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Body Detox – Why Should You Do It?

Skeptics say that anyone who promotes a body detox is in it only for the money. Any claims made about toxins are considered fear-mongering. Unfortunately, while these same people are waiting for someone else to cure cancer, aids, or high blood pressure, we are still bombarded with mysterious diseases. When a person gets sick they are called unlucky and even told it must have been genetic. But history shows that many types of modern disease simply did not exist before our time. So, what is going on?

Modern research shows that smog is associated with cardiovascular disease. We know that other pollutants can lead to cancer. Perchlorate is a man-made byproduct of rocket fuel found in much of our drinking water. It leads to health issues such as low thyroid which is a cause of unexplained weight gain, fatigue, and hair loss. Perchlorate is also linked to cancers and thyroid tumors. Toxins are becoming so rampant that some doctors have named them invisible killers.

Everyday toxins are abundant in our environment. Pesticides are found in bread, produce, and meat, chemicals like bleach are used to process foods (bleached flour), and there are plenty of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides in the animal proteins that we eat. (Think about it, how can our bodies absorb proteins, minerals and vitamins but not absorb the toxins?)

Environmental toxins from industrial plants, sprays, and even cleaners, are linked to cancers, hormonal problems, depression, Parkinson's Disease, and more. A statement from the Body Burden website claims that there may be around 15,000 environmental toxins tested, although few have been studied enough to correctly estimate potential risks from exposure.

The latest research proves what holistic health professionals have been claiming for years; toxins are stored in muscle tissue, fatty tissue, and even around your organs. You need to help your body do the work with a body detox program. This is because your body simply does not have a genetic code to deal with these foreign chemicals or toxins.

This is why a body detox is popular these days. Many people have decided to not wait for medical research to fix their bodies after they become sick. On top of that – detoxing advocates say that for any action to take place you would have to wait for years of research and in-fighting about which of the 80,000 toxins should be studied then deemed harmful. Sounds like the wait may be indefinite.

Many point out that research has been trying to come up with a cure for cancer, obesity, or heart disease and we are still waiting. So far, there is not a lot of luck. This is the reason that health advocates cite for taking charge of their own health and they start with a body detox or body cleanse.

More skeptics claim you do not have to help your body with any type of cleaning. Just eat right; lots of fruits and vegetables, do not eat too much and be sure to exercise. If it's so easy, what's the problem?

The problem is that we need to address what the skeptics ignore. Our environment has more unnatural and toxic chemicals than ever before. Our everyday food is processed with chemicals and fillers that are cheaper than whole, healthy foods. These unhealthy, cheap foods are subsidized while healthy foods are not, making the unhealthy ones cheaper and more affordable for the everyday person. So what can you do?

This is where a body detox program comes in. This type of program should include a healthy detox diet that will provide more nutrition than the average daily diet. This includes eating foods that allow your body to cleanse and detoxify, supplying the nutrition needed to work in high gear in our toxic environment. Nutritional supplements are taken to support organ health so they can work in “high gear” and help your body cleanse and detoxify. You may include other practices that allow the natural cleansing to take place such as massage, cleansing exercise and possibly even colonics.

Your body is made to cleanse itself and heal itself. But you have to do the right things to keep it healthy. Do your homework, take charge of your health, and see if body detox is right for you.

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The Best Detox Foods to Cleanse Your Body

When it comes to cleansing your body, the best detox foods are raw foods. There is no condeming it. The power of raw foods to cleanse the body is substantial. However, it is important to determine whether there are some raw foods that are better than others, so let's take a look.

Fruit is one of the best cleansing foods there is. They contain a lot of water and this helps not only to cleanse out the entire body, but also works as a kidney detox. Fruits are also high in anti-oxidants, nutrients, enzymes, and fiber.

Vegetables also play a major role in the detoxification of the body. In their raw form and especially when juiced, vegetables are high in naturally-occurring sulphur, which helps the liver in its role as cleanser of the body. Vegetables can be used in any combination and include carrots, onions, garlic, beets, celery, and more.

Next you have your leafy greens. These are truly wonders in the world of food and there are so many greens from which to choose that your head might spin. If you are looking for a serious detox and a kidney detox, then by all means stock up on greens.

Greens have so many vitamins and minerals, but the chlorophyll is also a potent detoxifier, ridding the body of toxins placed there by environmental factors. The best is to include a variety of greens in your diet, such as kale, wheatgrass, spinach, spirulina, arugula, Swiss chard, and many other leafy greens.

Within the fruit category the most effective of the detox foods are the citrus fruits. While fruit is general was referred as an effective detoxifier, citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and limes are ideal because of their high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is one of the best detox vitamins.

These citrus fruits also initiate enzymatic processes that stimulate digestion and they are great for cleansing the liver. Another good detoxifier is garlic, which stimulates the liver to produce enzymes that aid in the detoxification of the digestive tract.

Broccoli sprouts have been proven to be highly effective at stimulating detoxification enzymes in the digestive tract. These sprouts are also full of anti-oxidants, as is green tea, which is another amazing detoxifier of the body.

Other potent detox foods include mung beans, nuts and seeds, and foods that contain Omega-3 oils. The Omega-3 oils are particularly useful as they provide a coating in the intestinal tract that absorbs the toxins as they are released and helps eliminate them from the body.

