Many environments that are inhabited by people by today have been found to be toxic. The exposure to heavy metals even in small amounts will result in a gradual poisoning of the human body. These toxic metals are found through the air, food, water and cosmetic products. In addition to that, people who work in industries that utilize or make these metals were found to have higher levels of toxicity. Here, the importance to get heavy metal testing is considered the first critical step to increasing the body from health deterioration.

How can heavy metal toxicity be considered of chronic nature? It is actually the condition that results when a person has been exposed to these heavy metals for a long period. The symptoms can manifest gradually and it has been indeed a challenge for health care professionals and the patients themselves because the symptoms can be confusing. One may experience the following symptoms such as constipation, tiredness, inability to focus, headache and joint pains along a few.

What metals are identified as “toxic” for the body? People have more or less no choice regarding exposure to these metals like aluminum, arsenic and mercury because they are present in the air, in the rain, in water and in bodies of water where seafood thrive. We have no choice but the inhale the air and buy foodstuff that are sold in the markets. With our busy lives, limited farming opportunities in cramped cities, we can not afford to grow our own food.

That, one can hear about warning people about not eating plenty of seafood or leafy greens because they can contain mercury and other poisonous residues. We do have easy access to tools to measure how toxic a fish or a vegetable is or they may be expensive as well. Whatever heavy metal was ingested will target the kidney, the bones the central nervous system, the blood, the skin and digestive system where food is processed. It would not take a scientist to know that if these organs and bodily systems are affected, health will certainly deteriorate and poor health is detrimental to achieving quality and length of life.

For this reason, anyone who is going through the aforementioned symptoms can be tested for heavy metals toxicity because it will help to determine if there's a need to flush the body from them. If not found positive for metal toxicity, other relative steps can be determined in order to save the health of the person.

Wellness can be achieved through the integration of western medicine and alternative healing protocols. This is called the holistic approach, where the approach to healing is done per individual. Patients who submit for detoxification therapy must undergo laboratory examinations and will be assessed for nutritional deficiencies, digestive abilities and hormone levels along a few. The treatment that applies to each person is different because not all patients experience the same symptoms.

In conclusion, healing the damage on the body bought by dangerous metals in the environment will demand a careful diagnosis through heavy metal testing by a widely experienced holistic health practitioner.