A juice detox is a special diet plan that cleanses and restores the body by using fresh juices to power up the body's natural curative properties. Fresh juices are the best foods to have while following any diet plan that restores the body's vitality. A special detox plan based only on fruit juices lays emphasis on having fresh, raw and unprocessed juices every day. Fresh juices are easier to digest than the whole fruit and are excellent for maintaining health regimes.

An ideal juice detox plan involves abstaining from products such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, animal protein, dairy and nicotine. This should start one week prior to starting the detox plan. While following the detox rule, it is recommended to have 32 to 64 ounces of fresh juice daily. The juice should not be consumed all at once. Instead, it is to be sipped in small amounts through the day to prevent fatigue and hunger.

While making the juices, it is necessary to ensure that each glass of juice contains all the essential nutrients that are required by the body. The juices should be a mix of fruit and vegetable juices to ensure complete nutrition. Common vegetables used for juicing are celery, kale, cabbage, beet, spinach and cucumber. It is best to avoid citrus fruits while following a juice-only meal plan since citrus fruits cause acidity when taken on an empty stomach.

Going on a juice detox regime also helps in losing weight. Most diets fail to work since they promote the notion of fad dieting, which denies the body its quota of essential nutrients. If the body is denied nutrients for a long time, the biochemical imbalances within the body trigger cravings, which lead to binge eating. Following a juice detox diet plan ensures that the body gets all the essential nutrients through juices and also gets rid of toxins within the cells.

Juicing also enables you to consume a large amount of nutrition at once. For a normal person, it is not possible to consume an entire bag of apples or a bunch of carrots within a day. However, juicing produces a few glasses of drinks that can be consumed in a single day, so providing more nutrition to the body. Moreover, juicing lets users enjoy all the minerals and enzymes present in the food and even allow them to consume fibers by juicing the pulp. Therefore, a juice detox diet is more beneficial to the body.

The process of juicing breaks down the components of vegetables and fruits in an easily digestible form. This process enables your body to absorb nutrients faster than you could if you were to consume solid food. The enzymes, which are freed during juicing, provide energy to the body cells and increase your metabolic rate.

Raw plants contain a lot of phytochemicals, which have disease prevention properties. They boost immunity and protect the body against serious illnesses such as asthma, arthritis, cancer and heart disease. Also, the antioxidants present in the juice of raw vegetables and fruits improve skin tone, prevent aging, and protect you against sun damage.

The juice detox diet is a better and more effective way of improving health than relying on synthetic supplements.