How can you determine if you are suffering from heavy metals inoxication?

Pain in muscles and bones, phases of memory loss, fatigue, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, allergies and eyes problems are all symptoms of heavy metals toxox. These symptoms alone make it difficult for the heavy metals accumulation to be diagnosed and that's why it is best to speak with a health specialist or your doctor before deciding to go on a heavy metals detoxification program.

The heavy metals that destroy and hinder the human body's activity are cadmium, mercury and lead. The mercury molecules are able to travel through the bloodstream or nerve pathways in the human organism, causing a person to have problems with the gastrointestinal system, gums and severe bronchitis or asthma. Also mental difficulties, sleep disorders, hearing problems or dizziness, fatigue might be experienced by a person who suffers from mercury inoxication. There are so many illness symptoms associated with mercury inoxication because this heavy metal can easily interfere or hinder every bodily organ's activity. In case you feel like you have been introxicated with mercury, we recommend an urgent visit to the doctor and starting an efficient detoxification program.

What are the normal limits of heavy metals in the human body?

From the everyday life and media, we have noticed that many people suffer from cognitive or neuro-endocrine problems. We observe that some are absolutely benign and common (cravings for food, depression, insomnia, PMS, anorexia) and some are related to behavior and vice (pyromania, serial killing, child molestation etc.). Believe it or not, mercury is at the base of these all, together with other dangerous heavy metals. For example, the standard bodily accumulation of lead for an American adult is of 120 mg, from which more than 95 percents is accumulated in the bones. The cadmium quantity is estimated to be somewhere around 30 mg while the mercury is at 13 mg, all of it being in the soft tissues. If the chemical form and distribution in the body is ok, this amount of mercury in one's body is the upper limit and does not cause any kind of health problems. On the other side, there are many reasons to expect a presence of mercury in the bone tissues at higher quantities, especially when exposed at a chronic low level exposure.

How to help a heavy metals detoxification program to function?

Do not fast through a metal detoxification program. You need to eat because your body needs its nourishment. Among the primary advantages of fasting may be the dissolving of excess proteins and mucus. During the heavy metals detoxification program, specific proteins may be transporting chemical toxins that you're trying to eliminate from the body. Fasting may break down these protective protein layers and the metals could become uncoated and cause harm that might not be repaired.

What are the most effective heavy metal detoxification methods?

Our skin is one of the most effective organs in eliminating toxins from the body and this is the reason fro which many experts consider sauna therapy one of the most successful detoxification methods. However, the liver and kidneys remain the main detoxification bodily organs, and for this reason you'll have to go with an internal detoxification method.