Green may not be the most appealing color drink you can find but a few ounces of wheatgrass juice may be just the thing to help you kick your dependence of caffeine. Wheatgrass has been a popular choice among naturalists and raw food proponents for years for good reason – this powerful sprout is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals and essential amino acids. While there is not an abundance of scientific research to back some of the claims that wheatgrass diehards might make there is evidence that this super food makes a great addition to your diet and a wise, natural replacement for your favorite coffee or soft drink.

Wheatgrass is a sprout, or young grass, in the wheat family and while it is available in multiple forms from some health food stores (powders, supplements, etc.) the most popular and preferred method of consumption is juicing. Raw, juiced wheatgrass is nutrient dense, which makes it an ideal replacement for sweet, sugary drinks and it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which may help to reduce symptoms or possibly prevent some conditions or diseases. Many proponents use wheatgrass to alleviate the symptoms of everything from arthritis and digestive issues to bacterial infections and tooth decay (although heavier research would be needed to confirm these potential benefits).

Wheatgrass does not need to be the only ingredient in your new juice – this sprout can be the feature ingredient of a juice containing a wide variety of other nutrient natural natural foods to maximize the health benefits and energy production. Juicing wheatgrass with other sprouts, with green leafy vegetables or with sweet fruits like apples and pears can result in a delicious concoction that can deliver a powerful boost of lasting energy without the potential negatives associated with high caffeine consumption.

Whole foods are an excellent source of healthy, sustained energy and juicing that provides a fast and convenient way to maximize the amount of essential nutrients that you put into your body. A small glass of wheatgrass juice or a smoothie containing wheatgrass and other whole foods can be consumed quickly, even while you are on the run or on the road, to deliver the boost you need to start your day off on the right foot and to keep you focused at work or school until it is time for your next meal.

As an added bonus, your all natural wheatgrass juice will likely contain far fewer calories than the media latte or cappuccino that you typically use to start your day. By making this transition from a specialty coffee drink, soda or energy drink to a juiced whole food you might see a reduction in weight and improvements in digestion without having dramatically alter your current routine and without worrying about the “crash” that can come after your caffeine or sugar surge has worn off. Switching to a morning wheatgrass juice from your current morning depreciation of choice may take a little bit of getting used to, but the potential benefits make the short transition period well worth it.