One last thing that is absolutely essential for detoxification is water. While not one of the detox foods per se, water is essential for life and cleanses inside as well as it does outside. Water is particularly important when it comes to kidney detox.

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Cleansing the Gallbladder So That You Don’t Get to Surgery

In case you are scheduled for a gallbladder surgery, think twice because there are other methods to dissolve the gallstones by natural means, in only a few hours. By using this method, you will not only cure your gallbladder but also perform an efficient liver flush.

You have all the rights to question how this method may function and therefore you need to firstly understand how the gallstones formed and also how these get to be dissolved and flushed out of your system in less than 24 hours.

The chances are that your way of living helps these gallstones to form and to become a problem. In people who suffer from weight problems, the chances of gallstones to form are increased because obesity is an important factor of such health problems due to the fact that excess cholesterol in bile gets accumulated, the bile salts get low and the gallbladder has difficulties to empty its content. All these lead to gallstones formation.

If you have diets based on foods rich in sugars and fats, and live a sedentary lifestyle, than the chances of gallstones to form are much increased. Also, diets low in calories that are intended to help you loose weight quickly interrupts the bile chemistry. In case you shred more than 3 pounds in a week, go and have a medical check for gallstones.

One of the most effective and well-known gallstone remedies features a liver “cleanse.” Having the liver cleared, you're in fact rewarding your liver with all its daily work and along the way you're also helping to relieve the likelihood of some more strain being put on the gallbladder, from the excess of cholesterol and bile salts that may accumulate when having an under-functioning liver.

The liver functions to take away the incredible quantity of harmful toxins that develop within your body. These harmful toxins include several contaminants, including excess fats, alcohol, and, actually, anything we consume that should be strained by the body.

A liver cleansse helps eliminate the buildup of excess harmful toxins and enables the liver to carry out at its maximum capacity. A highly effective liver cleanse takes a day of commitment for many natural treatments intended to do this.

A very efficient way to cleanse the body of gallstones is through easy water flush. Similar to the liver and gall bladder cleanse, a water flush helps cleanse the liver of harmful toxins, as well as serves to dilute the bile secretions that may develop and cause gallstones.

Just like the title, a water flush includes lots of drinking water. Even if you are not suffering from any gallstone disease, water is important towards the proper functioning of the body. For this type of treatment, drink no less than 10-12 eight ounces of water, every day. Do not replace it with any kind of soda or bubbly drinks. Even diet sodas contain many artificial pollutants that could develop and cause toxicity within the bodily system. It is only a water diet that will help you cleanse the liver so that you do not visit the hospital for surgery.

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Detox – Types of Cleanses

Types of Cleanses

Using the various internal detox methods can yield fascinating results. I'm going to go briefly into some of my own experiences with various detox tools.

Water – Water is one of the best detoxifiers in the world. I guarantee that you most likely do not drink enough water to keep your physical body flushed and working at maximum efficiency. I find it interesting that many businesses do not mind you taking frequent smoke breaks, but go take a whiz every 15 minutes and your boss will probably think there's something wrong with you.

Be sure to use filtered water. I still remember the time my sister got a letter from the water company telling her that her tap water had acceptable levels of lead, arsenic and other heavy metals. It's hard to detox using straight tap water.

Distilled Water – Made by boiling pure water and allowing the steam to fill a clean container, so removing the majority of the impurities, distilled water is a controversial detoxifier.

There are claims that it helps with heavy metal chelation and helps balance the body's PH. I go through a gallon or so a week because I use it in my cayenne pepper lemonade energy drink, which you'll learn more about shortly.

Sea Salt – Of all the methods I've experienced with, Seal Salt is probably the most brutal. A sea salt detox is not recommended for people with ulcers, cancer or digestive illnesses. See what your doctor says about your particular condition.

Most sea salt detox recipes call for two teaspoons of seal salt in 32 ounces of warm water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Trying to drink that much salt water was about the most gag-inducing experience I've ever had. Instead I mix the salt in a couple ounces of water and shoot it, then drink a bunch of filtered water to chase it (and top it off with a lime wedge) (like tequila, but your clothes do not fall off).

You'll be doing the Tijuana Two-Step very quickly with this cleanse, so be near the restroom. If you only have one bathroom then get up before the kids or it'll give new meaning to 'fun for the whole family'. Sea salt is supposed to extract toxins from your bowels as it goes through. It must do it really very quickly then. Every time I use sea salt I always swear it's going to be the last time.

Psyllium – Psyllium is a bulk forming laxative made from the hulls of the Psyllium seed. Psyllium is used in high fiber cereals and even as a thickener for ice cream.

For detox Psyllium is a great bowel cleanser. A couple of doses per day for a couple of weeks will help cleanse the built up partially digested food that clings to the bowel walls. It's also used with a variety of other detoxes and you'll see it mentioned often.

Detox Kits – Health food stores sell a variety of 14, 21 and 30 day detox kits. These kits usually contain an herbal detox pill and some form of fiber. I've tried several and each time I've ended up feeling better than when I started.

