battering it took the night before.

7. Hangover Tea with honey

Amazing honey can work wonders for you and your hangover. Especially if you add it to tea and mix some cinnamon in as well. This is the real deal home remedy natural hangover cure.

8. A head and neck massage

For certain types of hangover, massaging your head and neck will provide some needed relief to your suffering head and prove to be a great remedy. You need the blood to circulate better to tie pressure on your brain and around your eyes and temples.

9. Pickle juice or pickled onions

Surprisingly effective, a few pickles or some pickle juice pick you up and clear your head almost immediately. For a really bad hangover I would not rely on pickled expressions alone. But otherwise, they're great helping your head steer itself out of the clouds.

10. Sexual Activity

Most people know what I mean when I mention the hangover horn. This means waking up with a hangover with a real need for sex. It's pretty good really because it turns out that sex is one of the most effective natural hangover cures!

Sweating, flooding the brain with dopamine, exercise and orgasms almost always blast right through the worst of a bad hangover.