The summer season is just around the corner and the known fact is that heat can play havoc with your body. For those who want to avoid the wrath of the heat, the simplest solution is to detoxify the body. Yes! Remove the toxins because they are the culprits responsible for reacting in the summers and therefore disturbing the body's internal balance. Additionally, the big advantage of a detox cycle is that it helps you lose weight. All this is without starving your body. Amazing, is not it?

Here is the five day plan or cleansing protocol that you need to adhere to in order to detoxify the body to welcome a healthy and happier you!

Start your day with a glass of banana milk shake

Bananas are healthy. You may have heard this multiple time. But, did you know that one glass of banana milk shake made from low fat milk, one entire banana and some honey is actually helpful in detoxifying your body as well. Yes! Bananas are rich in resistant carbs that fill your tummy without adding fat to your belly.

Lunch time is salad time

A bowl full of salad can actually be quite a delicious lunch. Chop up some veggies and add loads of greens to the plate. To top it all use some Pomegranate Vinaigrette dressing that will subtly yet effectively enhance the taste. For those who like more variety, feel free to add fruits like apples, pineapples, etc. to your salad bowl. In addition to the quiet sweetness, you also add more flavor to your salad.

Delicious wraps for dinner

Your detoxification dinner can actually be quite delicious. Instead of the cycling diet foods, try some freshly prepared wraps. You can use a mix of rice, boiled chicken and low sodium black beans as the filling for your wraps. Our recommendation would be to try the brown rice wraps. Couple the wrap with a delicious fat-free sauce for enhanced flavor.


Who said that detoxification diets had to be boring? After the meal, you can also indulge in a little bit of dessert. An interesting option would be to mix some Greek style low fat yogurt with a little bit of honey and you have a delicious parfait to please your palate. Add some oats for a little bit of crunchiness.


By drinks, we are not asking you to rely on alcohol. Instead try out this fat free cooler that will flush the toxins and keep you rejuvenated through the day. Combine green tea and some citrusy fruits like lemon and orange with loads of ice and your delicious cooler is ready within no time.