The Master Cleanse – The controversial Master Cleanse has huge numbers of fans and detractors. Most people feel strongly about it one way or the other, so it's hard to get an unbiased opinion. My buddies Dan Nichols and Brad Feaster have both used the Master Cleanse and liked it. Dan lost about 28 pounds and really recommended it.

My experience was not bad, but I did not go to any extreme lengths with it. Rather than using it as a cleanse, I use the lemonade, maple syrup and cayenne pepper mixture as an energy drink. It has drastically boosted the effectiveness of my elliptical workouts at the gym and I find that when I drink it I do not get hungry, which means I eat better. As with most methods I recommend trying it for yourself and listening to your body's feedback.

My one recommendation with the Master Cleanse is to team up with some friends and split the cost of the syrup and other ingredient to try it out. That way no one gets stuck with the entire cost if they do not like the program.

Bentonite Clay – I love this nasty stuff! A big bottle goes for about $ 15 but it'll last awhile. Bentonite Clay is an oral detox that attracts things like heavy metals, pesticide residue and just about anything else in your system. Take a spoonful every morning on an empty stomach for the rest of your life. Drink a lot of water with it and wait hour or so before eating anything.

For a more intense detox take a spoonful every two hours for a few days. I had some pretty amazing results with Bentonite and recommend it heartily.

Other Herbs – There are a huge number of detoxifying and healing herbs, many of which grow in your yard. Dandelion, for instance, was imported by the pilgrims (even Puritans are not wrong all the time) and was used as an all around cleanser and medicine.

Milk Thistle, Fennel, Marshmallow Root, Gentian, Cayenne. The list goes on and on. Check for some local Herbalist Meetups and your local health food store for recipes and ingredients as this subject goes far beyond the space I have for it in this manual.

Detox Healing Crisis

An unpleasant detox side effect that I've experienced a few times is the detox healing crisis. When you start a detox you are going to be releasing toxins out of your organs that have built up incrementally for years and maybe decades. In order to pass these toxins out of your system they have to circulate back through your blood and digestive systems. Sometimes this is quite a shock to your system so you get sick.

You can not drink too much filtered water during a detox. The more you can flush and sweat the more you can get rid of. You may find it necessary to take some time off to let your body recover as a detox can really put a lot of physical stress on you.

Some of the detox kits contain a fiber supplement to use, and some health food stores sell a special 'detox fiber' that helps to trap toxins and move them out of your system more easily.

How to Make Detox Easier

Taking the time to plan your detox program can pay off. Take a few days before you start and begin drinking all the water you can. A diet of soups and soft foods for a day or two can help your body adjust to the shock if you're doing an extreme program like the Master Cleanse.

No matter what program you use, be sure to make a real commitment to it, especially if this is one of the first times you've done a detox. Be sure to let friends and family know what you're doing so they will not accidently tempt you with a favorite food or restaurant.

When you plan a detox be sure to check the calendar. It can be a real pain to prepare and buy ingredients and make the commitment only to discover that you forgot about Uncle Bob's birthday party or some other event. A detox program does not have to be overly hard or upset your life too much as long as you plan it properly.

Detox After-effects

Once you complete your program ease back out of it just like you eased into it. You really do not want to do a 10 or 14 day Master Cleanse and then go to the Indian Buffet to celebrate. Take it easy on your system.

At this point I've probably done 7 or 8 different detox plans, and after each one I felt energized and revitalized. The Bentonite Clay detox I did last summer literally made me feel 10 years younger. It's amazing how much stuff can pile up in your system incrementally.

Once you've done a program you can do some occasional cleansings with Psyllium and Bentonite and the Cayenne Lemonade, as well as keeping some regular and consistent herbal supplements. It's all about trying enough different resources to find out which ones work for you.

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Cabbage Soup Detox – How to Clean Out Your Body on the Cabbage Soup Detox

For years now the cage soup detox diet has been around as a simple colon cleanser and a quick way to drop a few pounds. Do you have that dinner party or social gathering that you have been saving that cute little black dress that will not go through your hips? This is perfect for such! It is an excellent short term way to detox, high in antioxidants, fiber, fruits and vegetables.

It is a healthy diet program to embark on. Although, it does not allow enough calories per day for someone to follow longer than 7 days. That is why the application of this diet is often called the 7 days cabbage diet.

Due to the fact that the origin of this soup can not really be traced to a particular origin, the recipe has lots of variety to make the soup. The key is to add no fat or calories when seasoning the soup. The primary idea to this detox plan is to stick strictly to eating as much cage soup you can in a day, for 7 days.

* 1/2 head cage
* 6 large green onions
* 2 big green peppers
* 8 pieces of tomatoes.
* 3 carrots.
* mushrooms (fresh or canned)
* 1 bunch of celery
* season to taste with little salt and pepper, garlic etc.

* use 12 – 14 cups of water in a large pot
* slice green onions into pot
* cut green pepper stem end off and cut in half take seed out. Cut into pieces and put in the pot.
* take outer leaf of cage off. Cut into bits put into pot.
* clean carrot and celery, cut in bit size put in pot.
* slice mushroom into large chunks put in pot.
* add little pepper for taste.
* use any chicken seasoning for flavor.
* add garlic if you so desire (optional).
* bringing to a boil and simmer.

