One thing we're big on is drinking PURE water. Although we know it can be quite hard to constantly drink pure, filtered H2O: we always stress the importance of doing so. Having our followers know how serious of an issue this can be is crucial for achieving optimal health.

So what's in your water? For starters, your H2O is probably loaded with fluoride: most municipal water systems today are. For the record, it is VERY toxic and should NOT ever be consumed in any amount … so why are millions of people drinking it? In order to answer this question you have to know where it comes from …

Fluoride is a byproduct of the aluminum and fertilizer industries. The reason we are drinking it is because our 'wonderful' government found some bonehead lobbyist to say it's good for people: no joke, it is a money-making scam that is harming millions of people. Most studies supporting fluoride are conducted by government-run agencies: studies against fluoride are usually not … ironic?

In numerous studies, test-animals given fluoride displayed abnormal behavior along with serious neurological issues. In one study, the offspring of pregnant lab-rats which had received minimal doses of fluoride showed brain disorders and neurological problems: both common with fluoride exposure.

Two other studies on fluoride had confirmed that it could severely decrease the IQ among children who had been exposed for some time – kids actually became dumber because they were drinking tap water! Does this even sound morally correct?

Keep in mind, having a decreed IQ is a small set-back of ingesting fluoride: this stuff can cause cancer and severely weaken one's skeletal system: fluoride has been proven to increase the rate at which a persons bones can fracture.

Outside of fluoride is another chemical in your water which has also been linked to some pretty serious ailments: CHLORINE! The reason chlorine is in your water system is to kill-off micro-organism and other disease-enabling items lurking in your H2O: good … right? It's good but bad at the same time. There is no fair exchange with this one, although some dangerous substances are taken care of as a result of chlorine, the chemical itself is bad for US! There is a very easy way to fix this problem: our solution is below.

Our rules for staying fluoride and chlorine free are as follows:

1) Try and avoid drinking tap water as much as you can. If you prefer to drink faucet water, make sure it is filtered. The main problem with most filters is that they only take out the chlorine, not fluoride. The fluoride element is a very small particle and is very hard to get rid of.

2) If you want to completely avoid your tap, start buying large jugs of water at your local grocer, most artesian selections seem to be the best and most pure. Try and buy BPA free containers and make sure the water you're buying did go through some amount of filtration: some is always better than none.

3) If you do not want to fuss with filtering your tap or buying at the store, fill-up at your local health food store: check the quality first by asking the company how they filter their water. Reverse Osmosis water is a GREAT selection if you choose to go this route. If you decide on the RO water, you must replenish what was removed. In other words, add back in the essential minerals that were taken out during the filtering process. Trace inaeral drops will easily take care of this issue.

Try not to stress too much if your drinking tap water (sorry for scaring you!), But do your best to limit your consumption if possible … less is always better. You can also contact your local water distribution company for a break-down of what's in your supply as well.