You may not drink any sort of alcohol and being tee-total your liver will not be adversely affected by it, but that does not mean that your liver is safe. The modern world has so many artificial elements, chemicals and toxins that even without alcohol our livers are still at risk without we take good care of them. Natural fluids are really beneficial for our health and for the proper functioning of our livers, therefore drinking fresh fruit juice every day is really important.

There are different kinds of juice extractors out there that help you ensure that you get the best quality juice out of the fruits of your choice. Let us try to decipher why fresh juice from such juice extractors is necessary for a healthy liver.

One of the most harmful things within our own body is the presence of some free radical elements, created by a combination of the external toxins and internal body material. In the absence of anti oxidants, these free radicals can move about freely through the body and cause irreversible harm to it.

Do not be amused by their name because they actually have like vandals in modern society who get high by destroying things and tear them apart. Within the body they can cause cancer by causing the bad kind of mutation within the cells and also heart disease by accumulating near the arteries there.

Fruits contain anti-oxidants, which can negate the effect of these free radicals and render them harmless. So it is important to use a juice extractor that does not produce too much heat while extracting juice. Heat can kill these anti-oxidants. With respect to the human liver, one of the most beneficial anti-oxidants out there is Vitamin C. It is one of mankind's best options against most toxins that get accumulated in the body and by attacking those toxins it indirectly hits the formation of these free radicals.

One of the major causes of liver cancer in humans is the constant radical activity that leads to the formation of more toxins. Most people are not interested in the big words doctors and nutritionists say but this is very simple – fresh juice provides anti-oxidants; anti-oxidants fight toxins; no toxins means no free radicals in the body which in turn means that there is less chance of liver failure on cancer. Some of the best sources of vitamin C are apples and blackberries.

Fresh juice extracts can also help in improving the immune system of the liver and the body as a whole. The fibers in the liver often go through a lot of abuse due to the constant exposure to spicy food, chemical compounds like monosodium glutamate that are found in junk food and heavy alcohol consumption. To counter this, it is advisable to drink fresh juice regularly. The Beta Carotene in it acts on the affected fibers and helps to rejuvenate them, thus improving the immunity of the body and enhancing the regenerative power in the liver.