Enjoy daily for one week.
The cabbage soup detox diet offers the chance to fasten our metabolism and get rid of some extra pounds, thereby eliminating the accumulated toxins in the body which, not only boost the weight loss plan but will also contribute to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

It is used either in the case of healthy dieting for those who struggle with digestive problems as well as the main tool to a fast weight loss. Those who are crazy about soups and Cabbage soup in particular will find it exciting that one of the basic conditions to score the diet is to eat as much as possible of this food. However, remember to ask the opinion of a doctor if you suffer from additional illnesses or serious disorders.

One special condition for the initial phase is although to add some fruits and only these elements to the menu. Banana's should not be taken due to their calorie content instead, oranges, apples or watermelons will do just fine.

Day 1:

* Eat only fruit except banana
* Drink unsweetened tea and water
* Eat as much soup as you like.

Day 2:
* Eat all you want of fresh, raw or cooked vegetable of your choice.
* Do not eat beans, peas or sweet corn.
* Eat as much soup as you want.

Day 3:
* combine days one and two, eat as much fruit vegetables and soup.

Day 4:
* Eat as many as 8 bananas
* Drink as many glasses of skimmed milk along with your soup.

Day 5:
* Eat meat today
* Eat 6 fresh big tomatoes
* Eat your soup at least once today.
(You may substitute chicken (skinless) for the beef or even fish).

Day six:
* Eat beef and vegetables / salad today.
* Eat your soup at least once today.

Day Seven:
* Eat all you want of brown rice (you can get in health shops).
* Eat your soup at least once today.
* no bread or beverage.

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Detoxify Your Body With These 5 Supplements

In this day and age, detoxification is more important than ever. Listed below are five very helpful agents to support detoxification and help your body to find balance. There are many 'Fad' detox programs on the market which do not really help you to create balanced health. Simply including these five compounds to your diet will help make a good start. Having a principled approach to eating a diet high in vegetables and fruits is also essential.

Fiber supports the solid waste elimination / excretion of toxins and the integrity of the intestinal barrier which reduces toxic burdens. Also, fiber can directly bind some toxins thatby removing them before they enter the body and cause damage.

High Quality Protein provides methionine and cystine which are beneficial to enhance the detoxification process and may help with the excretion of heavy metals. Methionine is important in the treatment of rheumatic fever and pregnancy-induced toxemia. With the help of choline and folic acid, methionine is a chelator for heavy metals and helps remove them from the body.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine – NAC is a chelator of heavy metals. In other words, NAC binds to toxic heavy metals such as mercury and lead, and removes them from the body. NAC has been shown to be an antidote for acetaminophen (Tylenol) poisoning, mercury poisoning, and even arsenic poisoning. Cancer research has shown that NAC dramatically reduces the ability of a tumor to invade surrounding tissue. In one study, NAC decreed the number of metastases by 80% when cancer cells were pretreated with NAC. Immunologically, NAC greatly advances T-cell production. In fact, all AIDS patients are deficient in NAC and glutathione. NAC suppresses the replication of HIV in vitro and enhances the ability of certain immune cells and kill pathogens.

Artichoke has been shown to be a natural remedy which improves various digestive health disorders, shown to significantly lower blood cholesterol levels, prevent heart disease and atherosclerosis – plaque problems, enhance detoxification reactions, as well as protect the liver from damage. This combination of benefits is very important to healthy liver function. During detoxification of the liver, the toxic substance is often initially converted to an even more toxic form. Without adequate protection, every time the liver neutralizes a toxin, it is damaged in this process. Artichoke extract has been shown to provide these valuable preventive health benefits and protection.

Milk Thistle Silymarin has been used in Europe for years. It has powerful antioxidant properties which protect our bodies cells from damage caused by a chemical process called oxidation. Silymarin creates an anti-inflammatory effect which keeps liver cells from swelling when injured by the processing of toxins. It seems to encourage liver cell growth by altering the outer layer of liver cells and also prevails certain toxins from getting into liver cells. Silymarin increases glutathione, the most abundant antioxidant in the liver, to help enhance liver detoxification.

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Why Keep the Liver Clean?

The liver is the largest organ in the human body which is in charge of getting rid of toxins and waste products. The liver is also in charge of transforming the body's excess protein into urine and it also produces the substance called bile.

The liver is indeed one of the busiest organs in the body and it describes a break by being given a cleansing diet which would keep it always in top shape to be able to function the way it should be.
The liver, although in charge of eliminating toxins, may also be a site in which toxins would build up and cause the liver to be unhealthy.

The liver functions and abilities decline when this happens and may lead a person to easily feel tired and weak. To be able to combat this, liver cleansing diets play a very important part in keeping the liver free from the buildup of harmful toxins.

Liver cleansing diets are ideal for those who are experiencing high blood pressure, who have poor indigestion, low metabolism, poor digestion, and other digestive problems.

There are several variations of liver cleansing. However, there is a simple rule present in any kind of variation: one should prevent consuming processed food.

Also, one should avoid eating food which are high in oil content such as fried food. Food high in sugar should also be avoided. Too much sugar would make the liver work twice its normal intensity.

