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The Seven Deadly Sins of Chlorine

Chlorine is added to our water supplies and it is a highly dangerous and toxic chemical. In this article we have gathered seven comprehensive reasons why Chlorine is worse than the seven deadly sins all put together.

1. Toxic Chlorine Gas Inhalation

There is no getting around the fact that as a gas Chlorine is toxic. In fact it was used in World War I as a weapon. The toxicity of Chlorine as a gas is extremely high, when Chlorine gas is breathed into the lungs it can damage the airways that route to the lungs and once inside the lungs it can damage the lungs themselves. In an environment like our bathrooms, where we are in small enclosed spaces that have very little ventilation. Hot steamy showers or hot water usage at basins will cause for Chlorine in water to vaporise and then will give Chlorine in water more opportunity to be breathed in. Even though the amounts of Chlorine in tap water may be small, a hot steamy bathroom environment can expose our lungs to higher levels of Chlorine because of the compound nature of a small room and low ventilation.

2. Damages Skin

Chlorine is a dangerous solvent. It is used in many industrial industries as a cleaner and a bleaching agent. Even at low levels the solvent and bleaching properties of Chlorine will still adversely skin. This is doubly troubling in a shower, where hot water has opened up the pores of the skin and will there before allow for Chlorine to penetrate the usually water proof surface of our epidermal. Once Chlorine has penetrated the epidermal layer of our skin it begins to work in a variety of ways; it damages skin cells by disabling the mineral and oil balance within our skin, it destroys the natural fluid balance inside cells thatby killing skin cells, it also strips our skin of natural oils which moisturize and maintain a youthful and healthy appearance.

3. Creates Carcinogenic THMs

THMs are a by product of when chlorine reacts to natural organic material found in water supplies. For example natural algae will grow in pipes which delivery water to our homes. Or dead leaves may be trapped in water pipes which bring water to our homes. When these natural organic substances make contact with the chlorine that is put into our water supplies, THMs are caused. Scientists from all over the world have done much research into THMs and all world health organizations have labeled them as carcinogenic, which means exposure to them will cause cancer. If we know that Chlorine is the reason why there are THMs in our water supplies and we know that THMs are carcinogenic, then we need to act to remove THMs and Chlorine from our water to ensure a healthy environment.

4. Can Worsen Eczema

The actual cause for eczema is yet unknown, but it has been linked generally to genetics and may run in families. There is no actual cure for eczema and often people will have eczema during their childhood and grow out of the condition. For many people this does not happen and they can live their whole lives suffering from eczema. It is a skin condition which creates red, flaky dryness of areas of skin and can cause great uncomfortably and distress. When exposure to Chlorine in showers removes the natural oils in skin this causes for skin to become very dry and for skin cells to begin dying. The loss of oils and dryness can cause eczema in those that are already concrete to eczema.

5. Damages Hair and Scalp

Chlorine is used in many cleaning products. Cleaning products are designed to remove oils, dirt and bacteria from surfaces. In a shower our hair and scalp is exposed to fine hard jets of Chlorinated water that is hitting us at high pressure. Naturally our hair and scalp produce a lot of oil to maintain health. This natural oil protects our hair from the elements, such as wind and sun exposure. By stripping out all of the natural oils that our hair and scalp product to protect itself, Chlorine can cause dry and flaky scalps – which can cause a lot of uncomfortable itching. The lack of oil natural oil in our scalp can also lead to dandruff and other flaky scalp conditions.

6. Turns Blonde Hair Green

When blonde hair is exposed to Chlorine it can sometimes turn green. In actual fact it is not the Chlorine itself that is turning the blonde hair green, it actually is copper which is naturally found in water that is turning the hair green. What happens is that when someone with blonde hair bathes in chlorinated water, if there is copper in that water as well, the chlorine will act to bind the copper to the color shafts of the hair. With copper naturally being of a green color, the chlorine binds the green copper to the naturally colored hair and therefore blonde people will often come out of Chlorinated showers with green hair. This can be especially bad if the home has copper pipes, or for people who live in areas that have water supplies with a lot of natural copper in them.

7. Bad for the Environment

Chlorine is used in a wide array of industrial processes and substances. From cleaning materials, bleaching paper to even creating plastics. It is one of the top 10 chemicals used in the world and the Chlorine industry is a multi-billion pound industry. In nature we find a lot of naturally produced Chlorine, it can be found in the earth's crust in the sea and virtually any decaying organic matter will have some type of chlorine or chlorinated compound within it. But with the significant over usage of Chlorine in our environment this natural balance of Chlorine is being over thrown and we are seeing the effects of over chlorination with an over abundance of chemicals which are harming the environment. For example Dioxins, PCBs, and DDT are organochlorine compounds and these chemicals are being seen in higher abundance and are known to mimic estrogen in the body and cause health concerns. Chlorine usage has also caused higher levels of chlorofluorocarbons, these are the chemicals which are known to destroy the ozone layer.

In conclusion, Chlorine is not only bad for our bodies and our health, but its over usage is bad for our environment. We need to take steps in our bathrooms to avoid exposure to Chlorine in a place where we are most vulnerable to its effects. By removing Chlorine using shower filters we can protect ourselves and or families from the known effects of such a hazardous chemical.

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Plan Your Post Christmas Detox Diet Now!

It's always a good idea to plan ahead when it comes to a Christmas detox diet, as you may find the new year drags on and before long it's spring and the physique you imagined you had this summer is slowly dwindling into the unlicely.

So to get the ball rolling, it's always a good idea to start with a detox before you begin an actual diet as it helps shred excess body fat which you would normally mistake for real body fat.

1. January – Detox first

That may sound confusing but take for example when someone gives up beer, after 7-10 days there will be an initial drop in weight and then that weight will steady off unless you put yourself through a diet / supplement / exercise plan.

The same goes for a 2-4 week detox.

By taking either a combination of detox foods and / or anti-oxidant supplements, this enables you to flush the liver, intestine and kidneys of all harmful toxins, parasitic bacteria and free radicals that have accumulated over time since your last detox.

