We all want to protect ourselves and our families from toxins, heavy metals and poisons existing in the atmosphere, because we know how much damage these can do to our bodies and how many diseases they can bring in. People who are conscious about their health and want to remain disease free, will do anything to protect themselves from such poisons and will not permit them to infiltrate in their bodies. While more and more people are aware of the dangers that chemtrails bring in, we are still powerless in front of such threats.

You may wonder what exactly are the chemtrails …. Chemtrails are streak of chemical substances that can be found in the atmosphere, remains from the spray systems of airplanes. These chemicals sprayed by planes have many biological purposes such as crop dusting and mosquito control.

What's the difference between contrails and chemtrails?

The so named contrails are generated by jets at 33,000 feet in the air, when the hot engines eliminate condenses like ice crystals. Chemtrails look exactly like contrails, yet they are thicker and they extend all over the atmosphere, residing for hours in a cirrus-like cloud. With the contrails, the situation is different because these vanish immediately from the atmosphere. Some reports reveal that the chemtrails are mostly present in US, Canada, England, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Germany, New Zealand and Korea. And these are not the only countries and territories on which chemtrails are present. It seems that we can not escape them since they are everywhere.

When some sustain that there is no real proof behind the chemtrails conspiracy, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson has declared that he personally saw how the chemtrails were spread, and now he is picking on the government for preventing such harmful chemicals to be released.

Due to the fact that most of the chemtrails are present in the atmosphere and the air we inhale, probably our bodies are filled up with these types of poisons. Even more, whenever it rains the chemicals from the atmosphere get into the earth drinking water systems and so it is no way to avoid the accumulation of toxins inside our bodies. Because there is no way to avoid gathering the toxins in the body, you might want to go and work with a detoxifying agent such as zeolite or silica and eliminate what's causing damages.

In these days, when the government is poisoning the air we breathe, the drinking water and even the food supply, are you in position to state that your family is completely protected against the dangerous chemicals and harmful toxins? It is best to be familiar with what's happening around you and who is next to you when it gets to the subject of chemtrails. It's only your choice: continue to remain toxic or get detoxified with zeolite and other natural chelating agents! Liquid zeolite comes with absolutely no side effects and it gets eliminated from your body, together with the collected toxins, in only 8 hours after taking it.