Many people today are curious about the benefits of freeze treated Acai, and why this method is the best way to retain its antioxidant power. To completely understand the benefits, you must look into the scientific reasoning behind freeze-drying at the source. The freeze-drying process uses low heat, and retains all the nutrients of the Acai berry. This process removes the water from the Acai which means that ounce for ounce discharged acai has a very high concentration of nutrients, much more than fresh Acai.

Freeze dried Acai has a very long shelf life and can be stored in the original packaging for over ten years. The best way to freeze dry them is to process them into pulp, then freeze dry and powder it.

The most beneficial part of the berry is its skin and pulp. Many companies use spray drying rather than freeze drying, which adds many toxic preservatives like citric acid and maltodextrin ,. In fact, the majority of Acai berry powders contain up to 70% Maltodextrin! A tell tale sign of this is that these powders are not a deep dark purple; they are typically a light purple or brown.

The Freeze Dry Process
The first step in this process is to process the Acai berries into pulp, then flash freeze the pulp. Next use a vacuum chamber at a very low temperature to remove the water. This is how the nutrients are preserved, without need to use and carry agents. Next the freeze-dried acai will be ground into acai powder and sealed in a moisture-and-oxygen proof package.

What Are The Benefits?
Freeze Dried Acai Powder has many health benefits, the reason for this is that they are high in many of the essential nutrients:

Omega 3, 6 & 9,

As you can see, the Acai berry is a great source of fiber and omega fatty acids, it is also low in its net carbohydrates. Analysis has been done on freeze-dried acai and the results show that calories per 100 g of dry powder are 533.9, while the protein and total fat are 8.1 g and 32.5 g. The total carbohydrates for 100g of dry powder are 52.2 g, where 44.2 g is taken up by the dietary fiber.

Some Other Health Benefits of Freeze Dried Acai:

Provides essential vitamins and minerals for proper growth and immunity of the body.

It boosts your energy and rejuvenates the body.

Promotes a sound and peaceful sleep health.

It helps improve your digestive system using its anti-oxidant power.

Detoxifies the whole body and helps give you a cleaner system and better bowel movements.

Great for those who wish to naturally lose some excess weight without any negative side effects.

Improves and sharpens your minds clarity and focus of mind.

Helps maintain not just cholesterol levels, but also helps control blood sugar levels in diabetes sufferers.

It even has nutrients that are good for eyesight as well as for a healthy skin.

Even cosmetic and beauty companies include acai oil as an ingredient for their products because it is rich in antioxidants. It has been called the miracle fruit, and has been said to be able to reduce the risk of cancer and helps in delay the aging process.

All around, frozen dried acai has great benefits for your health and being. It is one of the most beneficial “Super Foods” available, and a great tasting way to improve the quality of your life. You can use freeze discharged acai as a complement to any beverage, desert or snack. Give free dried acai a try, and see how its many benefits help your mind and body. Remember that freeze dried acai is the only way to get the full benefits of berry outside of the Amazon rainforest, so make sure that the berries you buy are free discharged.