Detoxing also enables you to get your metabolism into superb shape as it's not infected day to day by high glucose foods (provided you stick to a diet free of trans fatty fast foods and rich carbs found in donuts, sweets and carbonated fizzy drinks etc).

Begin your detox in January through ideally a combination of rich anti-oxidant fruits and natural super-powered supplements.

2. January / February – Diet second

The Christmas period was a month ago now and you've given your body a thorough detox and it's now time to focus on healthy nutritional food groups to get your diet plan back on track to ring in the new year.

a) Lean protein

Get plenty of lean meat down you such grilled chicken and poultry that will speed up your metabolism, keeping you satiated and curbing the cravings while your body slowly eases of the unwanted pounds.

If you've already started an exercise plan or some simple anaerobic weight training or aerobic sports like running and swimming, lean meat will help build up the muscles rather than the belly.

b) 1 Grapefruit a day

If you like grapefruit then you're lucky as the fruits acidity slows down digestion, keeping you fuller longer while accelerating weight loss.

It also contains vast amounts of vitamin C which lowers cholesterol, diminishing your risk of a stroke, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

c) The Omega 3's

Omega 3 especially is well known to have an assortment of benefits from longevity, to replenishing collagen and Oxford University last study shows that eating tuna and salmon can speed up the movement of food from the stomach to the intestines – freeing up your stomach from any bloating .

They do this by stimulating hormones that regulate food intake, metabolism and weight loss.

3. January / February – Detox & weight loss supplements

Detox and weight loss supplements really can work provided you help assist them with a fairly disciplined diet and better also with some moderate exercise 3/4 times a week – 30/40 minutes long.

Detox supplements are probably the most effective in terms of the return you get almost overnight.

You must bear in mind that you have to stay hydrated as they harness the anti-oxidants and healthy bacteria from fruits high up the ORAC table (oxygen radical absorption capacity).

Weight loss supplements are different and sometimes combine both a detox and a fat burning or fat blocking side to them, but most dieters tend to opt for fat burners as they're looking to really speed up their metabolism – an obvious choice if you're struggling to shake of the pounds.

HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), Keytones and CGA (Chlorogenic acid) are all popular fat burning ingredients right now if you choose to go down this path.

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Tips On Detoxifying Your Body Naturally

Detoxification involves getting rid of toxins in the body. Toxins are harmful substances made in the body as a result of poor lifestyle, environment, and emotional patterns. The food we eat and the air we breath leave some toxins behind and as a result, harmful substances accumulate in the body. Adopting ways that help detoxify the body using natural techniques enable us to lead a healthy life. In this article, we are going to discuss two natural ways of detoxification, namely, yoga and nutritious diet.

Detoxification using yoga

  • Yoga is one of the best ways to detoxify your body in a natural way. Yoga aims at bringing changes in both body and soul. These changes prevent the build-up of toxins by various practices and techniques.
  • Yoga enables different parts of the body to push, pull, twist, turn and be upended. This kind of movements help remove waste products such as carbon-dioxide, lactic acid, and lymphatic fluid even from the deeper tissues and extreme limbs of the body, which is not possible with other regular exercises like jogging and walking.
  • Different breathing techniques in yoga help remove the carbon-dioxide from the lung tissues, stimulate the digestive organs, enable the diaphragm to move freely, and then help them work effectively in eliminating toxins from the body.
  • Moreover, it also aids in detoxification of the mind by eliminating the toxic thoughts and makes the mind free from stress, depression, and any other emotional fluctuations.

Cleansing the body with nutritious diet

  • Taking healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals is another natural way of detoxifying the body. Vegetarian diet rich in fiber helps stimulate good bowel elimination.
  • Taking foods rich in antioxidants is also an effective and the most natural method of cleansing the body. Antioxidants eliminate the negative effects of free radicals, and protect the body from cell damage. Antioxidants are present in vitamins like A, D, E and K. Therefore, taking the foods rich in these vitamins helps the body detoxify on its own.
  • Foods such as milk, egg yolk, salmon, spinach, avocado, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, fruits, etc., are good sources of the aforementioned vitamins. You should, therefore, include them in your diet for good health.
  • Foods rich in fiber are effective in detoxifying the body. Fiber is easily available in organically grown fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, pears, dried fruits, cabbage, carrot, broccoli, brussels, spinach, etc.

Following a healthy lifestyle is the key to stay away from toxins. It also includes staying away from unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, or drug abuse.

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5 Easy Steps to Detox Your Body and Skin This Christmas

As is common with autumnal celebrations, with Halloween, Harvest Festival and Thanksgiving, one needs to take special care of the skin and body as these last quarter festivals will often result in blotchy pigmented skin, with the formation of wrinkles and crow's feet more appearance.

This is due to the accumulation of toxins through drink, smoky environments, consumption of excess oily food, gluten, refined sugars, sugar energy drinks and processed fast foods.

Step 1 – Drink plenty of water, ideally 3 liters a day:

If you exercise however expect to perform double that. It's highly unlikely that you will ever consume too much water as you will feel bloated once you've maxed out – though if you're under the influence of an amphetamine then this can be a serious risk.

Drink a pint of water in the morning also as this will help flush out any intestinal, liver and kidney toxins that have not fully been broken down overnight and as a result this will cause you to take a stool earlier.

Step 2 – Eat fresh fruit on an empty stomach for breakfast:

Eating fresh fruit on a clean empty intestine will enable all the healthy nourishments, minerals and vitamins to be absorbed as opposed to eating them after a main meal where they will sit on undigested food.

Fresh fruit contributor to flawless, smooth and spotless skin that will enhance the beauty and the glow of your skin, as it helps exfoliate and re-hydrate your pores.

Some fruits are also insoluble like guava, bananas, avocados and oranges, which means they will keep you satiated longer, then suppressing your appetite.

Step 3 – Snack on unprocessed foods:

Rid yourself of manufactured processed fats and carbs by just snacking on oatmeal, almonds or sweet potatoes.

