First of all, let's get back to how this craze started. It is apparent that this world we live in is going through a shift. We are seeing massive change happening and we are becoming very discontent with the state of our health. We are a sick people and we want this to change. Disease is rampant such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer which shows no sign of improving within the current way we have been treating these problems. Mental Health issues are increasing and obesity is epidemic. This is going on under our noses while drug companies keep pumping out the next so called latest and greatest medication for over 90 diseases, the cancer society is still raking in billions of dollars looking for a cure (when they know very well there is a cure ) and the importance of diet goes substantially illegally within the medical profession as a possible cause or remedy.

Many of us are now taking matters into our own hands as we innately know the old way is not working. The old way of shoving more toxins into our body to treat disease is becoming a concept that holds no weight – and the evidence of this is all around us. Here's self care 'is becoming the norm. Detoxing is becoming popular as a way to clear the toxins which research shows consistently to be the cause of many diseases today. But we need to slow down and simplify detoxing and get back to basics as it really is a process which should not be difficult or confusing.

Detoxing is basically 'cleaning house'. It really is a wonderful feeling to know that your house (your body) is clean which in turn generates weight loss, more energy, better health in mind and body and growing younger every day. Your skin will also improve to a youthful glow and many people who had struggled with acne found that a detox cleared their skin. Acne is often a sign that your body is toxic. However, while most of us would love to have these benefits, the truth is we live in busy times and most of us do not know where to start.

The key is to remember “life was meant to be simple”. With every new thing that comes out, we tend to go out and complicate it. Stop; take a breath and ask what would the ancients in their wisdom do, or the father of medicine Hippocrates or some of the great health leaders we have here today? KISS – Keep it simple stupid.

The truth is, by doing something as simple as concentrating on one thing at a time can lead you to an interesting journey of knowledge and information which can change your life. Concentrate one week on giving up sugar by replacing with honey or no sugar at all. The next week switch white flour to organic wholemeal then start to increase your intake or fresh organic fruit and vegetables.

Never before in history has it become as essential as it is today to release toxins from our body. There is one culture today known as the Abkhasians of Russia. The Abkhasians have been studied extensively and are known for their long youthful life, slim bodies and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer simply do not exist. They eat plentiful toxic free fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. So it makes sense that in order to have the same benefits these people have, the first step needs to be to get rid of the toxins that are already overloading our bodies now.

It is a fact that when our body is toxic, weight loss can be more difficult as the body binds these toxins to the fat cells, we age faster than we should and we become sicker as we get older. This need not be the case. But we need to take one step at a time.

By simply eating only fresh raw organic fruit and vegetables for one week or more is a detox! Or you could instead make delicious green smoothies where you could include up to 14 fruit and vegetables in a single bound. A green smoothie detox is like waking you from a deep sleep when your energies begin to soar!

There are particular foods which have exceptional detox abilities such as apples. Apples are high in pectin which have been shown to strip toxins such as heavy metal from your system. So there you have another potent detox by 7 days of eating apples. Also if you include yellow, red, green apples you will also add more healing power by infusing those specific colors into your body. Your body recognizes the codes that specific foods hold as well as their colors to purge along the cells willingness to keep you well and happy.

So begin your journey today. You do not need to pay for expensive detox diets or programs. There are many green smoothie recipes on the internet and YouTube such as “Green Smoothies – 14 Fruits and Vegetables in a Single Bound”. No matter what your diet is now, you can begin today by including and or increasing certain potent foods which helps to aid the body in its ever ending task to keep us clean and healthy.

Your life will forever never be the same again when you begin this journey and remember – simplicity is the key!