Fruit detox is another variation of liver cleanse. Like the other variations, one should also avoid eating dairy products and any kind of seafood. Fresh fruits and vegetables are very much recommended as wells as food which are rich in a substance called Omega 3 and other fatty acids. One should stick well to these diet plans if one is determined in cleansing his or her liver and stay healthy.

Cleansing the liver is very important not just to those with unhealthy livers but to those with healthy ones a swell. Without these cleansing diets, the liver would be infected with diseases and illness which may cause discomfort and even cancer.

Remember that prevention is always better than cure, and what better way is there to avoid the kidney from harboring any kind of disease but to undergo a disciplined cleansing diet. Staying healthy with regular organ cleansing diets, foods, herbs, and supplements is not as difficult as some would have you believe, it's all about the desire to live life happy and free of illness.

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Health Benefits of Liver Cleansing

Liver cleansing is essential to lessen any types of digestive problems and maintain the optimum wellness of the body as well as to keep it fit. Liver problems are pretty much a typical feature with a lot of people, which oftentimes lead to disastrous consequences.

Poor habits of eating, such as consuming too much of spicy and junk foods have tend to become a normal part of our everyday lives which exert extra pressure on the liver. Liver function retardation is noted along with aging.

The sad news is that, not everyone is aware of this fact and continues on eating unhealthy food causing congestion in the liver. In order to reduce and detoxify the built up of toxin, the liver has to work even harder.

Congestion in the liver is thought about by a number of different causes, including the following:

1. Abnormal secretion of growth hormones
2. Utilization of particular drugs
3. Drinking
4. Obesity
5. Excessive eating
6. Poor eating habits

Liver cleansing simply implants flushing out the toxic substances from the liver or in other words, detoxifying the liver. Liver cleansing must be given considerable attention in order to stay healthy and fit for a longer time. The process of liver detoxification can be safely done at the comforts of your own home by using grapefruit juice and Epsom salts.

The process of cleansing the liver may however lead to diarrhea, although this could actually help in flushing out the gall stones. Cleansing the liver also works very well in the maintenance of the cholesterol levels and diabetic degrees in the human body. In addition to this, it also lessens the dangers of developing hypertension and hyperglycemia.

There are a lot of other means of detoxifying the liver and this includes the utilization of herbs, essential oils and fruit juices. Liver cleansing may be carried out two times in a year although this is not advisable to do during the winter season. You may ask for the assistance of a natural health care provider prior to undertaking this process.

There are also some herbal supplements that are really helpful in naturally cleaning the liver as well in the maintenance of a healthy liver functions. These herbal supplements are particularly prepared with the use of the most potent herbal compounds that could effectively cleanse and lessen the built up toxic effects in the liver. It is always a wise decision to always take care of your liver as it takes care of you.

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Why Is Liver Cleansing Important and How Can It Improve Your Health?

The liver plays an essential function in your body and in your life in general. The liver is one of the largest and heaviest organs found inside your body. It is located at the upper right part of your tummy just under the rocks. This organ is considered as an essential aspect in the optimum function of your life.

The primary function of the liver is the metabolism of nutrients from the foods that you eat, and then the liver produces and secretes bile juices and gets rid of the undesired or toxic substance found in the blood and builds up proteins.

The liver processes around 500 different bodily functions. It is indeed one of the most essential organs of the human body, with the current environmental condition however as well as the pollution present in the food we eat, the air or just any other sort of pollution all around us, the liver has to work that extra mile in order to keep you up and moving.

Liver cleansing is a very essential thing that you must do in order to maintain the optimum health of the kidney and keep it active and clean in a regular basis. If you do not do this, you may suffer from some types of diseases such as hepatitis A, B and C.

This organ is responsible for the production of bile, which is a yellow to green liquid that aids in digestive function and without it present in your body, the digestive system may not be able to properly function. Thus, liver cleansing is a must for just about anyone, regardless of how watchful a person be careful with their drinking and eating.

There are a lot of ways to cleanse the liver. The good news is that, you can actually do this easily at the very comforts of your own home. To cleanse your liver, you will need some things that could have found right on your kitchen cupboard, such as grapefruit, grapefruit juice, Epsom salt and olive oil.

Prior to liver cleansing, you must clear out your schedule, consume lighter meals and something that does not contain fat in it and more importantly keep away from eating anything for four hours before doing the procedure. You have to combine 4 tbsp of the salt with around 3 cups of grapefruit juice and drink one cup of this mixture. You must have sufficient amount for 4 more servings and must be taken each after 2 hours.

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What Are the Many Health Benefits of Cleansing the Colon?

Diarrhea and constipation are two unhealthy bowel conditions that millions of Americans suffer for most part of their lives. Normally, people who suffer from either diarrhea or constipation also experience bursts of headache, nausea, bloating, and pain in the abdomen.

These conditions can be traced back to colon health. Depending on your diet, the colon works everyday to ensure the smooth passage of fecal matters from your intestines and out of your body system. To ensure that your colon is in top shape, colon cleansing is an invaluable health option for everyone who wants to break free from diarrhea, constipation, and irregular bowel movement.