These extremely healthy carbohydrates will rebuild energy stores naturally while vegetables and humus for example can step in to supply the adequate daily protein your body needs.

Step 4 – Drink plenty of cranberry juice and vitamin C:

Cranberry juice will cleanse toxins that exist in the bladder and urinary tract.

Vitamin C on the other hand is used in so many detox and topical face cream supplements as it's one of the best anti-aging vitamins.

Vitamin C rids the body of harmful faty deposits and guava is a good source here as not only does it keep you fuller longer, it contains more vitamin C than any other fruit.

Step 5 – Drink plenty of green tea:

In short, green tea flushes the liver, kidney and stomach, can help increase your metabolism and livers metabolism, relieve inflammation, inhibit fat formation and essentially deliver a wonderful overall detox.

Loaded with natural anti-oxidants known as green tea catechins (GTC), green tea's with the highest amount of catechins are Oolong tea, Pu-erh tea and Green Select Phytosome.

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3 Great Detox Alternatives for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, the middle child of the last quarter holiday season coming between Halloween and Christmas can be an obstacle if you're looking to look great for the festive season and you do not want to interrupt your current clinical diet plan.

A good way therefore to avoid the all the refined sugars, oily processed manufactured foods, alcoholic calories and sugar laden energy drinks is to get creative and consume both great detox dishes as well as some wonderful detox smoothies.

Here are 3 detox fixes that will flush the body of toxins and reinvigorate your skin tone.

1. The Festive Foodie Smoothie

  • 1 cup spiced apple cider
  • 1 banana cut into pieces
  • 1 cup organic spinach
  • 1/2 cup red seedless grapes
  • 1 scoop Vega One Vanilla Chai nutritional shake
  • 4 or more ice cubes
  • Tip: 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar (Ideally the brand “With the Mother.”)

Apple cider vinegar is arguably really help this smoothie pack a punch plus acetic acid in ACV as it's termed is excellent for assisting weight loss.

Acetic acid has been observed to help people lose abdominal weight, triglycerides and weight circumference when taken over a 3 month period.

It's a little bit like staying on an alkaline diet as it helps sustain balanced pH levels allowing the body to maintain a prolonged detox.

This power packed breakfast smoothie will help reduce heartburn and contribute to a clear skin tone.

2. Kale Salad with Garlic Avocado Cream plus Roasted Peppers

This is a great meal that will fill you up and additionally provide you with additional servings which you can store for later and it's also a sensational detox.

  • 2 bunches curly kale
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 6 cloves garlic
  • 1 small knob of ginger
  • 1 orange bell pepper
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 2 lemons – squeezed fresh juice
  • 4 Tbsp coconut aminos

Simply strip the seeds and stems from the red bell pepper and broil them lightly on both sides.

Chop the greens up and remove the stems from the kale then simply toss them into a large bowl, blending the remaining ingredients by hand.

Coconut aminos are delicious and go well with roasted vegetables, dips, salads, almost just about everything.

3. Aloe vera raspberry detox smoothie recipe

Aloe vera is a bona fide super-food that has been used as a topical treatment as far back as the Egyptian period, and is essentially a gel made of water with 18 amino acids, 12 vitamins, 200 active plant phytonutrients and 20 nutrients.

It's great for your skins health, a powerful anti-inflammatory, boosts immune function, accelerates recovery after exercise, helps lower cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure and is excellent for digestion, and has been shown to alleviate and even cure acid reflux, ulcers , IBS, Celiac and Crohn's disease.

  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup fresh raspberries + 1/2 cup fresh or frozen mango chunks or 1 cup of fresh raspberries
  • 1 medium aloe vera leaf, filleted (approximately 1/2 cup)
  • 1 useful of fresh basil
  • A little honey
  • Maple syrup

Raspberry's keytones which are compounds extracted from the pulp of the berry are now supported to both increase and regulate a steady metabolism while instructing the prevention of absorption of fatty acid break down when consumed.

Simply take all the ingredients and put them in a blender.

This is a wonderful cleansing detox smoothie, although taking aloe vera orally may cause cramps and diarrhea as the CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) has reported.

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My 15-Day Juice Fast Detox Experience

This past summer I gave myself a personal challenge. I decided to go on a 15-day juice fast detox. Now I had previously never attempted one and quite honestly did not really know much about them. But after doing some careful research and investigating, I went through with it and decided to share my experience with you.

Disclaimer: (Please take the information presented here with a grain of salt … pun intended. Consult with your physician and do your due diligence before attempting a juice fast of any sort. , so those with the intentions of simply dropping a couple of pounds should think twice).

What happened was, I saw a video on Netflix, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, which is about a man who did one of these in order to lose weight and potentially get off a medication he was on. He first aimed for a ten-day juice fast detox but kept prolonging the experience before reaching an impressive 60-day mark. Through the film, I saw his progress and got a great perspective on what one of them was like. It truly was awesome.

Once he got into a good rhythm, all the benefits just kept coming and you could really see how his life was changing. I'm sure the magic of movie production had a helping hand with that but regardless it seemed very feasible. Well the movie ended, and I was jacked. I hit the Internet in search of any other information I could find on the subject. I finally came to the decision to shoot for 15 days. It seemed doable and long enough to see at least some of the possible benefits.


The first thing I did was check to see if there was a juicer in the house. The answer to that was a big fat no. However we did own a blender. Me being the cheap man that I am, tried to see if the blender would suffice. It turned out that it would, considering all I had to do was strain the pulp before consuming the juice. The reason for this is that the pulp contains fiber, which would increase the caloric intake and require my digestive system to spend extra energy for its breakdown. The whole point of doing a juice fast detox is to give your digestive system a rest from its normal everyday duty. This then allows your body to use that energy elsewhere in the body, like get rid of various toxins.

The next step in the prep process was finding out how much this would all cost me. I researched others who had already done this and saw what places they recommended to purchase all the necessary produce. From what I had read, the figures were anywhere between 150 and 200 dollars. That proved to be about right.

