Detoxification and cleansing are two of the most common terms being used these days by health conscious people; while both the terms have almost similar meanings that they can have different implications as well.

Cleansing is basically the process of keeping the system clean and healthy- the primary focus however is on the liver, which is the vital organ of the human body that helps in the process of digestion. If the liver can be kept clean and free from any harmful effects, one can possibly have the best of everything- a healthy body, a proper functional system and a clean appearance. Cleansing includes the process of detoxification as well, which means releasing the harmful toxins from the body through diet and fluids. Toxins can be in the form of food residues, wastes, urine etc.

In order to prevent the body from constant attacks many such cleaning diets have come up very recently. These diets claim to allow health restoration, vigor and energy to one's life. You may come across several health supplements and products to assist you in achieving various health benefits, but we are not talking about any supplement. We intend to talk about cleaning diets that would help you in keeping your system clean, thus enabling the smooth and proper functioning of the different organs.

Most of the health problems arise due to the improper diet habits; people often complain about acidity, gas and irregular bowel movements which are all caused due to poor food habits. Neglecting the meals and having improper diets are the primary causes of such health conditions and this as can have adverse effect on the liver, which is the main organ responsible for digestion. In this process, the liver fails to perform its job to the best of its abilities and eventually breaks down leading to sever diseases. Cleansing diets are meant to suit the digesting capabilities of the liver and it intends to just that for us.

Cleaning diets function by releasing toxins and various other substances from the digestive tract of the body. In a normal course of eating, we usually consume food and allow the body to process it accordingly. The body with the help of the various organs helps in digesting the food while taking the most out of the food nutrients and then passes it down for further digestion. After taking in all the essential nutrients, the residues or wastes are removed through the bowel movements from our body. During this process, there may be some obstructions – any particular food type might not be well digested by your system. Also some people may also consume foods which might get stuck in the linings of the large and small intestine due to its twisted shape. There are several other organisms where the food particles are likely to stick and this may later cause the rotting of the wastes this leading to health concerns. This waste, through liver, can also get into our blood stream, as the liver is the predominant place for the accumulation of toxins. Cleansing diets are made with the intention to suit every individual and prevent food particles from being rotten; these foods are digested easily and can also help in preventing the microorganisms from attacking the system. The two living microorganisms present in the body are parasites and yeast.

Parasites enter the body through our food and if we can successfully maintain a healthy digestive tract it could be easier to flush those parasites out. But if the digestive tract is unhealthy, these parasites tend to grow and they consume the wastes which have not been flushed out from within. This can cause sever disorders within the body. Cleansing diets can prevent the occurrence of such physical disorders.

Yeast is present in the body and is necessary as well, but some yeast tend to overgrow and can cause various complexities. These are all basically toxins and must be released from the body to improve the over all system functionality ad cleaning diets can help in serving the purpose.