Addiction kills more than terrorism or any war to date which makes the current opiod crisis a global issue. The damage that the current addict suffers and passes on is powerful and far-reaching. Few families have escaped the wrath of drug abuse. Some have experienced addiction from the eye of the storm-with an addict in the immediate family.

The newest wave of street drugs is mind-blowing and they're called 'Shady 80s.' This combo has the capacity to obliterate thousands upon count thousands. Families torn apart. Lives unhinged. It's stronger than heroin, laced with Fentanyl and has animal tranquilizers in it. And it's racking up fatalities (as much as one a day in some areas) in the ER.

Three new ways to get 'high' have recently come on the scene too. Some OTC medicines can be manipulated with other things to produce a euphoric state similar to opiates. Addicts are looking everywhere for a substitution when supply lines are cut.

Detoxing from drugs is possibly one of the most uncomfortable things a person will ever experience. It is tantamount to having the worst flu combined with the psychological torture of constant cravings.

After reading the above, it is clear to see why many active drug users are afraid to stop using drugs, and it is even more clear why one should not attempt detoxing from drugs alone. Besides the physical and mental distress that someone experiences when going through detox, there are also certain substances that if a proper detoxification process is not followed, the withdrawal symptoms could be deadly.

Benzodiazepines are a perfect example of a drug that you should never attempt to detox from alone. Drugs that belong to this category are Xanax and Valium and the detox from these substances have been known to produce seizures, which could result in death.

When detoxing from benzodiazepines, it is important that the proper medical personnel are present, like those in a facility. They are aware of the risks involved and can get the proper medication to ensure a safe detox. Numerous people who attempt to detox from drugs alone wind up hospitalized or worse.

Alcohol is another substance that should never be abruptly stopped. Depending on how much is consumed daily, detoxing from alcohol without medical supervision can be lethal. Stopping after heavy abuse can bring on delirium tremens, which can result in death.

Being hospitalized during your detox process means that you will have access to life-saving medicine. This is the first step in putting some space between you and the offending chemical and allow the process of rehabilitation to begin.