Aside from preventing bowel movement problems in particular, colon cleansing also addresses other substantive tract maladies. An unhealthy colon usually results to chronic stomach pains, acidity, heartburn, gastritis, and flatulence. These symptoms often suggest that the colon is already clogged due to build up of fecal and other waste matters that are not eliminated during bowel movements. Cleaning the colon will get you rid of irritating digestive tract dilemmas.

Toxins sap energy and vitality in the body. As different kinds of drugs, solid, and liquid matter enter the body, your colon and other internal organs begin functioning like high-speed filtering machines to fight, kill, and eradicate toxic substances and chemicals they bring.

Instead of using the energy derived from food for external physical activities, the organs take the nutrients from the food and drugs to cleanse the body from harmful waste materials that could clog up the organs such as the colon.

This filtering process alone takes too much energy that you even before getting up in the morning, you already feel lethargic. Colon cleansing and overall detoxification will help restore energy in your body and let you store up reserve energy for other strenuous physical activities.

Advocates of colon cleansing also believe that clearing the colon or gastrointestinal tract from toxicity can cure not only less serious physical diseases like arthritis, asthma, and allergies but also life-threatening ailments like cancer.

Cleansing the colon greatly improves the body's defense from these forms of sicknesses by wiping off by wiping off toxins, encouraging the growth of good intestinal bacteria, strengthening the immune system, and increasing energy.

Currently, there are several methods used to cleanse the colon. Non-medical and medical means to enhance improve colon health are being used by people from all over the world. For health and safety reasons, be sure to check with your physician first before choosing any means.

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Why We Need to Perform a Liver Cleansing Once in a While?

Nowadays, liver cleansing is generally completed to maintain or obtain a healthy body. Removal of dangerous toxins is the main goal of a liver cleanse.

The liver might often be filled with components such as drugs and gall gemstones. A liver cleansing works amazingly well for getting rid of these wastes, this way helping in better functioning of the liver.

Now let us look at various causes of why you might need to go on a liver cleanse. Reasons can be discovered by simply examining its signs and symptoms. Frequent heartburn, allergic reactions to particular food products and skin problems are the proven consequences of a liver disorder. Too much bad cholesterol is one of the important reasons for which you might need liver cleanse. Excessive cholesterol in your blood increases the risk of getting diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol needed for the body to function is produced in the liver and it is mainly based upon what we eat. Over use of oily meals like fried chicken and beef boosts the cholesterol levels, leading to some serious health issues. Cleansing is the greatest solution for getting rid of this excess cholesterol. It also works amazingly well for lowering the amount of ALT and AST liver enzymes, since these are not expected to exist in large quantities in the body.

Another good reason for a liver cleansing is detoxification. Liver is actually the master organ for cleansing and bloodstream purification. A comprehensive cleanse works well for getting rid of dangerous toxins in the body, which in turn works amazingly well for maintaining a healthy body. Improving the capacity of liver is an additional reason behind carrying out a liver cleanse. By cleansing, we're giving just a little relaxation to the liver and we ensure that it will refresh to function much better again. Elimination of the gemstones from the gallbladder is yet another important reason behind a liver cleanse. Gall stones are created because of the accumulation of fatty foods with bile in gallbladder. Severe abdominal discomfort, fever, vomiting and nausea are the signs and symptoms that prove the existence of gall stones. Liver cleanse works well for eliminating out these gall stones in the body.

Skin problems often suggest you might need a cleansing of this kind. A great cleanse works well for cleansing the bloodstream, and proper bloodstream leads to healthy glowing skin. The same cleaning type is also famous for its energy improving capacities. A cleansed liver works well for taking up more oxygen and nutrition in the bloodstream's cells, which boosts your energy. In case you are overweight, believe that this might be a reason for applying a liver cleanse. Elimination of body fat deposits in the liver, by cleansing, works well for reducing body-weight. Proper functioning of liver improves the body fat metabolic process rate and controls the extra weight. Elevated blood sugar levels are also a reason for performing a liver cleansing. Cleansing purifications the bloodstream, by balancing the blood sugar levels. A proper cleansing of the liver improves the metabolism rate in the body and keeps you in good condition.

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How To Keep Your Colon Clean After Doing A Colon Cleanse – It’s Easier Than You Think

So what good is cleansing your colon if once you have cleaned we do not give you the tools you are going to need to help you keep it clean? Yea, sure the makers of your colon cleansing product could make future repeat sales but would not you rather learn how to eat properly so that you can keep your colon clean naturally. Now does not sound better? Yea, we thought so too! So here's the skinny.

We all know that we should eat more fiber. We all know that fiber is good for us but most of us do not really know that much about fiber. There are two types of fiber so let's talk about both types and what each type of fiber does and why each is important. But before we begin let's define fiber.

What is fiber:

Fiber can be found in all plant based foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. Fiber is divided into two categories soluble fiber, which is fiber that dissolves in water and insoluble fiber, which is fiber that does not dissolve in water.

Soluble Fiber

Soluble or viscous fiber is a softer type of fiber that will dissolve in water. When you digest a soluble fiber it will help to prevent cholesterol from being absorbed into your intestines and who would not agree that this is a good thing. Soluble fiber will also help to minimize the spike in your blood sugar levels after a meal. Yep, you got it, another very important factor when it comes to staying healthy – especially if you have diabetes.

