Does it seem like your allergies have gotten worse, your sinuses are constantly stuffy, your body is more achy than it used to be, your skin seems to be breaking out, you feel broken, you are unable to lose weight, or you are just generally tired all the time for no apparent reason? Could a detox program help get you back on track? If so, how does it work?

It is no secret that we live in a toxic world. Our bodies are constantly exposed to chemicals in the form of prescription medicines, factory pollutants, cleaning products, pesticides, processed foods- the list is endless. Through the days, months, and years, our bodies hang on to these toxins, for various reasons, creating what is called our “total toxic load”.

Think of this total toxic load as a glass filled with water. The glass represents your body, the water presents all of the toxins we come in contact with as we go about our day. Each time we are exposed to something, the water level in our glass gets higher. Sometimes the water level will reach the top of the glass and the water will begin to spill. Our body has no more room to store the toxins we encounter and now they are overflowing such that everything we are exposed to creates a symptom like those listed above. It only makes sense that if we begin to lower the water level in the glass, the water will stop overflowing. This is the idea behind detox – lowering our total toxic load so that our symptoms improve and we begin to feel rejuvenated again.

So what does a beneficial detox consist of? There are 3 primary components:

Reduce the Exposure . Avoid as many toxins as possible by eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of clean water, switching to natural cleaning supplies, and avoiding as many exposures as possible.

Support the Elimination Process. Your body needs the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support the three phases of detox. It also needs specific natural substances, usually taken from plants, that support the liver, kidneys, and intestines, as these are the major organs of detoxification within the body and will be doing a great deal of work.

Replenish Vital Vitamins and Nutrients . Since the body uses certain vitamins and minerals to rid itself of harmful chemicals, it only makes sense to replenish what is used so that upon completion of the detox, you are strong and revitalized and not lacking proper nutrients necessary for your body to stay healthy. Also important to consider is a high quality probiotic to support continued detoxification, digestive health, and a healthy immune system.

There is a great deal of information available concerning all of the toxins we are constantly exposed to and the benefits of supporting our body's natural ability to rid itself of these substances. Although you may not be able to prevent being exposed, you are able to influence your total body burden and then any symptoms you may be experiencing as a result. By reducing the exposure, supporting the elimination process, and replenishing vital nutrients, you can feel rejuvenated and revitalized once again!