It starts with a simple salt solution to mimic the ocean. Salt water is then put before you and you put your feet into it. It's warm and soothing and it is about to transform into a scientific experiment right before your eyes.

With the addition of an array, a copper appliance that hooks up to the machine itself the water magically (well, okay, scientifically) splits into H + and OH ions that will then enter your body through the many pores on the soles of the feet. Once inside they seek out the toxins, adhere to them and draw them out into the water. Yes, the water does turn interesting if not disgusting shades of orange and brown, and yes, it may even have foam and flecks floating around in it, but this is just the toxins and the split water molecules after they have done their job.

Many people swear by the ionic foot detox to rid their bodies of all the toxins that are constantly bombarding us. While one session will not rid your body of everything, with a set of sessions under your belt you will notice cleaner water at the end as your body slowly rids itself of the toxins found within.

Many people say that the detox helps them have less pain, especially in the joints like knees, elbows and hips. There is increased energy and improved sleep patterns and of course the big one, toxin reduction that is also widely reported. Some people say they have less swelling and improved digestion after a set of treatments and others say they have an increased metabolism, better skin and a better functioning circulatory system after as well.

The foot detox is also known to purge the body of yeast and help with liver, kidney and parasite cleansing and it also leaves the body with a better pH level. It re-energizes the body and the red blood cells and triggers the lymphatic system to work more efficiently. In short, just a few treatments can make a huge difference in our bodies.

The ionic foot detox is a safe procedure and there are no needles, pokes or invasive methods, it is simply a foot soak in salty water. Sit back, relax and let science take hold, it's interesting to see just what comes out of a 'normal' body but when you realize just how much we are breathing in and eating each day it all falls into place.