Think about it: Does it make sense to debate whether or not fluoride is beneficial for reducing tooth decay when it is being added to a “soup” of known chemicals such as chlorine, trihalomethanes, nitrates, herbicides, fungicides and heavy metals, to name a few? Would you add spice to a soup that you already determined was not edible? This is what our government is doing with our water.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned dental professionals, public health officials and administrators that they should be aware of current total quantities of fluoride that the population is exposed to before adding any additional fluoride program for tooth decay prevention.

There are millions of people being subjected to exorbitant quantities of fluoride that is naturally found in many aquifers and other natural water sources. Many people that consume this water suffer from mild dental fluorosis, including debilitating fluorosis. This serious situation continues to be unpublicized, unrecognized and ignored for many reasons.

The Main Reason is a Political One

The majority of the population is totally unaware of the fact that the fluoride added to the municipal drinking water is by no means clinical grade fluoride. On the contrary, it is in fact:

  • a toxic waste by-product of the fertilizer and aluminum manufacturing industry, called hydrofloro-silicic acid; and
  • used in the manufacturing of poison.

Guess what industry contributor the largest pledges to the American Dental Association? You guessed it, the aluminum manufacturing industry. Hydrofloro-silicic acid actually causes mottling and brittleness of the teeth in children. Staining and hitting of teeth is caused by clinical dental fluorosis from drinking fluoridated water and in some cases the enamel is actually damaged.

Fluoridation of drinking water can also cause skeletal fluorosis, the result of fluoride accumulating in bones over many years, resulting in distortion, deafness and joint pains. Calcification of ligaments and severe changes in bone structure with crippling effects can also be attributed to long-term exposure to fluoridated drinking water.

The publication of the World Health Organization (WHO) warns water utilities of the need to take great care not to exceed the minimum levels of fluoride in municipal water supplies due to the known research showing the negative effects.

Low concentrations of naturally occurring fluoride in drinking water are actually good for teeth; however, excessive amounts will lead to serious health issues. In particular, fluorosis of the skeletal structure can be devastating to a community. For example,

  • more than ten million Chinese are estimated to be suffering from fluorosis of the skeletal structure;
  • other areas of the world where fluoride occurs at high concentrations include Africa, southern Asia, and the Mediterranean area;
  • one of the highest known concentrations of fluoride in the water exists in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, India, Afghanistan, China, and Northern Thailand;
  • there are several regions of the world where water sources are scarce, such as in Africa, and they contain dangerous quantities of fluoride.

As with other toxins, fluoride has varying effects on people. Consequently there is a wide range of symptoms which depend on many different factors, such as genetics, amount of fluoride retained by the body, the method of exposure, and length of time exposed (whether chronic or acute as by ingestion of fluoridated water or food ).

Even though the proponents of fluoridation have managed to collect a certain amount of positive statistics regarding the possible benefit of fluoridated drinking water, the fact remains that there are still plenty of negative results. There are already many very bad chemicals in all municipal water supplies nationwide; so should one more be added, regardless if it could be shown to be a health benefit? To mention a few, chlorine, THMs, nitrates, pesticides, fungicide, herbicides, heavy metals and thousands of industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals have already been added. So now they want to add yet another chemical to help prevent tooth decay? How about removing everything that's in there now so you can drink good, clear, clean, pure H2O plus nothing. Now that's healthy!