So where do you get soluble fiber? Well, you can get soluble fiber from dried beans, oatmeal, oat bran, apples, mangoes, plums, kiwi, pears, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, citrus, fruits, dried apricots, prunes, figs, dried peas, lentils, peas, barley, flax seed, oranges, carrots, psyllium husk.

Ok, so I have told you all about soluble fiber and where you can get it but how does it work? Well, that is one of the fascinating things about the human body – here is how it works. The soluble fiber will bind to any fatty acids and that will prolong the digestion time of anything in your stomach. By doing this the soluble fiber will regulate your blood sugar, reduce your cholesterol, and all of that will help to fight obesity and give you the added benefit of staying regular. Can you say Amen to that ?!

Insoluble Fiber

Insoluble fiber is fiber that does not dissolve in water. The great thing about insoluble fiber is that it helps to keep your bowel movements regular and it will help to reduce your risk of possible colon problems. It will also remove toxins from your colon and helps you to avoid, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, obesity and it will make you feel full more quickly. Not only that, it will help you to balance the acidity of your intestines.

So you are probably wondering where you can get some of that wonderful, glorious insoluble fiber. I know how excited you are, all this talk about fiber and all – you can hardly stand it right? Well, you can get your insoluble fiber in whole wheat grain, wheat bran, brown rice, bulgur, seeds, vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, celery, tomatoes, corn bran, green beans, cauliflower, the skins of fruits and root vegetables .

Now really, are not you excited that you have now learned all about the two types of fiber available to you and where you get your fiber? What? You're not excited? Ok, I know, I know. Fiber is not the most exciting subject, but it is so very good for you. You really need to know more about it, so keep reading.

Did you know that the American Dietetic Association says that most Americans only get about 14-15 grams of fiber a day? Do you know how much fiber we should be getting a day ??? It is recommended that each of us eat at least 20-35 grams of fiber a day.

Are you still standing up? You have not passed out yet have you. I know it is hard to believe. I know you are probably asking yourself – how in the world am I ever going to be able to eat that much fiber everyday! Well, it is not impossible if you just take baby steps. Here is how. Do not worry! It really is easier than you think if you just take Baby Steps. Keep Reading …

AM BABY STEP – think about what you like – then add to it or make it your regular meal

• two slices of whole grain wheat bread – Bam – there's your fiber = 4 grams

• one banana – Bam – there's your fiber = 3 grams

• one cup of oatmeal – Bam – there's your fiber = 4 grams

• one cup of Raisin Bran cereal – Bam – there's your fiber = 7 grams

MIDDAY BABY STEP – think about what you like – then add to it or make it your regular meal

• Wheat Thins – Bam – there's your fiber = 5 grams

• one cup of brown rice – Bam – there's your fiber = 4 grams

• one cup minestrone soup – Bam – there's your fiber = 5 grams

• one apple – Bam – there's your fiber = 4 grams

PM BABY STEP – think about what you like – than add to it or make it your regular meal

• Taco Bell (or homemade) bean burrito – Bam – there's your fiber = 8 grams

• one pear – Bam – there's your fiber = 4 grams

• one cup of strawberries – Bam – there's your fiber = 4 grams

• one cup of carrots cooked – Bam – there's your fiber = 5 grams

• one sweet potato – Bam – there's your fiber – = 4 grams

AND do not forget all of the other sources of fiber that you could throw in as well: beans, oatmeal, oat bran, apples, mangoes, plums, kiwi, pears, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, citrus, fruits, dried apricots, prunes, figs, dried peas, lentils, peas, barley, flax seed, oranges, carrots, psyllium husk, wheat bran, brown rice, bulgur, seeds, vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, celery, tomatoes, corn bran, green beans, cauliflower, the skins of fruits and root vegetables. Remember all of these that we talked about earlier?

WOW – now really – how hard do you think it would be to fit these into your meals every day if you really tried – I mean really tried to fit some fiber into your day. Especially now that you know how important it is and how good it is for you!

So do not waste another moment sitting on your porcelain throne – let's get your colon clean and healthy. No more moaning and groaning. Today is the day to do your colon cleanse and then keep it clean by practicing healthy lifestyle habits like the ones we mentioned above. Or you could continue to keep you favorite colon cleanse company like Digest It in business and continue to Buy Digest It if you prefer!

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Benefits of Cleansing the Liver and Colon

The colon and liver are some of the most vital organs in the human body because they both help in the elimination of waste products and toxins found in our everyday foods and environment.

However, if there comes a time wherein toxins start building up and block the digestive tract, then this can be a sign that your liver and colon are on their way to harboring harmful effects to your health. Because of this fact alone, colon and liver cleansing is a very important process to undergo for everyone who wants to keep their bodies free of toxins and harmful chemicals.

The primary effect of colon cleansing is the colon being cleansed and the colon being free to perform its functions without any obstruction from blocking chemicals and toxins. However, this is not the only benefit one can get; there are also other benefits which make colon cleansing worth a try.

The following are a list of other benefits of undergoing colon cleanse.