I found recipes online and even went to local bookstores to find similar information. I basically just bought my produce according to the recipes that I thought would not only be the most beneficial but also the best tasting.

The start

In order to slowly introduce my body to the idea of ​​no longer wolfing down double bacon cheeseburgers, I decided to start with smoothies as opposed to juices. This was a way for me to ease my body into the fast process. After about a day and a half, I went with the juices. I was pretty surprised as to how good some of the juices came out. It was like drinking a refreshing glass of nature. Well that was up until I had a juice that was heavy in kale. Then it tasted like drinking a refreshing glass of swamp. That stuff is pretty bitter.

I started the fast on a Tuesday and had all the energy and determination I needed. I felt great about this new challenge that I had put in front of myself. That was up until I remembered that I had both an engagement and housewarming party to go to that upcoming weekend. By the time Friday came around, I could already start to feel my mood fluctuating. I found out that this was due to my body cleaning out toxins.

Friday came and although a couple of my friends knew I was doing the juice fast detox, there were many who did not. I found myself repeating the reasons why I was not partaking in the free food and drinks that the party had to offer that night. Most people thought I was weird for even trying such a thing. I guess I was not the only one who did not get what one of these fasts were all about. The night ended and I did not break. I was pretty proud of myself but still had a good 11 days to go.

The next day came along and it was off to a housewarming party for me. There was no shortage of food and drinks there either. In fact, there was a platter of cheeseburgers stacked in the kitchen that I could swear had mouths and asked me to eat them. I once again did not break but did sneak in a few sniffs of the food. That was pretty much all I could do; smell other people's delicious food before they consumed it. I'm pretty sure it was amusing for the first day or so but ever got old when I asked asking for “free smells” for 15 days. Ah the things my friends put up with.


I had gotten through my first few major temptations and obstacles and was feeling pretty proud so far. Maybe it was just easy because I had all those people there that would have seen me fail my personal challenge had I not stayed strong. I certainly did not want that to happen. I did find that the hardest part of the process was when I was alone and could easily easily cheated without anyone knowing. Those were the times where I really had to pull myself away from the thought of breaking.

About midway through my 15 day fast, I started to feel pretty awesome. I had more energy and although I could not really do any strenuous exercise or activities, I just felt more awake. I am the king of power naps and can pretty much fall sleep anywhere. However, I just did not find the need during that time. In fact, I had a hard time falling asleep at night. Some other testimonies educated me on the fact that insomnia is one of the struggles fasting will present.

I felt like my brain was just sharper and more on point. Instead of feeling sluggish or drowsy during the middle of the day like I usually did, I felt more alive. I could feel my spirit being uplifted as the process went on. Do not get me wrong, I had cravings for food and would still get cranky if I did not have one of my 4-6 glasses of juice of the day. But looking back on it, I really did feel pretty good. Some other benefits I could see surfacing were:

Clearer skin
Fresher breath
A shining of the skin
Sense of accomplishment
A better understanding of my own eating habits
Tail end

As the fast began to near its end, I toyed with the idea of ​​going another five to ten days. But solid food was really calling my name. I decided to just stick it through to my initial deadline and then enjoy a great feast. I have to admit that I did not ease my body out of the fast like I did in the beginning. Monday at midnight was going to be a great late night dinner that some friends and family would enjoy with me. I was in the kitchen with my mom for about 4 hours cooking. That was the first time I had even cooked through the entire time of my fast. Seeing food was hard enough but having it in the palm of your hands and not eating it was even worse.

It was about 11:30 when my friends showed up and the food was actually already done. So instead of making everyone wait to eat, I just decided to eat a half hour earlier than I intended. That's just the kind of friend I am (wink). OK, I caved and just wanted to eat darn it. I slammed a couple plates of food and even had a beer. Needless to say, my body was confused. For the past fifteen days, it had been on vacation. It had its feet kicked up and was just lounging, then came an avalanche of food and was forced to kick it into overdrive.

I experienced a bit of a food high and then the inevitable crash. I do not suggest coming out of a juice fast to a giant meal like I did. Instead, wean off with some small meals or even even just solid fruits and veggies.

So what did I learn?

I really started to see just how much I eat out of habit. There were times when I technically was not hungry but still wanted to munch on something. This makes complete sense considering how often we are subjected to numerous food advertisements. I do not think people really understand what constantly seeing and hearing things does to the brain.

I also saw the benefits of eating healthily and just how amazing you can feel when you fill your body with the best fuel possible. Our bodies are truly incredible machines that deserve to be taken care of. Putting good into the body will only result in good coming out.

Lastly, I noticed the surprised look on people's faces when I told them that I was only consuming fruits and vegetables. Today's food is processed, enriched, and can be just plain poisonous. It is interesting to see how eating poorly has become the norm and those who are strictly eating “real” food are seen as abnormal. This shows how society as a whole is moving away from a natural diet to a more modified and pleasure centered one. This coupled with endless amounts of advertisements for instant gratification through fast food or other pre-prepared meals, really does make it difficult for someone to see the benefits of a simple 15 day juice fast detox.

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5 Types of Detox to Prevent Prediabetes Escalating

Prediabetes is a gray area where not all criteria can be met to rightly diagnose the possibility that you may later develop diabetes.

There are no distinct signs or symptoms but individuals should be on the lookout for symptoms of type 2 diabetes which include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Longer healing time for cuts and bruises
  • Recurring gum, skin, bladder or vaginal infections
  • Weakness, fatigue or flu like ailments
  • Lack of sensation or tingling in hands and feet

If you feel you may be experiencing any one of these symptoms then unfortunately it's not too late.

Prediabetes is reversible and through a controlled and disciplined change in the way you eat run your life, these 2 factors alone can reduce the risk twice as much when compared to the drug Glucophage.

In fact changes made now will deliver benefits that will be apparent more than 10 years down the line.

1. Keep the house aired:

According to the United States Environmental protection Agency – EPA, indoor air will always be more polluted than outside, even in the most polluted cities.

