Passing a kidney stone can be extremely painful for the patient, and usually end up taking a trip to the hospital. Unfortunately, doctors are unable to do anything apart from prescribing painkillers until the stone has passed. If the stone is unusually large, the doctor uses shock wave treatment to break it up, so that it can still be passed naturally.

Adjusting your diet can actually prevent kidney stones from forming. These stones are a mineral deposit that is made up of uric acid, calcium and cysteine; an amino acid.

A kidney diet needs to be less acidic and higher in alkali foods. Acid encourages the growth of stones. Coffee, soft drink, corn syrup products, alcohol and some animal proteins are all acidic when it comes to the human body.

When speaking to getting stones you also have to be careful about the fruit and vegetables that you eat. They are not all alkali based. These healthy foods that can be harmful to a sufferer are chocolate, sorrel, green tea, rhubarb and spinach because they have oxalic acid in them.

Make sure you always drink plenty of fresh water as this will flush out the kidneys and keep them free of mineral build-ups.

These are natural ways to prevent a stone from occurring or helping to pass the stone easier and a lot less painfully. So be advised to change your diet starting today.

Vomiting and nausea are very common symptoms if you have developed a kidney stone. There will be lower back pain, and possibly pain in the abdomen and sometimes you will notice in your urine, some blood.

If you want to help prevent kidney stones from developing even more, try using herbal remedies. These include sarsaparilla, meadowsweet and joe-pye. They will help to clear the kidneys of large amounts of uric acid. To dissolve the stones completely try goldenrod as this has been documented to help and cleanse.

Most common well documented cures can have great effects and help anyone who is suffering from kidney stones and living on a kidney diet. There are ways to improve your health status.

A beneficial natural remedy for dissolving kidney stones is called a watermelon fast. Eat only watermelon for one day. The kidneys will be cleaned as well as the rest of urinary tract. Regularly going on a watermelon fast will alleviate the kidney stones for longer periods, if not forever.