Cleansing, fasting, and detoxification have been around for thousands of years. Besides cleansing for health reasons, our ancient cleansed and fasted as part of various religious and cultural practices.

So why did our ancients feel the need to cleanse when they were living a simpler and healthy life? Were not they eating a better diet? After all, cleansing and fast began long before fast foods and processed meals.

Most likely, our ancientors were also cleaning to feel better and have more energy. Theyave their digestive systems a break by eliminating toxins absorbed from foods and the environment.

As part of religious and cultural practices, cleansing was also performed to improve mental clarity and strength and to remove emotional toxins. Fasting and cleansing also signaled renewal and a fresh start.

Cleansing is popular now because most of us have a less than healthy lifestyle. Toxins may come from the foods we eat such as meats and highly processed foods with artificial coloring and flavors, and chemical preservatives. Years of consuming high fat, high sodium and sugary foods with preservatives and pesticides lead to toxins lodged in our body.

Aside from the unhealthy foods, our stressful environment and sedentary lifestyle can also significantly contribute to the problem of toxins and waste-build up. Although we all know the importance of regular exercise for our health, it seems difficult for everyone to prioritize.

So what's one to do? It is important to detoxify your body regularly from all the harmful pathogens that may lead to hypertension, kidney, colon, liver problems and a lot more. There are many different detoxification and cleansing methods, but one particular method has been popular the world over for decades. Just mention lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup, and everyone sees to have heard of the lemonade diet.

The Master Cleanse, developed by Stanley Burroughs, started as an ulcer treatment in the 1940s. It later became popular for its detoxifying benefits.

Those who have tried the Master Cleanse swear by its efficiency. As an internal cleansing method, its primary intent is to get rid of the toxins that have been building up in your body from years of excessive living. Losing weight is a bonus side-effect you will get from detoxifying your body and shedding all that built-up waste.

So why does the Master Cleanse work as an internal cleanser and weight loss tool to eliminate toxins?

  • It includes lemon juice as the primary ingredient, which provides vitamin and citric acid that aids digestion.
  • The cayenne pepper breaks down mucus in your body.
  • The lemonade cleanse is a simple recipe that makes it easy for people to follow. This fact can not be underestimated. People are more likely to successfully complete the cleanse because it's simple to follow.
  • There are numerous convenient cleanse products that allow people to do the cleanse easily.
  • The results are immediate as you witness the elimination of waste build-up.
  • When done correctly, it allows an increase in energy level from eliminating toxins. People feel great after they get past the initial 3 days of the fast cleanse.

As in all programs, specific preparations are required to ensure maximum benefits. All you need to do is to follow the instructions. Consult with your dietitian or doctor as an added precaution before starting the program.