• The colon will be clear of hardened, old, waste products and harmful toxins.
• Removes toxins from one's organs, blood, and the digestive system.
• Overall improvement of health and energy.
• Improves the functions of the digestive system.
• Makes the peristaltic activity in the colon stronger and more resistant.
• Improves waste material elimination.
• Restore regular bowel movement and helps prevent self-poisoning.
• Decreases the possibilities of indigestion, hemorrhoids, hard stools, gas, constipation, and bloating.
• Reduces the production of mucus.
• Detoxifies the chemicals which are created by yeast, bad bacteria, fungi, and parasites both in the digestive tract and in the colon.
• Helps in restoring mental clarity and concentration which may have been eliminated by the huge amount of toxins in the body.
• Might provides a slight loss in weight because of the elimination of fecal matter.
• Helps relieve one of digestive ailments like Crohn's disease, acid reflux (GERD), colitis, diverticulitis, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
• Better absorption of vitamins and minerals found in food.
• The colon becomes more effective in eliminating pharmaceutical residues and heavy metals from the body.
• Can result in youngger-looking, healthier, and softer skin.

One should remember that a healthy colon is one of the steps in leading an overall healthy lifestyle. Despite the unfamiliarity of colon cleanse procedures that are still worth the try so long-term diseases can be prevented from happening. Live healthy by starting on cleansing your insides first, and the outsides will follow suit.

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The Essence of Liver Cleansing

Liver cleansing is a very essential health practice as it lessens all types of digestive problems and keeps your body fit and healthy. A lot of people suffer from different types of liver problems.

While this is a pretty typical feature among a lot of people, it can oftentimes result in damaging consequences. Extra pressure is exerted on the liver because of poor eating habits such as consuming a lot of junk and spicy foods. Along with the increase in age, the liver's functionality is also retarded.

Liver cleansing is simple a procedure of eliminating the toxic substances found inside the body. According to recent studies, performing a liver cleanse is the most excellent remedy in the improvement of energy as well as maintaining a fit and healthy body.

The liver is for a fact, the master organ for the purification of the bloodstream and metabolic activities. Damaging toxins resulting from the deoxygenated bloodstream are converted to its purified forms only through the liver. This is why the development of liver problems will be significantly lessens when carrying out liver detoxification.

In addition to this, liver cleansing also plays an important function in the treatment of a number of problems linked with bloating. During these days, there are a lot of herb-based medicines formulated to enhance the overall functioning of the liver.

Liver detoxifying tinctures and teas are a beneficial of some typical herbal medicines that are employed for cleansing the liver. Having to go through a week long period of a cleansing diet will jump start your livers detoxification process, eventually helping you in improving your digestion and upkeep health. The recommended food items to consume while undergoing a cleansing diet include vegetables, fruits, green spinach and lettuce.

Detoxifying as well as improving the nutrient absorbing capacity of the bloodstream are also some of the health benefits acquired from cleansing the liver. It is also known to take part in addressing a number of different skin problems. Cleansing the liver nourishes the bloodstream and counteracts the assault of skin problems such as acne. It detoxifies the bloodstream, thereby assisting the body to supply a healthy youthful skin.

Another essential benefit of liver cleansing is assisting the production of bile juices in the digestive tract. Producing bile secretions enhances the process of metabolism and advances the formation of gall stones. A successful liver cleanse increases your energy levels, gets rid of the harmful toxins, increases bile secretions, enables you to feel more healthy and strong and promotes metabolic processes.

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Our Cookware And Our Health – Is There A Connection?

This is an important question and we should all be aware of it looking at so many health problems people are struggling with today. No medicine can help if the root cause is not identified and taken care of. It is beyond doubt that what we eat greatly affects our health – While healthy, nutrition-rich food nourishes our body and improves body functions, eating toxic and nutrition-deficient food can be a disaster to the same body functions and the organs.

Among the different factors, there is nothing more influential in determining our health like the food we eat. And the quality of the food depends on two things – the ingredients we choose and how we cook them. We put in a lot of effort in choosing healthy and nutritious ingredients, like unprocessed & organic, but do we pay equal attention to how we cook them?

In order to cook food in the healthiest way possible, we need the right cookware. While the market is flooded with cookware made from metals and ceramics, it becomes difficult to find the right one – a healthy and non-toxic alternative that cooks food while keeping its nutritional value to the maximum.

Pure clay (unglazed, primary clay) is an all-natural material that is a viable alternative to metals. All metals are reactive and form toxic compounds with nutrients which then accumulate in blood, tissues, and oranges to form the foundation for a compromised immune system and many health problems.

Pure clay, on the other hand, is non-toxic and inert in its pure and natural form. It does not leach and keeps the nutrients in food intact by cooking with gentle, far-infrared heat. The pots made from pure clay have excellent steam management properties that keep water-soluble nutrients trapped inside and does not release them through vents like in conventional cookware. So, the food cooked in pure clay turns out to be completely non-toxic and rich in nutrition.

As an added benefit, the cooking time lasts almost the same or even less in case of slow cooking, and food cooks though with no need for babysitting the pot! This makes cooking more convenient and the food turns out to be delicious and tender, as reported by cooks who have switched to clay pot cooking for good.

These factors and many others have established the clear connection between our health and the cookware. Knowing this, it is important to be an informed cook going forward so your food can be healthy and so can you!

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