A detoxification cleanse plan can give an immune boost to your energy levels, enhance health of your digestive system, and can induce healthy weight loss. This plan may resemble a fad diet because you have to say no to sugar, milk, alcohol, and grains. However, it should be noted that a detoxification cleansse plan is not a quick fix to achieve weight loss.

The aim of any detoxification cleansse plan is to reduce the burden on organs that detoxify your body, such as your liver, kidneys, and bowels. It is also meant to enhance their performance. If you want to stay healthy, give your body a much-needed break and follow this 7-step detoxification cleanse plan.

Step 1: Morning Lemonade

This may sound like a cliché but is extremely healthy in the long run. It kickstarts your digestive system and cleanses your system. Mix the juice obtained from half a lemon with a cup of warm water. Drink this concoction in the morning before your breakfast.

Step 2: Exercise

An important step in the detoxification cleansse plan is to exercise daily for approximately one hour. Exercise should make you sweat; therefore, you should opt for running, jogging, brisk walking, or playing a physically-demanding sport like tennis or basketball. Vigorous exercise helps increase lymph flow and improve circulation, so that harmful toxins are flushed out from your body.

Step 3: Raw Food

Cooking destroys the amount of nutrients present in food. Here, it is wise to opt for raw foods, which contain higher concoctions of enzymes and nutrients. Opting for fresh sprouts in your salad daily is a good choice.

Step 4: Relax Your Mind

An ideal detoxification cleansse plan involves clearing clutter from your mind. Practice meditation for 15 minutes everyday. Belly breathing is also a good alternative. As you breathe in, your belly should expand, and when you breathe out, it should contract.

Step 5: Increase Your Fluid Intake

You should consume nearly three liters of fluid each day. This will improve lymph flow and kidney functioning. Opt for spring water, herbal teas, and fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Alternately, prepare your own concoction by forming a mixture of herbs such as red clover, burdock, cleavers, nettle, and Dandelion root. Add this mixture to a cup of boiling water Let it infuse for five minutes, and then strain the mixture and consume.

Step 6: Brush Your Body

Brushing your body improves circulation and helps in skin detoxification. Brush your skin firmly with circular strokes before stepping into a shower. Brush your legs and arms thoroughly. Avoid brushing your face or throat because they are sensitive and delicate. Complete your shower by exposing your body to a one-minute burst of cold water, which will improve blood circulation.

Step 7: Chew Your Food Properly

Try to chew each mouthful of food nearly 10-12 times prior to swallowing. Being mindful while consuming your meals advances digestion, makes you feel “full”, and reduces the chances of overeating.
This 7-step detoxification cleanse plan can be extremely effective in getting rid of accumulated toxins in your body, including harmful heavy metals. Pregnant and lactating mothers should give detoxification the miss. Also, those who are underweight and have high blood pressure should consult their healthcare provider before starting a detoxification cleanse plan.