Have good air circulation in the house and if you use a ventilation system or air conditioner keep them clean and serviced regularly.

2. Avoid toxic fishes:

To reverse predictives you should avoid all farmed fish along with swordfish, sea bass and tuna.

Instead choose more eco-friendly and healthy fish like Atlantic Mackerel, Albacore, Pacific Sardines, Black Cod and Sablefish and non-farmed Salmon and Wild Alaskan Salmon.

3. Avoid the dirty “dozen” – Eat organic when you can:

While shopping for fruit and vegetables at your local supermarket may feel like a healthy way to pick your food, the following “dirty dozen” are labeled so by the Environmental Working Group – EWG, because they have the highest pesticide residues and are the most contaminated :

Dirty Dozen + 2

  • Apples
  • Celery
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Grapes
  • Hot peppers
  • Imported nectarines
  • Peaches
  • Potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Sweet bell peppers
  • Kale / collard greens
  • Summer squash

Clean Fifteen

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Sweet peas – frozen
  • Pineapples
  • Papayas
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Mangos
  • Kiwi
  • Grapefruit
  • Eggplant
  • Sweet Corn
  • Cantaloupe
  • Cabbage
  • Avocados
  • Asparagus

Remember also to drink filtered water, and washed supermarket fruit with filtered water; you can buy standard water filters in most countries.

4. Avoid foods that have been stored in styrofoam, plastics and non-stick surfaces:

Always drink from glass or stainless steel food containers never plastic, and replace all non-stick cookware with stainless steel or cast iron pots and pans.

5. Detox at least twice a year :

Prediabetes ailments tend to stem from an unhealthy liver along with bad cholesterol levels.

A comprehensive detox program will follow 3 steps:

1. It will release the buildup of toxins in the liver, intestinal tract and kidneys – your storage sites.

2. It will help metabolize and change these toxins into compounds making them easier to dispose of.

3. It will allow the body to eliminate them through excretion.

Detoxification is carried out as follows:

  • Consume a diet low in sweets and starches.
  • Manage your stress levels.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get into a good sleeping pattern.
  • Involve sauna and spa therapy treatment.
  • Take supplemental vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants essential for detoxification .

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Best 24Hr Facial Detox

A 24 hour facial detox begins first thing in the morning and involves a combination of foods, juices, teas, spas, exercise and facial masks that come evening time you will have totally exfoliated and rejuvenated your facial skin tone.


Start the day off with a glass of water followed by some fresh fruit, ideally insoluble fruit that will pass through intestine and act as a detoxifying laxative while you absorb all the nutrients.

Such fruits that do not form a gel when they come into contact with water are blueberries, guava and avocados.

Follow that up with a green tea, preferably one that contains a mixture of green tea catechins, the most powerful being Oolong, Pu-erh and Green Select Phytosome.

Nettle, lemon or ginger tea also detox the gut and additional flowers and herbs can help sooth infection as does GTC.


If you can afford it, Alpha hydroxy fruit peels which work to remove a dead layers of skin will provide a perfect relaxing midday where you can sip on any number of detox smoothies, for example an aloe vera and raspberry juice which is excellent for topical and cardiovascular detoxification.

These fruit peels will cool the skin removal any redness built up from the previous day.

Ionisation with gentle cleansing creams will help with darkness around the eye and for older skin try aloe vera and vitamin C packs.


Follow your detox peel with a lymphatic massage which can be carried out by a machine or done manually at home.

By aiming a jet of water at the lymph node, it helps transport toxins and allergies that cause swelling to drain, urging waste to pass on through the lymphatic system.

By adding nutrients to the skin this will help polish your skin tone.


The most natural way to continue to exfoliate the skin is to carry out an aerobic exercise. Running, swimming, cycling or something less strenuous like yoga will eliminate residual toxins from the body as aerobic workouts are better for stimulating the lymphatic system.

After you've cooled off, follow this up with a facial scrub.

Papaya, strawberry and oatmeal, strawberry seeds or fresh grown apple are wonderfully enriching facial scrubs with plenty of natural enzymes and vitamins like A and C are perfect for obtaining softer facial skin.

Early Nighttime

Clay masks and steam will help pull the remaining toxins out and help calm the skin.

Follow this up with freshly sliced ​​pieces of cucumber or raw honey covered with a cool face cloth that will curve any anti-inflammatory puffiness, leaving the skin a soothingly cool and rehydrated soft texture.

Top this off with a final cup of green tea catechins to flush and cleanse the body's organs while you settle in for relaxing smooth night's sleep.

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7 Fantastic Ways to Detox This Autumn

Fall is the perfect time to detox as your body is going through a transitional point from a speedy summer's metabolism to a more lethargic autumnal metabolic rate, as the body adjusts to the seasonal changes by slowing down the rate of energy expenditure in order to reserve power for the colder weather.

With this decline in metabolism come the dangers of a weaker immune system so a detox is a perfect pick-me-up to re-energize the body, reduce your vulnerability to fatigue and flush the toxins from your stomach, kidney and liver while losing some excess weight in the process.

1. Artificial Sweeteners:

Avoid artificial sweeteners and sugar as they are two of the worst kind of toxins our body's can be exposed to.

Alternately consume Stevia or two tablespoons of agave nectar a day.

2. Greens:

Broccoli, cabbage, kale and cucumbers are excellent for the winter months as they provide the summery vitamins you get from being outside – vitamin D and E, and they help moderate the behavior of your bodies internal organs, keeping them naturally flushed of free radicals and boosted with immunity to fight off harmful bacteria.

3. H2O:

Water is obviously key to keeping you rehydrated and cleansed but make sure you drink filtered water.

Unsweetened tea's like artichoke, kernel or green tea are wonderful detoxifying drinks especially when taken first thing in the morning and before you go to sleep.

Winter can also cause the skin to dry up so plenty of water will help protect the skin and expel toxins in the pores.

4. Soluble grains:

Soluble foods especially fibers form a gel when they come into contact with water causing you to become bloated and satiated.

