It has become increasingly clear over the past decades that our bodies are assorted by toxins every day. Heavy metals are in the air, medicines, water, and the very food we eat. There is not much in our lives that has not been contaminated in some form. However, there are things you can do to help remove toxins from your body. The removal of heavy metals is called chelation and among those in the know, it changes life. There are two natural foods that can help detoxify your body – chlorella and cilantro.


This is a low algae found in sunny ponds. The outer walls of this single-celled organism are tough, so strong that it is hard to gain any benefit from the algae without help. This help is breaking the walls through milling or sudden changes in pressure to break the walls. Once processed, the chlorella will remove toxins from the body. The action is due to the high amount of chlorophyll found in this supplement. This natural substance can actually differiate between beneficial nutrients and toxins. Not only can chlorella do this, it binds to all heavy metals to expel them out of the body.

The amount of chlorella needed depends on a person's body type, but the average dosage is listed on the purchased chlorella packaging. Lauded as a super-food by leading natural foods gurus, chlorella is an affordable way to detoxify the body daily.


Cilantro is an easy to access food found in many cuisines. The herb is very easy to grow at home, but if you do not have time to grow your own or to process what you have, it can be purchased raw and organic. Incorporate cilantro into salads, salsa, fermented food, and even raw in pesto. The benefits of cilantro are found in its ability to bind heavy metals, and then draw them out of the body quickly. For people who have had heavy exposure to metals, it is advisable to be cautious when detoxing with cilantro. The metal it has the most affinity for is mercury. Cilantro can move other metals, but to gain the most benefit it should be used with chlorella to remove all metals.

Metals are often concentrated in the fat stores of the body. Chlorella can help break the metals out of fat and flush them out with cilantro. Losing weight is a great way to help cut heavy metals out of the body and to prevent the concentration of mercury or other metals from gaining ground again.