Today, there is a tremendous amount of emphasis on keeping a healthy lifestyle, and keeping things balanced. But more than ever, the pressures and realities of work and living in cities is such that, there just is not all that much opportunity for balance. It's as if the more we emphasize this importance of balance and keeping a stable and consistent lifestyle going, the more we realize that we're unbalanced in many ways, and that we're actually not ready to make any of these commitments to keeping things on an even keel. But there are things out there that have worked in our favor. Products such as a liver detoxifier are definitely things that we can use to help calibrate ourselves.

It starts out a big gimmicky. You find hope in this quick fix, and before long, you're a “believer.” But what's really going on there, sometimes at some latent level, is that you're reminding yourself to keep things in check; to eat your greens, to drink a lot of water, etc. And so, you're seeing people pick up these liver detoxifier products at the grocery stores and drug stores, and it's really a kind of “gateway” to healthier living. Now, what's being suggested here is not that these products lead to greener lives, with the user ever moving out into the rain forests. That's not what's being suggested at all. There is the notice that some of these products out on the market work, some of them work better than others, but quite simply, they're just pieces of a bigger picture. Before long, the consumer's buying multi vitamins again, and the consumer is also looking at whole grains again, in his or her cereals and exports. And that's how true and fundamental lifestyle changes come about: they come about gradually, and they start with single purchases like those.

You can not expect a silver bullet out there, but instead, you have to realize that a liver detoxifier product here and another sort of product along those lines there, and before you know it: you've cut your carbohydrates intake by 40 percent, and you're running 30 miles a week. People out there can say what they want about these liver detoxifier products, but at the end of the day, if a population's seeing decrees in cancer cases, and decreases in all sorts of cardiovascular risk factors, then how can any of that be bad? There's a lot to take in out there, on the internet, though; there's a lot to consider; there's a lot of content, in terms of healthcare and medicine; there's much to “digest” (you could say), when it comes to reading about these topics on the internet.