So soluble grains like barley, quinoa, oats, wheat berries and millet work like sponges absorbing all the bad cholesterol and toxins and forcing them to pass on out through the body.

5. Sweet veggies:

Carrots, pumpkins and sweet spuds are rated as the best types of vegetables for a detox.

They are great hearty autumnal foods that will starve any sweet or chocolate cravings and the beta-carotene and Vitamin A will boost your immune system while protecting the eyes and skin tissue from any cell damage.

6. Dairy and Oils:

Avoid all dairy products when detoxing and substitute your breakfast cereal with almond milk.

If this is tricky then buy organic if you can so as to avoid the antibiotics.

Olive oil is important for lubricating the joints along with Omega 3 fatty acids which will also speed up fat metabolism.

7. Activities and yoga:

Whenever you are sweating you are detoxing so team up with a friend and go jogging, play tennis or head to the gym for a sweat-induced cardio routine or heart busting weight workout.

Pilates and yoga are also great detox activities. Winter months maybe cool but you can start off with extra clothing and slowly strip as you begin to sweat and heat up.

The Pran mudra yoga technique is one of the best at improving the vital force of life which activates your Mooladhara Chakra at the base of your spell.

It will help strengthen your self esteem and confidence and when done correctly will detox the body.

The Pran mudra yoga technique:

By adopting the lotus pose and closing your eyes, you concentrate your breathing by breathing into all 3 chambers like a baby.

Keeping your hands at your sides completely relaxed, bend your little finger and ring finger in to touch the tops of your thumbs and hold them there applying some gentle pressure.

Keep the middle and index finger straight and practice this for up to 45 minutes a day or more for better results when you feel more accomplished with the “mudra”.

This yoga technique allows your body to heal, it concentrates the mind as well as relaxes your inner self, a spiritual detox if you like.

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6 Step Pre-Christmas Detox Diet to Look Fantastic This December

Want to look stunning at Christmas and get yourself in great shape for your New Year endeavors?

Well then the boldest who start now will not just look sensational, but will have earned that Christmas break and still be in great shape come January.

Let's start:

Step 1: Detox

Week one is all about detoxing the body.

A great detox will burn excess fat, flush the liver, kidneys and intestine, speed up your metabolism, break high fat glucose levels in your blood faster – and extremely set you up for the next 5 weeks.

Natural detox fruits:

In short, the following fruits all appear in the ORAC chart of the top 20 anti-oxidant foods on the planet, and you should consume as many of these daily to get the ball rolling.

  • Raspberry
  • Wild berry
  • Black plum
  • Cranberry
  • Red delicious, Granny Smith, Gala apple
  • Blackberry
  • Sweet cherry
  • Strawberry

Dietary detox and cleanse supplements:

Some of the latest detox cleansse supplements are a great way to immediately kill parasitic hosts, detoxify all vital organs, and shred fatty deposits that might be mistaken as natural body fat prior to going on a diet plan.

(Continue with these high ORAC fruits and / or detox cleansing supplements for the remaining 5 weeks).

Step 2: Implement light fitness plan

Now that your body has become accustomed to a healthier intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and your metabolism is in sync, it's time for some to brace these cold winter months with a 30 to 40 minute workout plan that should be implemented 4 times a week .

Nothing too strenuous, the following aerobic exercise will be perfect:

  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Power walking
  • Aerobics / Water aerobics

(Continue with this exercise plan for the remaining 4 weeks).

Step 3: Keep hydrated at all times

Try and veer clear of alcohol and keep as hydrated as possible or at least rotate your drinks when you go out.

Juices and smoothies hit the spot, they keep the winter viruses at bay and provide sharper mental clarity.

Step 4: Breakfast properly

We all know breakfast is the essential meal of the day so do not shirk it.

Always start with a fresh orange or a fresh fruit juice on an empty stomach.

Fruit is so much more beneficial when consumed on an empty stomach as opposed to it being sat on digesting meal, as this allows for much fuller absorption of all its glutenous nutrients.

Then hit yourself up with a satiating, slow burning, healthy carb meal, like cereal or muesli with added fruit for goodness.

Or 2 slices of mixed grain seeded fruit with cottage cheese or a boiled or poached egg, or a couple of toasted crumpets with some thinly sliced ​​cheddar topped with Leon Perrins.

Step 4: Lunch on 400 calories

Some veggie soup and a whole meal roll with tuna and some fruit for afters or ideally before.

Most sandwiches or pita filled with low fat yogurt and vegetable chilis or a jacket potato with no butter but cottage cheese will suffice.

Step 5: Dinner lightly

Least amount of calories tend to get burned in the evening, so try and go light here.

Grilled chicken, seared tuna or poached salmon are great healthy protein meals with stir-fried, oven roasted or steamed vegetables.

Step 6: Detox tea before bed

Having a herbal tea before bedtime provides a number of benefits:

  • You will sleep better.
  • Herbal teas can flush the liver, intestine and kidney while you rest.
  • Ingredients like CTC, concentrated vitamin C and collagen boost immune system .

Green tea is especially good as the catechins:

a) Help release fatty acids from fat stores by increasing your metabolism.

b) Help restrict the absorption of high glucose foods.

c) Help stimulate fat absorption in the liver.

Bottom line:

By combining all 6 steps 6 weeks prior to Christmas kicking off will not just put you in fantastic physical and mental form, but when January arrives, you'll be set to take on any New Year's resolution at the jump of a hat.

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Have You Pooped Today?

A well functioning digestive system is vital to health and wellbeing. As embarrassing as it may be, almost all of us have suffered from constipation at one time or another, and for many, this is a chronic issue. Did you know that it is possible to have up to 25 pounds of undigested food and putrefied fecal matter trapped in your intestines?

Healthy bowel movements should be effortless, well formed, the consistency of toothpaste, and after after every meal. If you eliminate only once a day, every other day, or once a week, your body is full of toxic waste!

