The human body can play host to thousands of parasites, bacteria, chemicals, and toxins which can be the source of harm to one's health.

These enter the body everyday; from the food that we eat to the air that we breathe. Indeed, it is inevitable for a person to absorb toxins into his body even without his knowledge. When these harmful substances consist in one's system, then his or her body organs may not be able to function as effectively and as efficiently as it should be.

This would lead to sicknesses and other kinds of ailments. One of the most effective measures to take to prevent this is to undergo organ cleansing. Two kinds of cleansing will be focused on this article: liver cleansing and colon cleansing.

The colon is the organ responsible for the expelling and processing of food so that energy will be provided and waste products became disposed.

An unhealthy colon can lead to those waste materials to be contained and can lead to small problems like upset stomachs to severe and long-term illnesses such as colon cancer.

The liver is also an organ which is in charge of the detoxification of the body by eliminating biochemicals such as ammonia and bilirubin and it also filters other chemicals ingested like drugs or alcohol. These functions are the reason why both liver cleansing and colon cleansing are important.

Phase one of liver cleansing involves the processing of the harmful toxins and transforming them into substances which will not be harmful to the body anymore. This product however, creates free radicals which attack the liver and lead to damages. Eat food high in antioxidants and phytochemicals to combat these free radicals.

Phase two is all about the addition of substances to the harmless toxins to make them water-soluble. They pass the digestive system and can be deported through urination or bowel movement.

The colon cleansing diet involves eating raw food which is known to contain more minerals and natural vitamins because these nutrients are not removed by the cooking process. Fruits and vegetables are also good sources of these vitamins and minerals and also natural fiber which are all essential in the waste removal process done by the colon.

Fasting and drinking lots of water are good ways of employing these organ cleaning processes. Just remember to do everything properly and your organs, health, and well-being will be back to their top shape in no time.