Most of this is about using food as a detoxification process to help the body flush out toxins that are harmful to our health. It is fact, that in our world of today most people are being exposed to varying levels of environmental pollution and other toxins even without knowing it. It is also fact, that the body will often have its immune system compromising considering that it can only handle a certain amount when it comes to combating toxins in our body. Processed food is one of the main problems in our diet which is nutrient poor. Medication can also become an issue as is often the case, overload in our body such as antibiotics, pain killers, Stanton drugs, which not only give side effects but can become a toxin of its own. Therefore, we can not completely ignore the significant benefit of a detox diet.

Debates about detox: For or against!

There have been many debts whenever it is necessary to go through such a process.

Although, on a scale of one to five, there is a better than 80 percent chance you will come out feeling better. The point to make here is the benefits gained from a detox diet are only forthcoming if you need one. Just because there is lots of talk about detoxification this does not mean that everyone needs it. Many of us would have different reasons for going on a detox. What are the reasons? Is it for weight loss, digestive system, no energy, feeling run down and not knowing why, or because you just think it's a good thing to do?

Another thing is debatable: How long should a detox last? In a nut shell, most people who have made use of a detox diet in their lives only made temporary changes for a little while, and the time frame being determinant by one's current health condition.

What does such diet consist of and why?

Number one: Vegetables. A number of vegetables contain vitamin A and C as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, and some level of protein found in broccoli and sprouts. All these properties help the circulatory system, the digestive system and the immune system to get rid of toxins and harmful substances in your body. This also will help to strengthen your white blood cells (WBC) count and other elements in fighting off such substances. One of the most important reasons of incorporating vegetables in a detox diet is because of the rich properties such as sulforaphane, vitamin C and E which are known for its antioxidant properties.

In fact, broccoli, kale, turnip greens, Brussels sprouts and peas are the best sources of antioxidants. The power of Brussels sprouts are often underestimated. They have more health benefits that we can even think of. Such high sulphur-containing compounds which are important to activate the enzyme system in your cells for detoxification of any cancer causing substances.

So, you be asking yourself why antioxidants? And the reason is, incorporating such vegetables in a detox diet will help the body getting rid of free radicals, especially those produced in excess, and in the long run the body is able to combat the forming of cancer cells.

Fruits: Also fruits play a big part in this; so far, it is clear that fruits such as oranges and melons are an ideal option for a detox diet while the orange colored foods are a dependable source of beta carotene. In this particular case, oranges are the best source of beta carotene while fruits such as lemons and peaches are usually rich in vitamin C. The main benefit of consuming a lot of fruits during the detoxification process is to boost the immune system to help it getting rid of toxins.

A totally natural liquid supplement which is only made from many natural different fruits would also be of great benefit.

Making that choice!

The right choice of a detox diet will depend on what you want to correct, or the type of illness you want to overcome. To keep in mind this also has to do with our body's chemistry, because every ones body's chemistry functions different. This is why not all detox diets are the same or created equally.

However, most detox diets will be beneficial. You can turbo charge your diet that will help your digestive health, immunity, skin health, strength, stamina, and lose weight. Your whole body will benefit when you add nutrient-dosage foods to your detox diet.