One of the most popular methods of liver cleansing being followed and is easily found on the internet is one developed by Hulda Clark, an advocate of alternative medicine.

This method has become a very popular way to achieve liver health because those who have followed it say that it is easier to take (meaning, tastier) than other solutions being prescribed in other methods. The method has more rules, but then since it contains less consumption of oil, people who want a cleaner and functioning liver usually swear by it.

The ingredients for the solution that one must take in the Hulda Clark method of liver cleansing are:

• 4 tbsp of Epsom salts
•–cup olive oil
• c cup of fresh pink grapefruit juice
• Plastic straws (for drinking)

This liver cleansing method is recommended to be done on a rest day so that the entire process of cleansing can take full effect. During the day this method will be done, all supplements and medicine should not be taken, and only food that can be digested easily like fruits, cereals and honey may be ateen before 2 PM, which is the time that the method is done. This is done to relax the organs involved in the digestive system.

At 2 PM, the Epsom salts solution is done by mixing 4 tbsp. Epsom salts with three cups of water. The first cup of this solution must be taken at 6 PM, and the second serving at exactly 8 PM.

At fifteen minutes before 10 PM, a grapefruit and oil cocktail must be prepared. The 1/2 cup oil and fresh grapefruit juice (about 3/4 cups) are combined in a re-sealable glass jar. At 10 PM, the patient should drink the combination of oil and grapefruit juice.

Mix or shake the combination thoroughly to make an emulsion. Drink the emulsion with a straw to make it easier, and drink it while standing up. By doing this, the emulsion will go straight down to your stomach. A gulp of pure lemonade can be consumed after as a chaser to the oil-juice cocktail.

The next day, the second dose of the Epsom salts solution must be taken not earlier than 6 AM. The last serving of Epsom salt must be taken two hours later, and after two more hours, light food may be taken, and regular food can be consumed much later in the day.

Epsom salts promote effects that are significant to liver health as magnesium and sulfur which are the ingredients of Epsom salts provoke the dosage of the bile ducts and the various vessels and the excretory system to be emptied.

This means that there will be a freer flow of fluids through the body, which in turn 'forces' toxins in the liver and gall bladder to be flushed out. Doing this in a regular manner results in a liver that functions more healthily. A healthy liver produces cleaner and a sufficient volume of blood, which extremely benefits the entire body as a whole.