There are times when we feel sluggish and totally out of sync. These symptoms are a couple with skin problems or eruptions, pains and aches and severe digestive problems. These disorders are often neglected, but when it becomes severe we have to look into it. All these problems are caused by toxins present in the body. When toxins accumulate in excess, the body needs detoxification.

Detoxification is a process of cleansing the internal system and is being practiced since the ancestral times. Several cultures recognize the efficacy of detoxification including Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Detoxification signifies the process of nourishing as well as cleansing the system inside out. The process involves the removal and elimination of toxic wastes and then supplementing the body with nutrients. Detoxification prevails the body from various diseases as well, so renewing your ability to have an optimum health.

Detoxification basically reflects to blood purification. This is done by removing all the impurities from our bloodstream in our liver where the toxins are processed for being eliminated. The body uses the kidneys, lungs, intestines, skin and lymph for the process of elimination of toxins. However, when there is a compromise in this system, the impurities can no longer be filtered out properly, so affecting each cell present in the body adversely.

While initiating your detoxification process, you must unload the toxins from your body. This can be achieved by eliminating caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, saturated fats and sugars; These are all active toxins and can disrupt the process of healing as well. Also you must stop using chemical base products such as household cleansers and personal health care products like shampoos, cleansers, toothpastes and deodorants. Instead of using these products, you can try natural alternatives.

Stress is another deterrent factor to good health. While a person is in stress, the boy releases stress hormones in abundance. This can slow down the process of detoxification that creating excess toxins.

There are several detoxification programs based on the needs of individuals. Most of these programs are likely to follow a schedule of 7 days. These programs also include dietary restrictions and exercise regimes to support your system both internally and externally as well. Also these detoxification programs allow the digestive system to rest for a while, which is very important or healthy being. The inclusion of herbs, supplements and other natural detoxifying agents makes these programs an ideal treatment.

While you are trying to detoxify your body you must follow these 10 ways:

  1. Have fiber in abundance. Brown rice, beets, artichokes, radishes, cage, spirulina, broccoli, seaweed and chlorella are rich sources of fiber and the best detoxifying agents till date.
  2. Keep the liver clean and protected. The liver is the primary organ that allows proper digestion and therefore this particular organ needs to be preserved. Have herbs like dandelion root, milk thistle and burdock; these have destructive detoxifying properties. Green tea is also very helpful.
  3. Have vitamin C. It is contained in citrus fruits mostly. Vitamin C aids the body in producing glutathione, which is a liver compound that helps in eliminating toxins.
  4. Drink plenty of water; at least 2 quarters.
  5. ake deep breath and meditation. This allows oxygen circulation through our system completely.
  6. Avoid feeling stressed; though it seems unavoidable but you can practice relaxation techniques. Meditation is the best way to avoid stress and anxiety.
  7. Hydrotherapy can be a great help in detoxifying the internal system. Try taking a hot shower regularly for just about 5 minutes. Allow the hot water to run on the back. Follow this with 30 seconds of cold shower. This needs to be done thrice. After completing the count, get into the bed for just 30 minutes. You'll feel relaxed.
  8. Sauna is the best way to release sweat. Remember, your sweat helps in releasing toxins and wastes from the body. So try taking sauna at least thrice a week.
  9. Brush your dry skin off. While brushing the dry skin you actually activate your lymph nodes and the circulatory system. This helps in removing dead skin from the surface and opening the pores, so allowing the quick excretion of body toxins. Brushing the skin further helps in breaking up toxin groups and removing them from the body.
  10. Exercise. Yes that's right. Exercises like yoga, jumping and roping can essentially make a difference. Martial arts like “qigong” helps in cleansing and detoxification. Every form of exercise has some benefits, so you can practice as you are trained to do.

Hope you have a healthy and detoxified body!