Your well being depends on what you eat, when you eat, how you eat, fluid intake and how well your food is absorbed. A general understanding of the digestive and eliminative organs is helpful when assessing your digestive health. The stomach is a storage and mixing tank; the small intestine absorbs most nutrients into the bloodstream to give us energy and provide building blocks for growth and maintenance; and, the colon mainly absorbs water and some nutrients and eliminates waste and toxins.

Do you suffer from acne, allergies, bad breath, bloating, belching, constipation, low energy, diarrhea, fatigue, hair loss, headaches, heartburn, gas, indigestion, insomnia, low sex drive, poor memory, protruding gut, reduced resistance to infections or difficulty losing weight? These can all be symptoms of a malfunctioning gut and autointoxication (self poisoning).

When shifting your lifestyle to improve digestion and elimination, you may want to also consider colon cleansing to help remove a build-up of waste and toxins. When you are not eliminating properly, deposits of fecal matter may build up in pockets or on the walls of the colon. This may interfere with the absorption of nutrients and with optimal bowel function, leading to digestive issues, allergies, and more. Proper nutrition and digestion are the keys to avoiding degenerative diseases including heart conditions, cancer, and autoimmune disfunction.

Colon hydrotherapy, often referred to as a colonic, is an infusion of pure, body temperature water through disposable tubing into the colon via the rectum. This method of cleaning has been in use for thousands of years. The earliest known documentation of colon cleansing is an ancient Egyptian medical record dating back to around 1500 BC

In more recent history, doctors often recommended enemas to treat colds, flu, fever and other common ailments. The overuse and abuse of pharmaceuticals led to the decline of doctor recommended enemas. The colonic is a more intensive version of an enema and may allow water to be introduced much deeper into the large intestine … possibly loosing, dislodging, and removing impected fecal matter, gas, pathogens, and parasites.

Today, colon hydrotherapy is a widely accepted treatment used by many to treat common ailments, such as constipation. Many also find this to be a powerful tool in their treatment of cancer, autoimmune dysfunction and autointoxication. Many report that regular cleansing with colon hydrotherapy aids in the prevention and reversal of degenerative disease.

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How Stress Affects Permanent Weight Loss

Anxiety and depression have a large impact on a person's health and are set off by traumatic events that occur in a person's life. These stressors are what cause problems with weight loss and overall health. How a person deals with these traumatic experiences has a major influence on their weight and level of wellness. Understanding how stress affects permanent weight loss, could be the solution that many people need in order to lose those unwanted pounds and achieve a level of wellness.

The Relationship Between Stress and Weight Loss

Stress has a larger impact on a person's body than most people realize. The stress can take on many forms, including physical, emotional or spiritual. Regardless of its reason or cause, it can force the body to break down, rather than build up, which is what a normal, healthy diet should do for the body. When the body begins to break down, it holds onto the energy that is consumed, in the form of food, rather than burning it, as the body normally would. This causes a person to gain weight, regardless of how healthy their diet may be or how much they exercise.

Anabolic and Catabolic State

Metabolism operates in two states, anabolic and catabolic. During anabolic metabolism, the body is building up molecules. In a catabolic state, the molecules are broken down and used for energy. This is when the body goes into survival mode, protecting a person from disease. When a body is stressed, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually, the body reacts by going into a catabolic state. If the stress triggers anxiety or depression, the catabolic state can be ongoing, which leads to permanent weight gain, regardless of the calories that are consumed, the amount of healthy food that is ateen or the amount of exercise performed.

Knowledge is Key

Lack of knowledge also plays a powerful role in how stress affects permanent weight loss. Making a conscious effort to become fit in all aspects of a person's life, including physically, emotionally and spiritually, is the only way to empower the body to fight weight gain. This level of consciousness during all times in a person's life is what will help to fight the negative state of mind and the catabolic metabolism that always ensues. As a person becomes more conscious of their feelings and level of anxiety or depression, they can get the help needed to learn to bring themselves into a more positive state, whether through acceptance, letting go or a combination of the two.

Identifying the key stressors in a person's life is a large factor in their ability to lose weight. Putting all diet and exercise aside, a person's mind has a large impact on the amount of weight that they gain or lose. Taking a person's emotional well-being seriously is the start to permanent weight loss. This includes dealing with the daily struggles and life altering experiences that occur in life. The more proactive a person is with their level of consciousness, the more they will realize how stress affects permanent weight loss.

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Detoxing, A Guide to a Healthy Gut

In today's society of 'food on the run', microwaves, overly processed foods and environmental toxins, we as a society are not properly nourished. Home cooked meals from fresh produce, unaltered whole meats, grains and unprocessed foods seem to be our grandmother's thing to do .. As a society we are not properly nourished.

As a whole, our bodies struggle daily to eliminate debilitating toxins, metals, preservatives, environmental pollutants, drugs (even prescription drugs), nitrates and simple sugars while suffering from Mal-nutrition. These poisons not only block the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals but an over load of these toxins can and will dis-able our organs from functioning properly.

For instance, a few of the five hundred functions of our liver includes assisting in digestion by secreting bile that breaks down fats, processes toxins such as drugs, alcohol and environmental toxins for elimination through our kidneys and colon, producing good cholesterol, regulates normal levels of blood sugar in the blood, oxidizes triglycerides in the blood to produce energy, and cleans up waste products produced during metabolism.

Given the multitasking nature of our liver it is so important for us to assist our liver, colon and body in its job of detoxing. Feeding ourselves and family a diet of fast food, preservatives, toxins, fluoride and chlorine (bleach) in the water, pesticides, genetically modified 'food', high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, trans fats and bad bacteria from not washing our hands and food overloads our liver, kidneys, heart and digestive tract. This can be compared to pouring grease down our kitchen sink. Our sink will clog just like our body clogs.

All of these toxins dumped into our bodies not only slows down our metabolism but will lead to obesity, early death and heart problems. Doctors agree that 60% – 80% of our immune system is in our digestive tract. Our lymph, liver, kidneys, large intestine and small intestine all work together to clean up the toxic waste produced by metabolism, all chemical reactions that keep us alive.

Obesity over time leads to a fatty 'dis-eased' liver where the cells of the liver will be destroyed. Excessive alcohol consumption also destroys liver cells initially leading to a toxic body and death. Ammonia is a by-product of digesting protein. Excessive amounts of ammonia that is not effectively eliminated will make us sick. Ammonia is broken down in the liver into urea that is then eliminated with our urine. Cirrhosis of the liver and Hepatitis inhibits the conversion of ammonia into urea leading to death if not corrected.

A accumulation of waste in our colon also leads to illness and 'dis-ease' as our body becomes toxic.

To restore health and prevent most 'dis-ease', we can eat wholesome whole foods, drink cleansing herbal teas, add cleansing herbs to our food, eliminate artificial coloring, sweeteners and preservatives from our diet, limit our alcohol consumption, drink half our weight in ounces of water daily, limit coffee to one or two cups a day, keep a PH balance in our body at 7 with a balanced diet, and exercise at least 30 minutes every day. Smokers dump 4500 different chemicals into their blood stream every time they take a drag off of a cigarette from the artificial laced tobacco in cigarettes today. One of these chemicals is formaldehyde. Second hand smoke is just as bad if not worse.

There is so much that we have control over with our health today that there is no legitimate reason for being sickly and diseased. Massage is also an excellent way of assisting the body in removing unwanted toxins. During a 60 minute massage lymph glands, cells and muscles are stripped of toxic fluid and rushed through our elimination system. When one makes a lifestyle change as noted above then quality of life is a direct result. Cheers to a fulfilling, energetic long life.

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How to Use Detox Foot Pads

Exposure to various toxins is something that all people have to deal with. When exposure to those toxins reaches critical levels, it can cause various degrees of illness and can even result in a shorter lifespan. Most people try to compensate for the unhealthy world around them by eating the right types of foods, drinking plenty of water and exercising. Although these are important factors for increased health, additional help may be necessary. That help may come in the form of detox foot pads. Using them properly can really make a difference in the benefits that they provide.

The first time that most people use detox foot pads, they are surprised by the results. After wearing them for the recommended amount of time, it is possible to see the evidence by the visible toxins that are now on the pads. Those are toxins that were at one time, circulating through the body. The benefits of using these pads to detoxify the body will also be evident. Some of the more common benefits that are seen include detoxification, enhanced circulation, revitalization, better sleep and a stronger immune system.

The way to use detox foot pads is fairly straightforward. It is important to understand, different products may have specific instructions that will need to be followed carefully. This may make a difference in the detoxifying benefits that are provided. In most cases, they are placed directly on the foot and left in place for up to nine hours. Many people enjoy using these products while they sleep. It allows the detoxifying effect to take place without the potential discomfort of walking around with a pad on the bottom of the foot.

It is also important to consider the storage of unused detox pads. Storing the pads properly can make a difference in their effectiveness and shelf life. In most cases, you should store the foot pads in a cool, dark, dry location. Overexposure to UV radiation (sunlight) or extremes in temperature could affect the ability of the detox pad to work properly.

A common question about detox foot pads is if they are able to be used on other parts of the body. It is generally recommended that they are used on the bottom of the feet. The sole of the foot provides an effective means for toxins to exit the body. Depending upon the exact product that is used, it may be possible to benefit by placing it on other parts of the body as well. For example, using a detox foot pad behind the knee could remove toxins from the area and help with swelling or knee pain.

The health benefits that are available when using detox foot pads are well-established. Aside from seeing the effect directly by the visible evidence on the used pad, there are scientific studies which prove their usefulness. These include hair analysis and extensive research that was conducted in Japan using thermography. It is possible to enjoy the health benefits of using a detox foot pad, because it is a convenient and effective way to pull toxins from the body.

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Start Here to Instantly Kick the Habit: 21-Day Sugar Detox Begins

What would you be willing to sacrifice to lose a few pounds forever, feel energized through the entire day and never dependent on sweet stuff and caffeine to get moving ever again?

Wait a minute. Is it even fair for me to start off asking you to make a sacrifice? Really, it's Monday after all. BUT that's probably my point. If Mondays are the bain of your existence, there's something going on that needs tweaking. And from all the work I've done over the last few years (personally and professionally), I guarantee it has a lot to do with what you eat or do not eat.

Let me explain … I'm a motivation and sports nutrition expert by profession and out of love. Ironman finisher-in-training, triathlete, yoga teacher, nutrition geek, self-proclaimed chef, wife, friend, music lover, perfectionist and procrastinator are also on that list. We're much more like than you think. It burns my hide when I think about my dependence on sugar (in one form or another) to get me through the day or act as a reward to end it. Why do you think I feel so passionate about kicking the sugar habit in the first place? Because it's got me squashed under its sticky thumb, too.

Enter SOLUTION: 21-Day Sugar Detox.

I've done this particular 21-day sugar detox several times with phenomenal results … enough energy to fuel an army, clarity to make concise, important decisions with ease, and focus of the mind to stay on track all day (which RARELY happens). Not to mention the intense strength and endurance it's restored to my swimming, biking, running, strength training and yoga workouts. It was not until after my first detox that I realized how reliant I was on sugary stuff and caffeine. And so goes the eb / flow of life that led me back again.

Today starts my (third) 21 day journey in sugar “enlightenment” which I fully anticipate will have moments of sheer bliss and utter madness. I'll take it all, mix it around and let the “uncomfiness” settle in which will very much transition in taking it away. (If you have absolutely no ideas what I'm talking about, that's a sure sign you need to be here, follow my posts and do the detox for yourself.)

The key is sticking with the entire 21 day process regardless of what it looks, sounds, tastes and feels like. You've GOT keep moving no matter what or does not happen. Because, really, if you stop every time “it” gets tough, you'll never fix it.

Come on … I know you've got it in you.

If leaping over that sugar cravas as eluded you since the holidays (like it did me) and your tried of feeling fat and tired, suck it up and let's detox together. (Start at anytime!)

Happy un-comfiness, you fearless athlete !!!

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